Uniting For Peace Resolution - A way around the Security Council impasse for consideration.

Dear All,

You may have received messages about the campaign to call for an emergency
meeting of the UN General Assembly to address the situation in Iraq under
the "Uniting for Peace" resolution. This is being promoted by several
organizations.... Please find some background and suggestions for further
investigation below.

The Uniting for Peace option is described as follows:

Uniting for Peace is a legitimate UN mechanism adopted in 1950. It provides
that if, because of the lack of unanimity of the permanent members of the
Security Council (France, China, Russia, Britain, United States), the
Council cannot maintain international peace where there is a "threat to the
peace, breach of the peace or act of aggression," the General Assembly
"shall consider the matter immediately.."

If one U.N. Member State requests that a meeting be convened to consider
adoption of such a resolution and either seven Members of the Security
Council or a majority of the Members of the General Assembly agree, an
emergency special session will be called and the General Assembly will come
together to discuss the threat to international peace. (Material from

This resolution was drawn on, perhaps most notably, during the Suez Crisis
by the US.

You can find more information on the campaign to call for such an emergency
session on the webpages of the International Peace Bureau, www.ipb.org and
the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York, www.ccr-ny.org . CCR-NY
has extensive background material on this and has drafted a sample letter
which can be sent to the UN Secretary General, and a draft Uniting for Peace

[To learn more, click on
http://www.ccr-ny.org/v2/whatsnew/report.asp?ObjID=o3ONGr1exC&Content=207 ]

To read the Uniting For Peace United Nations General Assembly Resolution 377 (V), see

Sarah Estabrooks
Program Associate
Project Ploughshares