I am trying to get in touch with Wilf Bean in order to provide more accurate information.  So far I have only found some information from a Google search, which I deduce relates to the same Wilf Bean that wrote almost half of the songs sung by Ted Wesley.  Here is the small bit that I have learned.  Anyone with contact information, or who can add information, please contact me at stewartr[at]peace.ca


Wilf Bean apparently lived in the Northwest Territories for 10 years around the time of the Berger Commission (1970s).  Subsequently, was Program Director and associate staff member with Coady International Institute, St. Francis Xavier University.  Then, Program Director at Tatamagouche Centre, a United Church educational centre.  Wilf is now occupant of an off-grid cabin on the shores of the Northumberland Strait.  He holds a doctorate in Community Psychology and has conducted workshops in emancipatory adult education and participatory development in many countries.

Listen to 2 Songs sung by Wilf Bean:


People On The Land

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Articles by Wilf Bean:

Community Development and Adult Education: Locating Practice in its Roots, by Dr. Wilf Bean appeared in a book entitled, Addressing the Spiritual Dimensions of Adult Learning: What Educators Can Do, ed. L.English and M. Gillen, 2000.

Ruling Canada's North: Democracy in a Frozen State, by Wilf Bean in the Community Development Journal.1989; 24: 19-28


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