Violence in the southern Philippines - Background

Dear Robert Stewart,

You have probably  been following the news about the recent violence
in the Mindanao region of the southern Philippines, including the
kidnappings by the Abu Sayyaf group.

If you would like to learn more about the background to this
situation and about peace initiatives and agreements in Mindanao, we
invite you to visit the online edition of our recent publication
'Compromising  on Autonomy: Mindanao in Transition', located at

With best wishes,

Rebecca Abraham
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Compromising on Autonomy: Mindanao in Transition
Accord, issue 6 (March, 1999)
Issue Editor Mara Stankovich

Issue 6 of Accord tells the little-known story of the political
settlement that brought to an end twenty-four years of civil war in
the Southern Philippines. The authors, primarily from Mindanao, have
focused on the negotiations between the Philippines Government and
one of the region's armed groups, the Moro National Liberation Front
(MNLF), over the struggle of the minority Muslims of Mindanao for
self-determination. The milestone 1996 Peace Agreement highlights a
number of innovations in the peacemaking process and provides
invaluable examples which may resonate for those engaged in promoting
peaceful settlements in comparable conflicts where autonomy and
self-determination are at issue, for example in Kosovo, Sri Lanka and
Somaliland. In examining the roles of Indonesia, Libya and,
especially, the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) as
mediators, the publication provides insights into Islamic diplomacy.
It takes a critical look at the role of civic groups in the
peacemaking process and the creation of a Special Zone of Peace and
Development which was hailed as a successful development model for
sustaining the agreement.

Contents include

One step towards peace: the 'Final Peace Agreement' in Mindanao

Mindanao: land of promise  by  Macapado A Muslim and Rufa Cagoco-Guiam

Islamic diplomacy: consultation & consensus by Soliman M Santos Jr

Sustaining the constituency for Moro autonomy by Macapado A Muslim

A view from the MNLF: interview with Mohagher Iqbal

A critical partnership: civil society & the peace process by Rufa Cagoco-Guiam

Lumads and the peace process: interview with Ramon Moambing

The politics of transition by Eric Gutierrez

Chronology, Profiles of  key actors

Key texts, including the GRP-MNLF & GRP-MILF peace agreements

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