Jane Hoy, Presenter

I have been involved with THE Virtues Project for over a decade now and have seen amazing response to it's implementation.

Upon request I was able to facilitate the community mobilization of this program in Walkerton Ontario in response to the E-coli tragedy. 

 I was flown to Sheshatshui, Labrador to train the Innu staff of the Family Therapy program and have worked with numerous schools and therapeutic treatment homes for children and youth. 

The most dramatic impact reported has been with children who suffer brain damage and/or disabilities eg. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (another area of work for me). Our schools are reeling with the impact of this condition.

I would like to accept your offer to "set aside some time specifically" to share some of the strategies of THE Virtues Project TM and the difference it is making in schools. This week I was talking to a Principal who has been using this initiative in her school for a few  years and has noticed a dramatic drop in the need for mediation with peer mediators - the culture of the school has developed students with their own "inner authority" to address issues by using the virtues.