Thinking the Unthinkable - World Violence as a Solution to Overpopulation and Resource Collapse

The following article is an excerpt from "Global Collapse and the Capitalist End-Game - a dialogue about the collapse of the world system" by Richard K. Moore  (c) rkm 1999

Keep in mind that it was only about a century ago that Native Americans were being systematically exterminated - to provide room for capitalist expansion.  We may tend to blame it on some kind of wild-west pioneer mentality, but to the land speculators, the railroad builders, and the east-coast bankers, it was a fully-conscious program of business expansion through genocide.  I ran across a confidential letter written by Thomas Jefferson, for example, in which he gave advice to an official about how the natives could be most efficiently killed off (it had to do with encouraging them to get into debt.)

Let's look at some of the things the West, especially the US, is doing in African countries such as Rwanda and many of its neighbours.  First of all, the IMF has systematically destroyed the economies - in some cases utterly.  From this cause alone, large-scale famines began.  Then civil strife 'arose'.  Indeed strife did 'arise' out of the abysmal economic conditions - but it was helped along with a strong push from US military advisors, and with shiploads of modern Western armaments.

The training emphasis was on 'security operations', which translates into the creation of death-squad militias, much like those in
East Timor - which were also US trained.  Out of these Western-sponsored civil-wars, further genocide occurred, partly from increased famine due to disorder, and partly from slaughter.  No massive 'humanitarian' intervention effort was considered, I suggest, because what was happening is exactly what was intended to happen - genocide _is the fundamental agenda being carried out!  Hence the corporate global media simply reports these events as unfortunate, unavoidable, due to ancient ethnic hatreds or droughts, etc. etc.

Another thing the IMF and World Bank are doing is dismantling health-care facilities in these parts of Africa.  Under IMF structural requirements, the budget for health care is limited to something on the order of $3 per person per year.  A new 'philosophy' of health care has been adopted.  Under this philosophy professional health care is seen as being an 'elite institution', and the population instead is to depend on untrained lay people to provide their care.  Of these events, the elite media is simply silent.

And then there's AIDs.  Some people claim to have proof that AIDS was invented via biotech methods for the purposes of genocide.  Perhaps.  What we do know for sure is that the West is doing nothing to deal with the epidemic in Africa.  Pharmaceutical research is aimed at expensive curative treatments, not at the kind of vaccines that would be needed in the African scenario.  Nor is the West making any effective effort to spread an understanding about needles and condoms in Africa.  Nor is the magnitude of the AIDS epidemic featured in our media.  Everyone knows AIDS is a serious problem in the West, and victims are portrayed sympathetically in the media,
but Africa is generally ignored.  The de-facto Western response to African AIDS is to simply wait for them all to die.

So we have economic collapse, famine, civil war, and no health care - all systematically promoted by the West, and explained away or ignored by the corporate media.  And then we have AIDS, with no Western response at all.  Does this or does this not add up to a conscious policy of genocide?


What I'm suggesting is that this is _one example of how our elite planners are dealing with the collapse scenario.  In this case, their thinking can be characterized this way:  "Too much population?  No problem... let's just pick some groups that aren't contributing much to the global economy and kill them off.  There'll be fewer mouths to feed, more land to grow food for the rest of us, and more water to irrigate the crops."   Do you perhaps reject that anyone could think that way?  Do you think all of the West's systematic actions came from nowhere?  When one economy collapsed, or one civil war broke out, it could be counted up to error.  Not when it becomes
a systematic pattern.

Genocide in Africa represents  part of a 'final solution' to the problem of over-population under an economic-growth paradigm.  So that the survivors can continue gobbling resources, some will have to be sacrificed.  And the ones sacrificed are those who consume the _least resources, the ones _least responsible for the problems of excessive growth.  Such are the ones who contribute least to global economic growth.  By the measure of GDP, they simply have no value.  Just like the Native Americans and Australian Aboriginals before them.

In Russia - where the birth rate is down, the death rate is up, the economy is in shambles, and famine is an increasing possibility in many regions - we may well be seeing a similar strategy unfolding, even if it isn't carried out quite so thoroughly.  A significantly reduced Russian population, with the economy owned by the West, would permit most of Russia's vast resources to be exploited for Western 'needs'.

