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V-Day www.vday.org. is a global movement to end violence against girls and women.  V-Day is a decision, an energy, a spirit, a day -- Valentine's Day -- for which annual theatrical and artistic events are produced in local, national and international venues to raise money and to transform consciousness.  To date, Eve Ensler's Obie Award-winning play, "The Vagina Monologues," has been the centerpiece of these events. In order to translate its mission into action, V-Day established the V-Day Fund in 1998. The V-Day Fund allocates resources to global grassroots groups that work to end rape, battery, incest and genital mutilation. Contributions to the V-Day Fund come from many different places: individuals, corporations, foundations, product and book sales, benefit and commercial performances of "The Vagina Monologues." V-Day is a project of the Tides Foundation and is a 501(c)3 organization.
VERTIC is the Verification Research, Training & Information Centre, an independent, non-profit making, non-governmental organisation. Its mission is to promote effective and efficient verification as a means of ensuring confidence in the implementation of international agreements and intra-national agreements with international involvement.  VERTIC also concerns itself with the negotiation, monitoring, and implementation of such agreements, and with the establishment of confidence-building measures to bolster them.  VERTIC aims to achieve its mission through research, training, dissemination of information, and interaction with the relevant political, diplomatic, technical, scientific and non-governmental communities.  A Board of Directors is responsible for general oversight of VERTIC's operations and an International Verification Consultants Network provides expert advice. VERTIC is funded primarily by grants from foundations and trusts, currently the Ford Foundation, the W. Alton Jones Foundation, Landmine Monitor, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the John Merck Fund, the Ploughshares Fund, the Rockefeller Family Philanthropic Offices, and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.  For more information: The Verification Research, Training and Information Centre (VERTIC), Baird House, 15/17 St Cross Street, London, EC1N 8UW; Telephone and Email:  Tel : +44 (0) 20 7440 6960; Mobile 0789 983 2279; Fax : +44 (0) 20 7242 3266; E-mail : info@vertic.org ; web site http://www.vertic.org/
The Victoria Peace Centre (VPC) has been front and foremost in peace actions in Victoria for twenty years. Formerly called the Greater Victoria Disarmament Group, it initiated the annual Peace Walk, now broadened to Peace, Earth and Justice, the longest continuing walk in Canada, since 1982. Over the years the Peace Centre has had a resource centre, published leaflets, newsletters and information packets, we've organized many workshops, forums and other public events. The Peace Centre is the primary sponsor of the Peace, Earth & Justice News, http://pej.ca .  Web site http://vicpeace.ca/ ; email centre@vicpeace.ca ; Canada 250.592-8307; Box 8307, Victoria BC, V8W 3R9

Voice of Women for Peace; La Voix des Femmes pour la Paix (1988) 736 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON  M5S 2R4, 416-603-7915, Phone; 603-7916, Fax ; email: vow@interlog.com ; web site: http://www.interlog.com/~vow

Volunteers for Peace ("VFP") promotes International Voluntary Service as an effective means of intercultural education and community service. We provide programs where people from diverse backgrounds can work together to help overcome the need, violence and environmental decay facing our planet. Workcamps are truly the microcosm of a world where nations join together giving priority to improving life for humanity. They are a practical way to both prevent and resolve conflict. By participating in a workcamp, you’ll help sow the seeds of peace. We hope that you will join us in this effort!  International Workcamps are a short-term form of international voluntary service that emerged from war-torn Europe back in 1920. They are an affordable (most programs are US$200 for a 2-3 week program) and meaningful way that you can travel, live and work in a foreign country.  Intercultural immersion, communicating and adapting is what the programs are all about. They are a way you can respond positively to the many challenges facing our planet by getting to know people and working with them to improve their lives in some tangible way. For many, they are a good way to "test the waters" of international service with a great variety of programs worldwide. For more information, web site: http://www.vfp.org/   Email: vfp@vfp.org ; VFP 1034 Tiffany Road, Belmont, Vermont 05730 USA; Tel: 802-259-2759; Fax: 802-259-2922

