The Third  Millennium  without  Wars  Union  is  an  NGO  founded  in  Feb.1999,   and is registered  in  the  Ministry  of  Justice  of  Armenia  according  to  the law.   Its activities are mainly of humanitarian  character : human rights especially   children's  and  women  rights  protection , youths  education, participation  in the  Civil Society Building  process. Our members  are  physicists, journalists  and  other specialists,  occupying  different positions and  having different  political  opinions .  Some of  them  have  witnessed the destruction  and  sorrow  that  wars cause , but  we  all  are  united  by a single goal, i.e.  to  have a  peaceful   and  civil  planet  in  the  next  millennium.  The  Union  has  close  co-operation  with  the  commission of Affairs  of  science  and  education, culture  and  youth of  the  Armenian  Parliament  , particularly  with the  chief  of  the  commission, member  of the Parliament  Mr. Shavarsh  Kocharyan, and  also with  the  Ministry  of  Culture,  sport    and    youth , with  the  minister Mr. Roland  Sharoyan. The  Union  came  forward  with  the  declaration  announcing  its    intention   on  starting  a  world walking    campaign  for  peace . Today  we  carry  out  serious  organizational   work  to  realize  it. With  the  State  TV channel  and  several  other private  channels  we  are   transmitting   periodical cartoon film  on TV, made by  our   organization , to  propagate peace  and tolerance. The  Union  is  the  first  and  the  only   organization  in  Armenia    who   collects throughout  Armenia   signatures  under The  Manifesto 2000  for a  culture  of  Peace  and  Nonviolence.   Our    organization   has  already  many  messengers  and  one  ambassador  of  the  Manifesto  2000 .   The Union has network of branches all around of Armenia  (in 6 regions has 9 branches) and simultaneously  they  are special  departments  of our  organization. The  Union  has  over 100  members . Our  " The  Third  Millennium  Without  Wars  Union " joins with  the United  Nations  and  citizens  of  the  World   to   celebrate  International  Day  of  Peace on  September  19, 2000 . Our  organization  is  going  to  arrange  an event  devoted  to  this  Day  in  Yerevan , Armenia.  Contact Vahan   Vardanyan, President, The Third  Millennium Without Wars Union; fax: + 374 1 15 15 16,  +374 1 56 29 87; e-mail:

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