Write a Book Project


- the year 2000 is the United Nations International Year for a Culture of Peace, and the beginning of the U.N. Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World

- your class could do a project on World Peace, and how to do your part 

- 'Think Globally, Act Locally' has become a popular guide



- your class can contact your local newspaper and offer to do a weekly article on Peace from now to the end of school year

- also contact your local service Clubs (and/or other sponsors) and see if they will help you publish the collection of articles in a book as your celebration of the International Year/Decade

- I would be pleased to post your articles in a special section on my Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace web site at http://www.peace.ca



- you develop your skills as writers with a practical, and challenging, application

- you raise awareness in your community, and possibly activate others to do something good

- the newspaper and sponsors get some excellent public relations value

- the sales of the book could raise some funds for a future worthwhile project

- it could be a lot of fun and rewarding experience



- the time and effort of students to research, write and edit articles; and teacher to help co-ordinate (you could arrange for other adult writers in your community to review and help with editing)

- the cost of publishing which may be as low as $15,000 (you would have to research this; it could be as plain or fancy as you wish)


Source of Ideas for Articles

- Peace is a very complex subject because so many issues impact upon it (e.g.. human rights, foreign policy, poverty, trade, nuclear weapons, education, justice, environment, tolerance, religion, etc. etc.).  The good news is that there is lots to write about, and lots of information available.  Everyone can find something of interest to them.

- Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace provides two overviews which suggest many possibilities for articles.  They can be found in the matrix on http://www.peace.ca/Museum.htm (which links peace at the individual level, family level, community level, and world level) and in the framework for a National Culture of Peace Program on http://www.peace.ca/appendixb.htm (which lists major themes).  The CCTP web site also provides references to a lot of information resources, and organizations and individuals involved in Peace.


Good luck and have fun with it,

Bob Stewart