War Child, founded in 1993, aims to draw attention to the plight of children in zones of armed conflict. In addition, War Child implements vital humanitarian projects in support of childrens' psychological and physical rehabilitation. While the activities of War Child focused initially on war-affected children in the former Yugoslavia, in recent year's the organization has expanded its operations to include relief and development projects in war-affected regions in Africa, Asia, Central America and the Middle East. By raising money through public appeals, concerts and other entertainment events, War Child is able to bring immediate material and psychological aid to traumatized children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.  War Child Canada, 110 Clarence St. Unit #1, Ottawa ON K1N 5P6, Canada; Toll-Free Phone# 1-877-WC Canada (1-877-922-2623); or 1-613-562-3334; Fax#: 1-613-562-9821email: sam@warchild.ca ; web site http://www.warchild.ca ; internationally http://www.warchild.org/ ; mail@warchild.globalnet.co.uk

War, Peace and Security WWW Server, Presented by Information Resource Centre, Canadian Forces College, Toronto, Canada (more than 8700 links). http://www.cfcsc.dnd.ca/index.html ; Peace and Disarmament links: http://www.cfcsc.dnd.ca/links/peace/peaceg.html ; International relations: conflict and conflict resolution links: http://www.cfcsc.dnd.ca/links/intrel/confli.html

The War Resisters League affirms that all war is a crime against humanity. We therefore are determined not to support any kind of war, international or civil, and to strive non-violently for the removal of all causes of war. http://www.serve.com/wrl/

"WE, THE PEOPLE" (peace organizations unification) Initiative: A Peace Messenger Initiative Dedicated To The United Nations.  Acting in concert, we do make a difference in the quality of our lives, our institutions, our environment and our planetary future. Through co-operation, we manifest the essential spirit that unites us amid our diverse ways. The "WE THE PEOPLES" Initiative is a co-operative movement to unite the strengths of existing organizations and projects toward making Peace a practical reality in the 21st century.    http://www.wethepeoples.org/welcome.htm

Who's Who in the World of Crime (Source:  Criminial Intelligence Service of Canada)  whoswho.gif (5443 bytes)

The Wisdom Fund advances social justice and interfaith understanding by disseminating The Truth About Islam,and by providing concise statements of Islamic values, beliefs, news, commentary, and resources for concerned Muslims, citizens, and activists. http://www.twf.org/index.html

WITNESS www.witness.org gives human rights activists video cameras and help them to expose human rights crimes, and end impunity for human rights violators.  Contact: WITNESS, 333 Seventh Avenue, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10001-5004.  PH: 212-845-5243; FAX: 212-845-5299; www.witness.org

Women in Black: An International Movement of Women for Peace - The international movement of Women in Black began in Jerusalem in January 1988, one month after the first Palestinian intifada broke out, with a small group of Israeli women who carried out a simple form of protest: Once a week at the same hour and in the same location - a major traffic intersection - they donned black clothing and raised a black sign in the shape of a hand with white lettering that read "Stop the Occupation". The idea spread quickly and spontaneously to other places in Israel. It was a simple form of protest that women could do easily. We didn't have to get to the big city, we could bring our children, there was no chanting or marching, and the medium was the message. Within months, vigils sprang up throughout Israel. Several months after the first Women in Black vigil in Israel, "solidarity vigils" began in other countries: Initial reports came from the United States and Canada, and these later spread to Europe and Australia. Some vigils were primarily Jewish, while in other cities, the groups were mixed Jewish and Palestinian. Around 1990, Women in Black vigils took off with a life of their own. They formed in many countries, and many of these had nothing to do with the Israeli occupation. In Italy, Women in Black protest a range of issues, from the Israeli occupation to the violence of the Mafia and other organized crime. In Germany, Women in Black have protested neo-Nazism, racism against migrant workers, and nuclear arms. Women in Black in Belgrade and Zagreb set a profound example of interethnic cooperation that was an inspiration to their countrywomen and men. And, in India, Women in Black hold vigils that call for an end to the ill treatment of women by religious fundamentalists. Women in Black has become a movement of women of conscience of all denominations and nationalities who hold vigils to protest violence in their part of the world: war, interethnic conflict, militarism, the arms industry, racism, neo-Nazism, violence against women, violence in the neighborhoods, etc. Each vigil is autonomous, setting its own policy and guidelines, though in all the vigils the women dress in black, symbolizing the tragedy of the victims of violence. What unites us all is our commitment to justice and a world free of violence. The movement of Women in Black in Israel won the Aachen Peace Prize (1991); the peace award of the city of San Giovanni d'Asso in Italy (1994); and the Jewish Peace Fellowship's "Peacemaker Award" (2001). In 2001, the international movement of Women in Black was honored with the Millennium Peace Prize for Women, awarded by the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). On June 8, 2001, over 100 groups of Women in Black from around the world (listed in the web site below) held vigils to protest Israel's ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories. This international protest was initiated and organized by the Coalition of Women for a Just Peace, an umbrella organization of ten Israeli women's peace organizations. Web site of Women in Black http://womeninblack.net/ .  Web site of the Coalition of Women for a Just Peace: http://www.geocities.com/womancoalition .  Other Informational Links: Bat Shalom ; Middle East Childrens Alliance ; UK Women in Black ; Minnesota Metro Univ - Women in Black ; Women In Black Vigil On Serbia ; Women in Black, NYC ; Beijing Women's Conference, Women in Black ; Women in Black, Santa Cruz, CA
KPFA Flashpoints Radio Show (Middle East Children's Alliance's Barbara Lubin is a frequent guest); Green Women and Progressive Politics ; Prayers for Peace in the Middle East  