If any kind of nuclear exchange develops, in the region of India, Pakistan, and China for example, that could used to accomplish a great deal of additional genocide all at once.  In such a scenario, management of media would be absolute, and whole cities or regions could be annihilated (using neutron weapons which kill people and leave resources intact) without us hearing about it.  The full magnitude of such a war might only reach the light of day much later.  Most people in the US, for example, have no idea of the magnitude of the genocidal suffering caused by the Iraqi sanctions, nor the extent of damage in Yugoslavia.


I am not claiming that these kinds of genocidal policies are an effective (albeit abhorrent) solution to the collapse scenario.  What I am suggesting is that the elite are _not ignoring the collapse crisis, but instead are taking drastic measures of various kinds in conscious response to that crisis.  They may be reckless drivers, but they _are endeavouring intelligently to steer around the obstacles in their path.  They are awake, not asleep - even if they are demonic.  We need to pay closer attention to how they are playing this 'end game'.


Putting this all together, we can see that one of the strategic elite responses to the environmental-collapse scenario is to return to a drastic version of Western imperialism.  The third world (to which new nations are being added every day) is to simply be milked dry so that the West can continue longer in its consumptive growth mode.  Poverty, disease, famine - and outright genocide - are all totally acceptable if they facilitate this milking-dry process.

Population growth in the West itself is relatively stable and manageable - so to our elite leaders there _is no_ immediate crisis of over-population!  "Billions of 'them' will die - so what?  Like dinosaurs and Aboriginals, they didn't adapt.  Such is life.  Their women shouldn't have had so many kids.  It's their own fault."  If you think this can't happen, then just consider the response of Western publics to the genocide _already going on.  They don't even know it's happening, or else they shrug it off with a shallow rationalization, handily provided by the media.


At a more systematic level, elite planners have set up institutions which are actively measuring and quantifying all of the Earth's resources, creating an 'end game' budget of resources.  They're using the latest satellite technology to map every water source, every acre of arable land, every mineral site, etc.  These can be correlated with population data, consumption statistics, and other databases, so as to work out an accurate time-sequence of the end-game of our support systems - based on current trends.  You might say they're making a multi-dimensional video of the end of the world.

Most assuredly, our capitalist leaders are not asleep at the wheel.  They are not going to retire to the first-class Titanic deck and fatalistically watch their video while the water pours in.  They're going to use this information to figure out which populations should be culled when, so as to keep the West on its consumption binge for as long as possible.  As regards petroleum for example, the IMF has already set prices at a level where many parts of the third world can no longer afford to use it for transportation, and hence remaining supplies are being channelled toward the West and the other remaining industrialized nations.   Our leaders have demonstrated
conclusively that they will use whatever means are necessary to implement whatever measures are deemed advantageous by their spreadsheet analysis.  No sacrifice is too great to insure the survival of capitalism, as long as someone else pays the price.

In Canada, I'm sure you're aware of the controversy regarding water rights.  As part of a global water-consolidation program - the result no doubt of the kind of resource surveys described above - initiatives have been launched to privatize water resources globally, and to modify the rules by which water resources are allocated.  The scheme in Canada seems to be aimed at stealing Canada's water, and making it available to US agribusiness - possibly to alleviate the effects of climate changes expected from global warming.  As water is confiscated by such means in the third world, most likely to be used to irrigate corporate plantations, we can expect massive famines as a direct consequence.  These no doubt will be reported in the media as being the result of 'drought' - sad, but unavoidable.  Again, drastic measures - but diabolical and effective - not

This ungodly endgame scenario can be challenged only if we stand up and claim our humanity and collectively demand to control our own destinies and those of our communities and societies.  And, as they say on some Pink Floyd track, you will 'hear no starting gun', instead 'ten years will pass' and we'll find ourselves accepting conditions that today would have us all out on the streets.

The defining moment can only come from inside ourselves.  We must decide we've had enough.  And if we can't do that now, I suggest, there's no reason to see why it will be any different later.

Which brings us back to your point about a need-to-plan mindset.   _Yes, we need to begin planning immediately to rebuild the social commons!   But instead of planning for a post-collapse commons, let's begin building that commons right now - and let's call that commons a 'grass-roots revolutionary movement' (for a democratic renaissance?).  For activists, I suggest, our greatest 'need to plan' is in the area of how-to-get-the-movement-started.  We can't wait to agree on ideology first - harmonizing agendas must be part of the movement process.  There is nothing to wait for - whenever we're ready we can begin.  The job only becomes more difficult the longer we wait.


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