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Dear Readers,

I have spent the last five years with my staff and partner, researching,
writing and producing the six part documentary series, The Wounded Dove.
The programs chronicle the lives of great peacemakers from around the world
starting from 1900.   There has never been a book, a research paper, let
alone a documentary on who these peacemakers were.  Martin Sheen will do
the narration and Gino Vannelli has already composed the theme music.

Click here to download and view a 5 minute introductory video (about 5 minutes to download)

Thus far one point four million Canadian dollars has been spent on the
project, of which one million was given to us in the form of a grant from
the Canadian government's Millennium Bureau.  We are ready to start editing
the series.  (see below for investment opportunity)

The CD ROM version of the Wounded Dove was finished in October 2001 and
requested by and sent to more than eighty secondary school boards,
universities, libraries and peace organizations in the Canada, the US,
Europe and Japan.  The CD was produced in cooperation with the Peace
History Society.  The Wounded Dove is also supported by:  the International
Peace Academy in New York, the Fellowship of Reconciliation in Nyack, the
United Nations Culture of Peace in Paris and the Pearson Peacekeeping
Center in Clementsport, Nova Scotia.  I am also looking for a book
publisher for The Wounded Dove.

Work has already begun to introduce peace courses as a part of social
studies at targeted secondary schools in Toronto.  Brian Morris, newly
retired superintendent from the Toronto Catholic school board is leading
this endeavor.  We are looking for a US partner to establish the same
studies in the States.

I am attaching the following three files:

a two page overview of the documentary,

the list of peacemakers in the series and

the list of institutions who requested the CD.

If you would like a copy of the CD please let me know to which address I
should send it.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have.

Kind regards
Neil Lundy

Update - May 20, 2004

Here is an update on the Wounded Dove documentary on peace.  In light of
the climate of terrorism in which our society now finds itself there has
been a heightened interest in peace programming.  The Wounded Dove is now a
5 part series.  I have two major distributors in the UK who want to market
the shows.  I have a Hollywood superstar that has agreed to do the
narration.  I have two venture capitalists who have volunteered to raise
the rest of the capital to finish the production.   It's been a long haul.

Peace is not an easy sell.  But we carry on.  I remember interviewing the
US ambassador to Germany two years before the Berlin wall fell.  He told me
that within our lifetime the wall will not only fall but a piece of it will
be left up as a monument to man's stupidity.  (I thought he was crazy!).
His rational was that people, worldwide, who want to achieve peace have a
hammer and chisel in their hands and chip away at the wall by what they do,
from the nun who says the rosary to the street protester to the power
brokers in government.  We all chip away.  Boom! The Wall falls.

Investment Opportunity

Approximately one million US dollars was needed to complete
this post production phase.  This amount is reduced to four  hundred and
fifty thousand US dollars because of an investment from a group in Victoria
BC and a group in London England.  They will recover their investment plus
profit from worldwide television sales.  The series distributor, Beckmann
International in the Isle of Man, did a market analysis and determined that
the 6 part series will generate approximately two point eight million US
dollars in TV sales.  All Investors get their money back plus profit.

Any parties interested in following up on this investment opportunity can contact Neil Lundy at the address above to receive further details. 

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