WOMEN'S DAY ACTION - The last century saw a great leap forward in the struggle for women's rights, but women are still treated as second-class citizens all over the world. Amnesty International pays tribute to the struggle for women's rights in the twentieth year of the UN Women's Convention and five years after 189 governments adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, setting out commitments and steps for achieving those commitments under the goals of equality, development and peace.   English: http://www.amnesty.org/ailib/intcam/women/index.html 

World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) is an international membership organization uniting non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide in the cause of advancing peace and well-being, and providing the mechanism and support needed for NGOs to connect, partner, share, inspire, and multiply their contributions to solve humanity's basic problems. WANGO assists its member organizations in accomplishing their tasks relative to creating a better society and world: economically, socially, environmentally, politically, and morally. With its global network of NGOs, WANGO has become an international leader in tackling issues of serious global concern. During 2000 and 2001, WANGO conducted or co-sponsored conferences and seminars in over 150 nations. 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 529, New York, NY 10017, Phone: 212.826.8999; Fax: 212.826.3352; Email: secretariat@wango.org ; web site http://www.wango.org 

World Commission For Peace And Human Rights Council, a growing international Human Rights Organization.  We are working on number of humanitarian assistance programmes  Including Monitoring & Reporting of Human Rights Violations , Clearing the world of Land mines menace ,chemical, biological warfare, Abolition of War and conflict resolution. This web site aims to provide you with our latest campaigns, as well as being the best ever network for providing information on human rights.The web page is constantly being updated and you will some pages under construction, don't lose hope do return anyway, as we are still building. We have put a  lot of effort in compiling the information but we keep looking forward for your comments and views, which will be hopefully mailed continiously, and which we regard as very respectable. Contact H/Q Pakistan: World Commission for Peace & Human Rights Council, Room No. 11-A 2nd Floor Taj Mehal Plaza, 6th Road ,Rawalpind, Pakistan. Tel:  +92-51-411704; Fax:  +92-51-419407; Email:  wcphc@excite.com ; web site http://www.worphco.cjb.net/ .  International USA: Fax No.   +1-815-3770521; Tel:  No. +1-888-TELEBOT- Ext: 411704; Email:   worphco@netscape.net

WORLD FEDERATION OF UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATIONS/FEDERATION MONDIALE DES ASSOCIATIONS POUR LES NATIONS UNIES: A peoples' movement for the United Nations.  WFUNA New York office: One UN Plaza, DC1 - 1177 , Phone 212 963 5610; Fax 212 963 0447; Email wfunany@wfuna.org .  WFUNA Geneva Office: E4 - 2A; Palais des Nations; Phone 41 22 917 3239; Fax 917 0185; Email wfuna@unog.ch .  Website: www.wfuna.org

THE WORLD FUTURE SOCIETY is a nonprofit, nonpartisan scientific and educational association with some 30,000 members worldwide. Membership in the Society, including a subscription to THE FUTURIST magazine and numerous other benefits, is just $45 per year. For more information on the Society and all its programs, publications, and services, contact Membership Director Susan Echard, sechard@wfs.org , or visit http://www.wfs.org .  Also see Peace and the Future.

