Water Related Conflicts - The Pacific Institute announces the posting of an on-line chronology of water-related conflicts from 1500 AD to the present on its subsidiary site, www.worldwater.org. Initially developed for the biennial water report The World's Water (Island Press, Washington DC), we are now making updated information regularly available on the World's Water website.  To access the chronology directly, go to http://www.worldwater.org/conflictIntro.htm .  The chronology, which ultimately will be searchable, includes examples of the use of water as a weapon or tool or war, the targeting of water systems during war, and information on the growing numbers of violent disputes over access to water, water quality, and inequities in the availability and use of water.  Full citations for each example are also provided, for those wishing to conduct additional research.  For more information: Wil Burns, Director of Communications/Research Associate, Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and
Security, 654 13th St., Preservation Park, Oakland, CA 94612 USA.  Phone: 510.251.1600; Fax: 510.251.2203; Pager: 510.288.6346; email 
wburns@pacinst.org ; web site http://www.pacinst.org/

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