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I am a individual coming from india permanenetly in 1997,before frequent traveler since 1988. to attend workshops at institute of world affairs, Salisbury, Conneticut,USA.
I am active member of indo-canadian studies, indian association for canadian studies. society for international development(rome), institute of world affairs ,conneticut.   women in development (USA).also i have done few presentations.
GovSupport: I am not sure
CivilSocProceed: sid. local ngo's
PlanMission: peace mission
UNUNESCOPlans: not sure
NationalComm: dont know
OtherSupport: never looked at
RaisingRevenues:       request the govt
FoundtnSupport: yes many
MeetingCanada: yes
HowCanWeHelp: to establish centre in montreal
NameEmail: jatinder sandhu,address:  5855 BalmoralCres, Brossard, Quebec, J4Z 2H5   Ph & Fax (450) 462-2246.

Planning Idea:   Peace on the Planet Foundation
Name:                  Alexei Bykov
Email:                 alexbykov@mtu-net.ru
City:                  Moscow
Country:               Russia

My name is Diafwila-dia-Mbwangi. I did my graduat studies in Canada (MA. Miss.Saint Paul University, 1984, Ph.D. Philosophy, Ottawa University, MA, Theology, McGill University. And went back home to Congo Kinshasa were I was working as Professor in the Protestant University, and in Eugene Mazeno Theological University, from 1989 to 1998. In the same period I was acting as Director of the Mission service of the national office of the Chruch of Christ, a fellowship of all protestant denominations, 62 members with a population of 12,000,000. We created a University of Peace and a Christian League of Justice, Peace and Creation of Intergrity. After having some troubles with the gorvernment of Kabila, we came here for our security. But, we opened in Canada a section of the University of Peace, to represent to train our citizens who are staying now in Canada and send courses and other materials on the culture and science of peace to our people to Kinshasa, Matadi, Boma, Kimpese, Luozi, Mbanza-Ngungu, Kikwit, Bandundu, Kanananga, Mbujimayi, Lubumbashi, Likasi, Koloezi, Goma, Bukavu, Beni, Butembo, Kisangani, Kindu, Bunia, Mbandaka, Gemena, Bumba, Gbadolite. Our organization is active everywere in Congo Kinshasa, and in some cities of Cameroun and Ivory Coast. We have e-mail connexion in Kinshasa and Abidjan. And from the two capital cities who are in contact were in contact by telephone and shorth wave radios before the civilian war in Zaire. Now all our communicational tools are destroyed by the Kabila security. 

Government Support: I know that our government is in contact with the government of Canada. But, our government has not yet integrated in his system the culture of peace. The socio-political situation of Zaire of the so calle democratic republic of Congo is very complex. In one side, we have Kabila who became president by the power of gun in May 17, 1997, helped by Ouganda, Rwanda, Angola, South Africa, Zimbabwue, Tanzania, Zambia, under the leadership of USA. In the other side we have thre rebels movements, one in Gbadolite, the village of Mobutu, with Bemba, a formal advisor of Mobutu; another in Goma and Kisangani with Rwandese Tuntsi and som Congolease; a third government in Bunia with Dr. Wamba, a formal university professor. The people of Zaire is nowdivided unto ethnic, tribalitic and clanic warlord bandes. It is urgent to use all united structures we can find on the ground or the batlefield to build a culture of peace. And only the Catholic, protestant and Kimbamguist Church offer this kind of interethnic structure of dialogue. The Kabila government is very tribalistic and could not help to communicate with all tribes of Congo. From my office here in Canada I communicate with all Congo through the net better than form the Kabila office. I could not understant what a democratic governement as the goverment of Canda has to do with a tyranic system as the Kabila govenment!

Civil Society Proceed: Yes our civil society proceed without any support from the government; because the civil society work for democracy and the government does not accept the culture of peace and freedom. We work closely with the Coalition of all democratic NGO of Congo, La Voix des Sans Voix, AZHADO, and many News Papers like LA Référence Plus, Le Potentiel, etc.

Plan or Mission: 1.Objectives: build a peacefull and democartic culture and civilization in Central, West, Southern and East Africa, atarting in Zaire. 2.Mesurable Goals: train 5,000,000 citizens among the 50,000,000 people of Zaire in the culture off peace, reconciliation and creativity. We need to build a program of peace and economic alphabetisation with our 5, 700 members and 530 leaders in all Congo-Kinshasa nation. 3. Resources required:computer in city; shortwaves radio in rural milieux, news papers everywere. 4. We have to teach rural and urban poor men and women to read and write if we need to help them to undertand laws and participate actively in the long process of building a human society, a peacefull and modern nation.

UNESCO Plans: Yes. But, United Nations and UNESCO programs have not impact on people. They are very speculative and help to streingt dictature than to change society and build peacefull nation. Nobody in the rural areas know about United Nations or UNESCO. The main jobs of these international organizations are conferences and administrations. I think that we need to restructure UN and UNESCO to help them to work for people and not for systems.The bureaucratic culture of these international organization are more helpfull to dictators than to people.

National Commission: Yes, our country have a national commission working with UNESCO. But, this national commission works unders the ministry of education authority, and is not familiar with the culture of peace program. Everyone who is familiar sith the peace and reconciliation culture is seen as a very dangerous man in our nation now.

Other Support: People groups in Cities and villages are our principal sources. And we work with NGO, Churches, leaders of clans, tribes end ethnic groups trough their traditional kingdom organizations. Because, we need to build peace trough a new understanding and pact between families, clans, tribes and ethnic groups.

Raising Revenues:       WE need to check and see how to do this work. But, in the mean time we want to work directly with the Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace trough the web.

Foundation Support: Yes. And we are representing some of the NGOs of Peace and reconciliation now in Canada.

Meeting in Canada: Myself, I can meet with you here in Canda.

Workshop: Yes. And we will help with our team to build the program of this workshop.

Where do you go FromHere: From here I want to build an national and international peace network to help the world to understand that the problem who are having now in the Subsahalien Africa is not really new. Historical it is a consequence of the slave trafic system and the colonialism practice. The time is come to see how could we help our people to follow a deep and effective therapy of detramatisation and violent mentality to heal them of their allianation and deshumanisation. We need to train as many as futur leaders who are now leaving in North America, europa and Africa in the peace and reconstruction culture.

How Can We Help: You can help us to open web sites, organize conferences, send some trainers from Canada to Congo, build training centers for Peace and reconstruction in all Congo. We will use church facilities to open new centers in rural and urbal areas.

Name/Address: Diafwila-dia-Mbwangi, 1240, Donald Street, appt.616, Glouceter, Ontario, K1J 8R7, Canada, Phones: 613 745 1012 or 291 2963.

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