World Love Inc. is dedicated to present and past world citizens who are now suffering and who have suffered . MISSION STATEMENT: To promote love, education, understanding, giving, compassion and togetherness between citizens and cultures of the world.  To Contact World Love: Web site http://www.worldloveinc.us/ ; Email - pres@worldloveinc.us ; World Love Inc., 5115 N. Dysart Rd., STE-202  PMB 129, Litchfield Park, AZ. 85340


World Peace Project - Global war and terror, and the continued growth of poverty and suffering, are more imminent than any time in human history, and represent the greatest threat ever faced by humankind. Human anger, bitterness, greed, and self righteousness are fast gaining the upper hand in world affairs, killing and harming many people each day, and threatening all. Conflict, rage, and brutality must be stopped. World peace must be created now. Though commonly thought to be beyond humanity's reach, world peace is possible.  In June of 1942, under a desperate urgency, the Manhattan Project brought together the world's most brilliant physicists to investigate the possibility of creating an atomic bomb. In those times there was real danger that aggressive powers might use atomic weapons to defeat freedom and dominate the world. The Manhattan Project proved that humanity is capable of making every effort if the danger is great enough, and achieved what was considered by many to be the impossible.  The world now needs a new kind of project - the World Peace Project. Though just as urgent as the Manhattan Project, the World Peace Project has completely opposite goals. It is not a project to create a new weapon like the one which was unleashed on Japan and which has been a world threat ever since. Instead, the mission of the World Peace Project is to create desperately needed and brilliantly devised ways to establish world peace. Just as the Manhattan Project brought together the world's great physicists, the World Peace Project must bring together the world's most brilliant peacemakers for the sole purpose of establishing paths to world peace. The race now is not against the possibility of a new weapon. The race now is against ourselves - against war, terrorism, hunger and suffering arising from human anger, bitterness, greed, and self righteousness.  Under the World Peace Project, the guiding principles of peace are human kindness, compassion, freedom, trust, respect, health and well being, education, prosperity, diversity, and self determination.  The World Peace Project needs brilliant, inspired, and insightful peacemakers with intense practicality and awareness of human, national, political, and economic situations; and peacemakers, as well, with unlimited vision for the real possibilities of peace. Creation of world peace likely will be the most ambitious undertaking in the history of humankind. This is a complex, difficult, and heroic challenge.  This initial notice and invitation is being provided to universities, research institutes, and governments worldwide. You are invited to join in the call for the establishment of the World Peace Project.  Internet Site: www.peace-project.org .  Contact: dwebster@peace-project.org Daniel Webster, USA

The World Revolution is a new, large-scale, activist social movement for progressive social change.  It attempts to resolve in a definitive and comprehensive manner the major social problems of our world and our era. The WR Agenda - Major Objectives and issue areas: 1. Peace, 2. Social Justice, 3. Economic Development, 4. Ecological Balance, 5. (Ethical Culture).  Basic Methodology: 1. Develop large-scale activist social movement; 2. Unify and expand upon existing social change programs, groups and organizations. 3. Develop new methods, strategies and forces for social change.  4. Create a much more powerful, active, and organized force to effect comprehensive social change.  The World Revolution is a new, large-scale, activist social movement for progressive social change.  It attempts to resolve in a definitive and comprehensive manner the major social problems of our world and our era.  For more information: WR General Information, 4505 University Ave NE #537, Seattle, WA 98105  -  USA  Email: info@worldrevolution.org ; Web: www.worldrevolution.org

The World Social Forum (WSF) represents a deliberate attempt to focus an alternative social and economic structure to the neoliberal model represented by the World Economic Forum. The alternative is reflected in the Forum’s theme that "Another World is Possible". The first WSF held in Porto Alegre, Brazil in January 2001 was attended by approximately 20,000 people. The second WSF II held in Porto Alegre January 2002, was an extraordinary event attended by between 50,000 and 60,000 people including 1000 delegates from Italy and 700 France. (Reports of this meeting are available on request. See also the Forum’s website www.forumsocialmundial.org.br )

