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WINTER 2001 “Street Safe Kids EXPRESS”--a Quarterly Service from Community Peacemakers of Oakland, California, USA and to keep our friends, networks and supporters "up-to-date" and informed about Street Safe Kids programs, events and publications.

Contents of this Winter 2001 Edition is also posted on our web site @

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Overview of this Winter 2001 Edition:

1.        What is Street Safe Kids?

2. March is Street Safe Kids Safety Awareness Month

3. Street Safe Kids Safety Summit

4. "6 Weeks in a Row" Class

5. Spring 2001 Open House, Benefit and Community Service Awards

6. How You Can Support a Child or a Class of Children

7.        Virtual Volunteers

8. Web Site Updates

9. Thanks to our Friends and Sponsors

10. Safety Thought for the Quarter


Street Safe Kids is a Community Based and Family Oriented Training Program that can help parents, families, neighborhoods and all kinds of communities

* TEACH Family Responsibility for Health and Safety

* ACT to Create Safe Homes, Neighborhoods and Schools

* PROMOTE Community Involvement, Leadership and Networking
The Street Safe Kids guidebook can also be used with the user-friendly “Community Coaches” and “Community Networks” programs to strengthen families and help children take responsibility for their own safety and to avoid drugs, crime, violence and self destructive behavior.

The book and associated programs are adaptable for use by pre-teens and teens; youth-court ordered rehabilitation and incarcerated adults.


1.        Youth and Young Adults
2.        Adults and Parents
3.        Teachers and Curriculum Specialists
4.        Youth Development Trainers
5.        Neighborhood Organizers and Resource Leaders
6.        Community Leaders
7.        Spiritual and Youth Leaders
8.        Criminal Justice Leaders and Officers


Part 1-"Street Safe Awareness
" for Children of all Ages

1.  Realize you are unique and special
2.  Discover strength through pain
3.  Handle anger in a positive way
4.  Find your center
5.  Trust your instincts and intuition
6.  Take charge of your life
7.  Sets goals to succeed
8.  Make connections with others
9.  Find your inner power
10. Discover your unlimited potential

Part 2-“Helping Hands" = How Parents and Adults Can Work with Children

COMMENTS and SAMPLES about Street Safe Kids book and training programs:

“I learned how to control my feelings and to stay away from drugs and violence”. Anna, age 12

“Students learned how not to "act out" their anger when playing sports, count to 10, change the subject, take deep breaths to telling mom about their problems". Ileana Kane, Trainer

"Street Safe Kids will make a significant contribution toward the prevention of youth violence”. Warren Rupf, Contra Costa County Sheriff, Northern California

“A major aid to parents as they work to help their children avoid drugs, gangs, violence, and juvenile crime”. Lynne C. Leach, California State Assemblywoman


Community Peacemakers has declared March 2001 to be Street Safe Kids Safety Awareness Month.

During this month, our nationwide Street Safe Kids Training, Safety and Virtual Volunteer Teams (see Edition #7) will promote, with facts and information, how we have the power to stop violence, drugs and crime in and around our neighborhoods and communities.

Both, by e-mail and from our web site:, individuals, organizers and leaders can use these materials to support neighborhood and community action:

1.        13 Ways to Prevent Violence
2.        How to Create a Safety Net Around Children
3.        Get Neighbors Involved to Keep Children Safe
4.        Sample Letter to the Editor (can be change to suit community needs)

Let it also to be said that by participating in the Street Safe Kids Safety Awareness Month, families and neighbors can work together to create safe environments for children. And by the way of connecting, listening, correcting and teaching children, adults can also help them make good choices to avoid drugs, crime, vandalism, theft or other self destructive behaviors.


On Wednesday, March 28, 2001, Community Peacemakers will sponsor a Street Safe Kids Safety Summit at Bret Harte Middle School in Oakland, California.

(Contents on How to Conduct a Safety Summit is included @

The purpose of this "Safety Summit" is to bring together

a.        elementary, middle and high school students, parents, teachers, administrators
b.        all neighboring members of cultural and ethnic communities
c.        business owners and merchant associations
d.        local NCPC's (Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils)
e.        Neighborhood Watch Groups and their captains
f.        faith and spiritual centers
g.        police and transit officials
h.        interested citizens from other areas of the City of Oakland

To meet in a community setting and address, discuss and offer reasonable and easy to implement solutions about the concerns for the safety of children, families, neighborhoods and community-wide acts of minor violence and destruction and other safety issues.

On the day of the event, the co-sponsors will present their agenda to the audience, outline the purpose and goals, meet in small discussion groups and report back to the general group with their findings.

Within 2 weeks of this event, leaders from all attending groups will evaluate the results, discuss options of how to implement reasonable and easy to do solutions, discuss how to address difficult issues and determine how and when to share these results with the attending communities.

Finally, the leadership group will submit a comprehensive report to local officials for action, submit an "Action Plan" for funding to conduct follow-up meetings, request funding to implement "Action Plan" Goals and Objectives and determine options of how all partners and their constituents can participate in the "plan".

For more information, call or write Community Peacemakers at the numbers and addresses noted above.


