"Peace Cafe - What is the Big Idea?"



I have people come to me trying to better understand the Community Centre for Teaching Peace and Peace Café idea.  Here are some further considerations.  It builds on the recent article that I circulated on Cultural Creatives (ref. http://www.peace.ca/culturalcreatives.htm ), which I believe we are.  It is quoted from the writings of Neale Donald Walsch.


“It feels as if what the world and our communities could use now is more peace in our lives, and less stress, struggle and dysfunction.  The Big Idea is that we are all in this together.  “We” are the Big Idea and solution.

In the months and years just ahead people will be joining together in a grassroots movement, not of proselytizing, but of education; not of changing people’s minds, but of expanding them.

People will join together in clusters in their communities, towns, and villages, connecting up with other groups around the world via a network created by the lot of them and facilitated by today’s communication technologies.

We could form study groups and facilitate emotional support groups.  They could present programs, offer classes, produce seminars, workshops, and retreats.  They could create interdisciplinary, interoccupational, and interfaith dialogue groups, meeting regularly to talk through the challenges of making life work in the 21st Century.  They could produce major events, called Creating Tomorrow, in which solution-oriented programs and projects could be exhibited and discussed, and for which public support could be gathered.  Many people and many organizations will be taking up the call.  Many are right now.

Humanity is now growing impatient to do something about what it is seeing.  In the very near future, humans will observe with greater clarity, objectivity, and honesty the role of societal teachings and doctrines in the creation of the many Cultural Stories that are producing continuing distrust, hatred, violence, and killing in our communities and world.

Each person will do what she or he is called to do, but few people will do nothing, for it will become increasingly and more widely apparent in the months and years just ahead that the time has come for ordinary, everyday people to take things into their own hands and stop relying on others – much less authorizing others – to create humanity’s collective tomorrow.

Life does not call the qualified, Life qualifies the called.  People everywhere who feel called to this work find they have the skills and abilities needed – as well as the time, energy and resources. 

Humanity will soon become aware that humanity has been betrayed.  It has been betrayed by the very individuals, organizations, and agents that it had entrusted to safeguard its well-being.  Humanity will soon understand that humanity has been undermined.  It has been undermined by the very doctrines, teachings, and beliefs that it had imagined would free it from its limitations and, more important, from its suffering.  Humanity will soon awaken from its long slumber to notice that a new day has begun.

In the years just ahead millions of individuals will be catapulted to the edge of their consciousness, to the limit of their understanding, perhaps even to the brink of despair – yet not beyond the point of no return, not beyond the time of deciding, not beyond the moment when magic can occur.  And those whose minds have been opened, those whose hearts still beat boldly, those whose soul can yet be heard, will declare their membership on humanity’s team, and move with thunderous power and lightning speed to reclaim the future.”

The Community Centre for Teaching Peace and Peace Café is a place in Yellowknife where that magic can occur, and is inspired.  It is through conversation and dialogue that it will be shaped.

Robert Stewart

February 8, 2011