World Unity founder Jasmin Gerwien welcomes you to join her and many others in a quest for Peace and Harmony among all peoples on God's Earth.  Symbolizing this commitment to ending strife and ravages of war, World Unity offers to you a very special pin.....a pin which can be proudly worn as a visible reminder representing your own personal commitment to World Peace.  For more information on how you can become part of this movement, please contact Jasmin; email jasmin@worldunity.ca   ; website www.worldunity.ca  

World Unity & Peace Education Department (WUPED), City Montessori School (CMS*), 12 Station Road, Lucknow - 226001 INDIA ; Tel: 0091-522-2637655  Cell: 0091-9415015042 Fax: 0091-522-2638008; E-mail: wuped@cmseducation.org Website: http://www.cmseducation.org/wuped/register.htm .  "Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi.  *CMS: striving for world unity & world peace since 1959, a Guinness record holder as the world's largest school (over 29,000 students) and is recipient of UNESCO Prize for Peace Education 2002

Women Building Peace - Join the campaign in calling for governments and the United Nations to: 1. Include women in peace negotiations as decision-makers. 2. Put women at the heart of reconstruction and reconciliation. 3. Strengthen the protection and representation of refugee and displaced women. 4. End impunity for crimes committed against women and ensure redress. 5. Give women and women's organisations the support and resources they need to build peace.  For more information, contact Women Building Peace, International Alert, 1 Glyn Street, London SE11 5HT Tel: +44 (0)20 7793 8383 Fax: +44 (0)20 7793 7975; email gendercampaign@international-alert.org ; web site http://www.international-alert.org/women/

Women for Women in Afghanistan is a Canadian solidarity group, passionately committed to raising awareness to the plight of women in Afghanistan.  Click here for more.

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), 1213 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, U.S.A. works to create an environment of political, economic, social and psychological freedom for all members of the human community, so that true peace can be enjoyed by all.  It was the wisdom of our founding foremothers in 1915 that peace is not rooted only in treaties between great powers or a turning away of weapons alone, but can only flourish when it is also planted in the soil of justice, freedom, non-violence, opportunity and equality for all. They understood and WILPF still organizes in the understanding, that all the problems that lead countries to domestic and international violence are all connected and all need to be solved in order to achieve sustainable peace.   http://www.wilpf.org

World Centers of Compassion for Children is a non-profit organization founded by Nobel Peace laureate, Betty Williams, in Gulf Breeze, Florida, in March 1997.   The creation of safe and nurturing environments called World Centers of Compassion for Children which will be located in areas devastated by war, conflict and poverty. The mission is to feed, clothe and nurture these children while creating an environment in which we can help to reconnect the child to the family and the family to a community capable of sustaining itself without destroying it's most precious resource - the children of the world. http://www.compassioncenters.org/

World Citizens Assembly, 2671 Southcourt, Palo Alto, CA 94303, U.S.A.

WORLD CITIZEN FOUNDATION web site lists resources on World Citizenship, World Government, and World Law found. http://www.worldcitizen.org


WORLD CONFERENCE ON RELIGIONS AND PEACE (WCRP) addresses critical problems in areas such as conflict resolution, human rights, and development. It has chapters in 32 countries and it promotes peace in cooperation with the United Nations and other major agencies. International address: WCRP, 777 United Nations Plaza, New York, New York 10017, USA. Email: info@wcrp.org . Tel: 212-687-2163. Fax: 212-983-0566.

The World Conference on Religion and Peace, Peace Education Standing Commission  consists of a multi-national team under the leadership of Professor Dr. Johannes Lähnemann, educationalist in Protestant religion and internationally acknowledged specialist in inter-religious dialogue.  Only too often do religions become involved in political, national or economic interests, thereby merely contributing to the exacerbation and escalation of conflicts.  And yet, we do find in every religion certain messages of peace, reconciliation and harmony which on the other hand obstruct exacerbation, violence and war.  Today, more than ever, each religion has to take upon itself the job of rediscovering and encouraging the traditional sources of peace within its own walls and putting these to practical work in the striving for peace and reconciliation. http://www.wcrp.de/pesc/index.html

World Constitution and Parliament Association, 1480 Hoyt St., Suite 31, Lakewood CO 80215, U.S.A.

