Women for Women in Afghanistan is a Canadian solidarity group, passionately committed to raising awareness to the plight of women in Afghanistan. During two decades of war, Afghanistan women have endured extreme oppression--through the denial of their basic human rights. More recently, under the imposed rule of the ultra-fundamentalist Islamic Taliban regime, women and children have faced severe restrictions to their freedom of movement and have been denied access to basic health care, education, security and employment. Afghanistan women and children must know they are not alone in their struggle. The overall goals of our projects are to support the empowerment efforts of women and families in Afghanistan and in the refugee camps in Pakistan; and to raise awareness to the human rights violations. FOR MORE INFORMATION... We would be pleased to provide you with a copy of "Lifting the Veil of Silence:" an information bulletin containing more details on the human rights issues, and the many organizations at work in Afghanistan requiring volunteer support. Please contact us. Women for Women in Afghanistan, Bankview P.O. Box 32014, 2619-14 Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta Canada T2T 5X6; Tel: (403) 228-4622  Fax (403) 229-3037; Email to: eisenhauer@praxis.ca ; Website http://www.womenasia.com/w4wafghan/ ; British Columbia Chapter, P.O. Box 8613, Victoria BC V8W 3S2; (250) 361-4144; hdurie@islandnet.com .  Ontario Chapter, P.O. Box 204, Dunnville, Ontario N1A 2X5; (905) 774-8091 

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