[Note - the purpose of providing a sample of this music here (click on recording #1 link) is in tribute to Ted Wesley, and so that the songs are not lost.  We encourage you to purchase the album.  Ted is planning to reissue his music in CD format, and do new recordings.  Stay tuned for more news.]

From the Dust Jacket: "This is a record about the north, but it is also a record for the north.  Canada's Northwest Territories has been in the forefront of attention throughout the country and the world.  Teams of scientists have poked and probed from every conceivable angle.  Now it is time for the north to look at itself ... for the people of the north to sort out for themselves where they're from and where they're going.  "I hope my record will have a role to play in this growing self-awareness," says Ted Wesley.

"Ted Wesley first came north at age 16, and went to work for Discovery gold mine north of Yellowknife.  "I lied to them, told them I was 18," he says, and the north has been home ever since.  

"The north imposes a need for a person to come to terms with himself," Ted says, "and for me, that means coming to terms with my music and making it the music of the land."

"Ted Wesley was born in Abercorn, formerly in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, Africa, of Polish refugee parents.  At six he moved to England, then at nine he emigrated with his family to Edmonton." 1972  (further credits below)

1 Big River (Bob Ruzicka) Lions Gate - BMI [lyrics]

2 The Lonely Land (Ted Wesley - Doug Leonard) Pet-Mac - BMI

3 Aklavik (Bob Ruzicka) Lions Gate - BMI [lyrics]

4 Bush Plane (Bob Ruzicka) Lions Gate - BMI  [lyrics]

5 Glitter of Gold (Ted Wesley - Doug Leonard) Pet-Mac - BMI

6 Northlands Destiny (Bob Ruzicka) Lions Gate - BMI [lyrics]

7 Winds of Change (Bob Ruzicka) Lions Gate - BMI

8 The First Barge (Bob Ruzicka) Pet-Mac - BMI [lyrics]

9 The Ballad of Muk Tuk Annie (Bob Ruzicka) Pet-Mac - BMI

10 I Remember (Bob Ruzicka) Lions Gate - BMI [lyrics]

Producer: Garry McDonall
Strings Arranged by Wallis Petruk
Engineer: Don Paches
Recorded at Damon Recording Studios
Produced (1972) for Ted Wesley Productions Ltd. - Yellowknife, N.W.T. by Damon Productions Ltd. - Edmonton, Alberta

The copyright in this record is the property of Ted Wesley Productions Ltd.  Copying in whole or in part by any process whatsoever is an infringement and subject to the penalties provided by law.

Manufactured and Distributed in Canada by: Boot Records Limited, 1343 Matheson Blvd. W., Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1R1


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