Street Safe Kids is now rolling out its new "6 Weeks in a Row" Class and it is available for use with schools, community groups and implementation steps following "train-the-trainer" workshops.

"6 Weeks-in-a-Row" Class for Parents and Kids uses Using Simple, Fun and Easy Activities and Exercises to Help Kids

1.        Be Friends with Classmates
2.        Learn to Handle Competition
3.        Do Well in School
4.        Be Happy and Feel Safe

This special, one-of-a-kind Street Safe Kids class, can help parents understand

1.        a child's "self awareness" is a "do-it-yourself" project
2.        it requires individual responsibility to find a future with happiness and safety

The combined class and Street Safe Kids guidebook also supports the importance of developing the personal 3C's of "Courage, Character and Conscience" BEFORE problems can and do happen. 


(our standard class and lesson plan format)

Week 1 - [Parents Only] "Introductions" and "How the Class Works", 7 to 8:30 pm

Week 2 - [Parent Fun Activities] 7 to 8:30 pm

Week 3 - [Kids Only] "How to Have Fun Using Book and with Your Parents", After School,
3:30 to 5:00 pm

Week 4 - [Kids Fun Activities] After School, 3:30 to 5:00 pm

Week 5 - [Parent and Kids] "Fun Activities and Planning for Week 6", 7 to 8:30 pm

Week 6 - [Parent and Kids] "Fun Activities to Help Grow Your Neighborhood", Saturday Morning,
Refreshments and Awards, 10 am to 12:00 noon

PART 1 OF BOOK helps children think for themselves and learn how to understand the importance of self awareness and self discipline.

PART 2 OF BOOK helps parents and adults follow the 10 step ways and how to reinforce these important messages with their children and family.

For more information or access to actual lesson plans, check out


On Saturday March 24th, Community Peacemakers and its local Street Safe Kids Training Team will sponsor a Spring 2001 Open House from 2 to 4:30 pm @ the Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church, 49 Knox Drive in Lafayette.

(Directions to Event: Highway 24 from or to Lafayette; exit @ Acalanes Road, drive south to Hidden Valley Road, turn right, 1st block turn left is Knox Drive and up the hill to parking lot on right)

Speakers will include Contra Costa Sheriff Warren Rupf, A.J. Jelani, Peace on the Streets of Richmond and Stephanie Mann, author of Street Safe Kids

Community Service Awards will be presented to Sheriff Rupf, A.J. Jelani, Decky Thorton, Community Services Officer for Pleasant Hill Police Department and Geri Murphy, Director of Bret Harte Community Academy of Oakland.


Community Peacemakers is funded by Northern California and Bay Area foundation and social service grants and donations from corporations, groups and individuals.

Tax-deductible donations, of any amount, are appreciated and will be used to support free and low-cost Street Safe Kids classes locally and nationwide.

Your support to train one child is $50 or a class of 10 = $500.

Purchase of (1) book = $10

Purchase of (10) books = $100

Purchase of (25) books = $250

Additional financial support will be used to promote and expand our nationwide effort to encourage families, neighborhoods and communities to become actively involved in the health and safety of all ages of children.

For more information, check out under "Wish List for Kids".


Community Peacemakers has once again, taken the lead and with the use of the internet and "Virtual Volunteers", now shares facts and information on how parents, families, neighborhoods and communities can work together for the benefit of all ages of children.

If you are interested becoming a virtual volunteer with Community Peacemakers and Street Safe Kids, please read this e-mail response that has been forwarded to folks around the nation:

Here is what we are looking for from virtual volunteers:

1. a desired commitment to the health and safety of children

2. a willingness to speak out on the issues and causes reflecting children and violence prevention

3. a willingness to work with the vision, concepts and materials of the Street Safe Kids Violence Prevention Training Program via the Internet

4. and a possible interest to become involved in the expansion of the Street Safe Kids Training Corps, in your community and geographical location, by means of the Internet

As part of our joint agreement, we will also need a commitment of 3 to 5 hours per month, on the "net", to share the Street Safe Kids program by:

1. connecting with your friends and networks

2. becoming a temporary member of discussions groups and listservs of your interest

3. connecting with web sites of your interest that may also be related to issues surrounding kids, families and communities

Finally, once you reply with an interest to "go the next step", we will send you a simple "overview" of our needs, expectations and sections to identify your interest, time commitments and methods of returning accomplishments to our office.

For more information, send us an e-mail @


Web sites updates and changes are made weekly and we encourage your repeated use of our program information, materials and publications.

Your comments, suggestions and ideas are also welcome by the use of an e-mail to


During each of our quarterly updates, we will acknowledge our new and repeat "Bright Stars" (see for a complete list) who have generously contributed financial support to the vision and operation of our Street Safe Kids programs.

Gold Stars ($1,000 or more) = Mr. and Mrs. Miller or Northern California

Silver Stars ($500 to $999) = Keningston Unitarian Church of Northern California

Bronze Stars ($100 to $499) = Your Name or Organization Can Be Here

Individual tax-deductible contributions, donations and services-in-kind are gladly accepted. For more information, please use any of the phone numbers and addressed noted at the top of this edition.


The police react to crime and drugs. Educated and involved citizens PREVENT problems from happening in the first place.