World Federalist Association, 418 Seventh Street SE, Washington, DC 20003, U.S.A., http://www.web.net/~wfcnat/

World Federalists of Canada, 207 - 145 Spruce Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6P1. Mr. Fergus Watt, Executive Director. Telephone 613-232-0647. The following summarizes the programs administered by the WFC: Canadian Network for an International Criminal Court; United Nations Parliamentary Assembly; UN Peacekeeping; Issues Actions Groups; Coalitions. The World Federalist Foundation is a national registered charitable organization which supports research and educational projects, particularly in the areas of international and world law.  http://www.web.net/~wfcnat/

World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) - Founded in Luxembourg on 2 August, 1946 as the peoples movement for the United Nations the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) is the only international, non-governmental organisation devoted entirely to the support of the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter.  WFUNA's founders were both idealists and realists. While convinced that fostering genuine peace, security and justice throughout the world depended on a strong United Nations, they realised that this strength could only develop with the support of informed public opinion in the member states. As men and women who had fought for their countries in the Allied Armies, in the resistance movement and in the underground armies during World War II, they were determined to put in place an organisation committed to furthering the aims of the newly created world body - to help save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.  With Member United Nations Associations (UNAs) located in over 82 countries in every region of the world, WFUNA spans the ideological divide, representing the views of people from various political, economic and social systems. Through activism, advocacy, research, educational programmes and the media, WFUNA's image of UNAs forms a unique "human bridge" between the UN System, their national governments and their country's people.  http://www.wfuna.org/


World Peace 2000, Box 570, Roosevelt, NJ  08555-0570, Fax 609-443-4307, UN NGO Representative for Pathways To Peace:  Robert Alan Silverstein. Web Site:  www.worldpeace2000.org, E-Mail:  Wpeace2000@aol.com

World Peace Club provides information on how to: START a WORLD PEACE Club in your school, community or home...; LEARN about peace and how to be a peacemaker...; TEACH peace by working your problems out peacefully, and sharing your Peace Know-How...; MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your community - Lend a Helping Hand...  http://www.peaceclub.com/

World Policy Institute, 777 U.N. Plaza, New York NY 10017, U.S.A.

The World Social Forum will be a new international arena for the creation and exchange of social and economic projects that promote human rights, social justice and sustainable development. It will take place every year in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, during the same period as the World Economic Forum, which happens in Davos, Switzerland, at the end of January. Since 1971, The World Economic Forum has played a key role in formulating economic policies throughout the world. It's sponsored by a Swiss organization that serves as a consultant to the United Nations and it's financed by more than one thousand corporations.  The World Social Forum will provide a space for building economic alternatives, for exchanging experiences and for strengthening South-North alliances between NGOs, unions and social movements. It will also be an opportunity for developing concrete projects, to educate the public, and to mobilize civil society internationally. The World Social Forum developed as a consequence of a growing international movement that advocates for greater participation of civil societies in international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization (WTO). For decades, these institutions have been making decisions that affect the lives of people all over the world, without a clear system for accountability and democratic participation.  Brazil is one of the countries that have been greatly affected by global economic policies. At the same time, different sectors of Brazilian society are crating economic alternatives in rural and urban areas, in shantytowns, factories, churches, schools, etc. The richness of Brazilian grassroots organizations represents a source of inspiration for the development of the World Social Forum. The Brazilian Organizing Committee is building alliances with organizations in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe to develop the World Social Forum. This will be a broad coalition of organizations working on issues such as human rights, sustainable development, education, and environmental protection. The World Social Forum will discuss topics such as: building economic policies that promote human development; creating international strategies for grassroots organizing; building proposals to democratize international institutions, such as the WTO, the IMF, and the World Bank; the influence of multinational corporations in local communities; creating sustainable development proposals to eradicate poverty and hunger, and to protect the environment; organizing against gender and racial discrimination; the protection and preservation of indigenous land and culture. For more information: email forum@forumsocialmundial.org.br ; web site http://www.worldsocialforum.org

The World Without War Council, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010, U.S.A. Seeks to mobilize public concern about the war problem and does this partly by operating a bookstore (421 South Wabush, Chicago IL 60605) from which a great variety of peace-oriented literature can be purchased.

