Solution for File Format Issues

Some readers have indicated a problem with opening the audio files.  Here is one solution offered by R. W. Potter:

As for the issue of problems hearing the files that other people have reported to you, I have one possible explanation, which might explain the problem for Macintosh users, as follows:

The files on the site are in wma format, which is a Windows file format that is not supported on Macintosh computers (mp3 would have been a more universal choice).

Here's how I converted them for my Mac: use the Flip4Mac browser plugin that can convert wma files to QuickTime (mov) file format. The Flip4Mac plugin is freeware from and works well with the Apple's Safari web browser. Once the files, now in mov format are on your Mac, they can be imported into iTunes or simple played through the Finder or using the QuickTime player. The mov files will play on the Mac, but cannot be exported to an iPod and will not retain artwork or other tags that a normal mp3 file can. So one more step is

required: in iTunes, select the .mov tracks and burn them onto a CD (I made them a normal CD with the tracks in AIFF format). Finally, import the new CD tracks back into iTunes as mp3 files. Now the tracks will retain the usual tag data for artwork, etc. and can be transferred to an iPod or whatever. Despite the several steps required, the tunes still sound exactly like my old LPs to my ears.

Feel free to post this on your site if you think this could be useful to others.