An Invitation from the

Yellowknife Centre for Teaching Peace


We are inviting groups and individuals to share their knowledge and skills to help build ''Peace, Love and Light.''


Everyone is welcome to participate and everything related to peace will be considered.  Let's start sharing what we know and what we do to bring peace in our mind, body, family and community.   Let’s work together towards a more peaceful world.


Offer to give a talk or a demonstration of the things you know that bring peace into your own life.  This could be: yoga, meditation, art, music, drumming, aromatherapy, gardening, massage therapy, acupuncture, travel, talking circles, storytelling, dance, theatre, running, journaling, volunteering.  So many ways!


Or maybe you’d like to start a peace book club, organize a movie night or something else peaceful that we haven’t listed. Ultimately, we would love to see an event happening in the Yellowknife Peace Centre every day of the year, to raise awareness, peace consciousness and build skills in Yellowknife. 


If you are interested to participate or just want more information, please send a short email to Marie-France Nayer [ ]


We are anxious to hear from you!


 “If we are peaceful, we are happy and we can smile and everyone in our family, our entire society will benefit from our peace,” Thich Nhat Hanh