World Vision International is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice, and bear withness to the good news of the Kingdom of God.  http://wvi.org/

Worldwide Alternatives to Violence (WAVE) - Mission: To build an international network dedicated to understanding the root causes of violence, to sharing information, to finding and promoting effective practical solutions and, through education, to create a world of peace.  Our vision: A Global Organisation and Internet Resource Devoted to Creating a World Without Violence, Where Everyone Acts with Respect For All Others.  WAVE is an international, grass-roots, not-for-profit organisation. WAVE is committed to spreading: (i) understanding of the root causes of violent behaviour, and (ii) knowledge of effective means of prevention and reduction of violence.  We invite you to contribute to our objectives.  Formed in April 1996 by individuals in the UK, Sweden, Canada and the USA, WAVE now additionally has members from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Liberia, Israel, India, Australia and New Zealand. Members include housewives, mothers, fathers, psychologists, psychiatrists, poets, writers,musicians, doctors, teachers, lawyers, builders, computer specialists, policemen, business men and women, former violent offenders and prison visitors.  Our research to date suggests effective parenting training and support for pre-adolescent, at-risk children, are crucial components of an overall strategy. There are many other necessary components, as the causes of violence are many and complex, and believed to cover diet, economic inequality, social deprivation, political exploitation, exposure to violence in the home, exposure to violence in the media, culture, physical and emotional damage as a child, sexual abuse, denial of natural expression of upset when a recipient of violence, and shame.  mailto:alembic@compuserve.com  http://wwwave.org/index.htm


Yahoo Peace and Conflict Studies link page http://www.yahoo.com/Social_Science/Peace_and_Conflict_Studies/

YEARN FOR PEACE SIERRA LEONE is a human rights organisation facing the challenges to make planet earth a peaceful, cleaner and safer enviroment for man.  The objective of our organisation is to enable the younger generation in areas of conflict to have faith in the future and to develop a sense of responsibilty towards it. To learn that violence is not the solution to their problems whether political, economical or social: indeed to make it valid for them to believe that is a common future.  Above all, let us create a better future in which in the words of CAROL BELLAMY, Executive Director of UNICEF our children:.."are loved and cherised, where their health and safety is paramount, where they can indulge their boundless energy in a just a peaceful and sustainable environment, and where they have every opportunity to become caring and responsible citizens".  In this regard, we want to exchange, ideals, vision, projects and creative activities with other organisation around the world in fullfilling the vision to sustain peace on planet earth.  Please contact us for further informations and invitaion brochure.  Kind regards in peace, Ishmail Mansaray, Co-ordinator, YEARN FOR PEACE SIERRA LEONE. BP.3830,ALMAMYA KALOUM, EN-VILLE,CONAKRY.  REP OF     GUINEA. TEL:00224-455394; FAX:00224-455393 yearnfp@excite.com

The YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) is a world-wide Christian, ecumenical, voluntary movement for women and men with special emphasis on the involvement of young people. It seeks to build a human community of justice with love, peace and reconciliation. Founded in 1844, it now works through 14'000 local associations and 45'000'000 members in 122 countries. For more information: International web site http://www.ymca.int ; peace programs http://www.ymca.int/program.html ; Canadian YMCA web site http://www.ymca.ca ; World Alliance of YMCAs, 12 Clos Belmont, 1208 Geneva, Switzerland, Phone: +41-22-8495100, Fax: +41-22-8495110, email office@ymca.int .  YMCA Canada, 42 Charles Street East, 6th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1T4, (416) 967-9622.  The World Alliance of YMCAs' Statement on Peace: "Peace has many dimensions.  It is not only a state of relationships among nations.  We cannot expect to live in a world of peace if we are unable to live in peace with those close to us - even those who differ from us.  ...The responsibility for peace begins with each person, in relationship with family and friends, and extends to community life and national activities.  There are no simple recipes.  It is we ourselves who must seek - act - pray - for ways to be peacemakers."

Kids Can Free the Children, in partnership with Mr. Olara Otunnu and the United Nations Office of the Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, is proud to be launching the Youth Ambassadors for Peace Project. Our mission-- through education, advocacy, and action campaigns- is to mobilize the youth of the world to build a "Children-to-Children Network" on the issue of war-affected children. In this capacity, we are organizing many exciting campaigns and initiatives!!!

The "War Is Not a Game" Campaign
The "Schools for Peace" Initiative
The "Children Paint Their Dreams" Initiative
The "Academies for Peace" Project
The "Shoes for Souls" Campaign
The "Youth Solidarity March" Initiative
The "Take a Stand Against War" Campaign

In addition, we are excited to be launching The "Youth Ambassadors for Peace Website" at http://www.freethechildren.org/peace/kcftc/about.html . This portion of the KCFTC website is youth-friendly and highly interactive. It provides access to important statistics, facts, and information on armed conflict around the world and on how these are effecting children. Included in this website are country and topic studies, interactive games and quizzes, curriculum resources, a comprehensive links page, guides on how to approach the media, concrete actions and campaigns, and other tools that make these pages a major educational resource for youth and teachers.

YWCA -- The mission of the Young Women's Christian Association is to empower women and girls and to work to eliminate racism. Globally, the YWCA represents more than 25 million women throughout 101 countries http://www.ywca.org

YOUTH M-POWER! is an initiative of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) (a merged organization of AFM, CREnet, and SPIDR), and the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM), that seeks to empower youth to develop a culture of respect, constructive conflict resolution and peace.  YOUTH M-POWER! is an evolving partnership that seeks to empower youth to develop a culture of respect, constructive conflict resolution, and peace. YOUTH M-POWER! fulfills its mission by developing and making the available the following services and opportunities:  An on-line directory of programs and resources for and about youth in conflict resolution;  Networking forums to bring together youth and adult dispute resolvers to form partnerships; and Public education and advocacy agendas to support a stronger youth voice and presence in the conflict resolution field and the larger public.  For more information about YOUTH M-POWER!, or to share your own ideas and news, contact Winnehl Tubman, Program Manager, at wtubman@youthm-power.org , or 1527 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Third Floor, Washington, DC 20036; Telephone: 202.667.9700, x. 204; Fax: 202.265.1968; web site http://www.youthm-power.org

YouthPeace - Works toward a Non-violent home, school, community and world that respects everyone and works against all forms of violence and hatred.  YouthPeace connects the violence in our streets with military violence around the world and promotes strategies and projects that counter violence wherever it is found.   http://www.nonviolence.org/wrl/y-index.htm

Youth Action for Peace is a group of high school students from across the city of Calgary who want to make a difference. Our goal is: To raise awareness among youth concerning nuclear weapons, landmines, human rights abuses and our environment. To internationally work together for nuclear disarmament, equality and peace.  Youth Action for Peace is affiliated with Project Ploughshares, a nationally based peace education group that sponsors Youth Action for Peace. Project Ploughshares Calgary has been around for seventeen years and offers monthly public education meetings on peace issues, a monthly newsletter, a resource centre and resource people. Project Ploughshares also is a member of the Action Committee Against Violence and runs an Anti-Bullying Drama Progam in Calgary schools. For more information: contact Youth Action for Peace, c/o Project Ploughshares, 2919 - 8th Ave. NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2N 1C8; email yapeace@canada.com ; web site http://www.geocities.com/youth_action_for_peace/

"Youth for Peace" is a national youth organization in Pakistan working on peace. It was founded in November 2000 by a youth group of peace activists. In April 2001, the organization started its monthly paper "Jawan Fiqar"(young thought).  The main aim of the organization is to fight against weapons specially nuclear weapons, war, violence, and fundamentalism. The organization is also working to promote peace education to the youth.  We would appreciate if you please send your publications and correspondence to us. It will help us in our struggle.  (In Pakistan there is a lack of publications on peace related issues).  For more information, contact Rizwan Atta, Editor Jawan Fiqar, 40-Abbot Road Lahore, Pakistan, Ph. 92 42 6315162; Email: youthpeace@usa.net
Youth Service Canada

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