“What is the vision of the programming side of YKCTP, and time line?”


The complete answer to this question will be subject to the input received from the community.  Here is a potential scenario to initiate the dialogue:


  1. Identify what peace education programming is currently available and planned in Yellowknife (by level – individual, family, community, region, world levels):

    a.       Who is delivering peace education programming?  Develop an online inventory.

    b.      What are they delivering?  Develop an online catalogue.

    c.       When are they delivering?  Develop an online calendar.

    d.      How can we promote what is currently available?  (Note – we do not wish to duplicate what is already available in the community; we do wish to develop a formula with Presenters in which YKCTP may earn a share of Registration Fees for services rendered in organizing and promoting, etc.)

  2. Identify a prioritized wish list of peace education programming suggested by existing organizations and people.

  3. Identify preliminary Marketing Strategy and target markets, etc.  Ultimately, it is the goal that Presenters and YKCTP are paid a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work.  In the beginning, some volunteerism and discounting may be necessary until a sustainable stream of revenues and/or sponsors is secured.

  4. Consider organizing a regular Speaker Series and Workshop Series by soliciting Expressions of Interest by existing organizations and people.  A Registration Fee structure would be determined with the Presenters.

  5. Consider inviting trainers from outside Yellowknife who can train local people to put on key training.

  6. Organize a significant workshop or conference (I am thinking approximately 2.5 days +/-) with a theme like the following:  A venue for the discussion of a Yellowknife Culture of Peace Program (or "Yellowknife Peace Initiative"), leading to the development of a Vision and Action Plan for a Yellowknife Culture of Peace Program, following the principles of the United Nations Culture of Peace and Non-violence Program.

a.       Where is Yellowknife currently on the spectrum between a Culture of Violence and a Culture of Peace?  What are the issues?  What are our community assets that we can build upon?

b.      Where does the community wish to be in 10 years?  What will Yellowknife look like in our vision for 2020?

c.       What are the gaps that need filling?

d.      What do we have to do more specifically to go from where we are to where we wish to be?

e.      What are the priorities?

f.        Develop a Shared Vision.

g.       Develop an Action Plan, with time lines and Implementation Teams responsible.

7. 7.      Implement the Action Plan from 6(g). 


Possible Time Line


Subject to people identifying themselves to serve on respective Implementation Teams, the following is possible:

1.       Items 1 to 3 above can commence immediately and developed over say 3 months.  The resulting inventory, catalogue, calendar, wish list and Marketing Strategy will be constantly updated and refined, as a living document.

2.       Item 4 and 5 above can be started immediately.

3.       Item 6 could be done as early as January 2011, or when the community feels ready.  Item 7 would then follow.



Note to reader: I have drafted the above and would appreciate your help to ensure all important aspects are covered.  If you have any questions, or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to your thoughts.

Bob Stewart, C.A., C.M.C.

Facilitator, Yellowknife Centre for Teaching Peace

Director, Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace