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- Good Taxes:  The Case for Taxing Foreign Currency Exchange and Other Financial Transactions, Alex C. Michalos, 1997, (96 pgs).  Michalos provides a thorough analysis of the debate over financial transactions taxes  including the "Tobin tax"-- an international tax on foreign currency exchange transactions.  He comes out in favour of such a tax pointing to the  benefit to the
countries that collect it, as well as a possible solution to such problems as world poverty and the underfunding of the United
Nations.  bookstore price $8.99/ member price $5.40
- United Nations Reform:  Looking Ahead after Fifty Years, ed. Eric Fawcett and Hanna Newcombe, 1995.  This book provides a unique Canadian perspective .  It is designed for the general reader who will gain considerable insight into how the UN operates at present and proposals for reform.   bookstore price $24.99/member price $15
- World Security:  the New Challenge, Canadian Pugwash Group, ed. Carl Jacobsen et al., 1994 Is a detailed analysis of old and new threats to world security and the prospects of keeping the peace.    bookstore price $19.99/member price $12
- Arctic Alternatives:  Civility or Militarism in the Circumpolar North, ed. Franklyn Griffiths, 1992.  Deals with the conceptual and practical problems that must be resolved if the peoples of the Arctic countries are to steer the development of their region away from militarism and towards civility.    bookstore price $19.99/member price $4
- Hopes and Fears: the Human Future, ed. Hanna Newcombe, 1992.  Articles dealing with the future from a global perspective including such topics as war prevention, global decision-making, values and cooperation, and ecological issues.   bookstore price $13.99/member price $3       
- Unarmed Forces: Nonviolent Action in Central America and the Middle East, ed Graeme MacQueen, 1992.    Based on a conference entitled "Nonviolence in Violent Contexts," this book forces us to confront violence and non-violence in today's

world.   bookstore price $13.99/member price $3                         
- Canada and the World: an Agenda for the Last Decade of the Millennium, Anatol and Anthony Rapoport, 1992.  This book examines the issues involving Canadian foreign policy in the decade before the millennium. bookstore price $13.99/member
price $3
- Disarmament's Missing Dimension: A UN Agency to Administer Multilateral Treaties, the Markland Policy Group, 1990.  Discusses a proposal for creating an international agency capable of verifying compliance with disarmament treaties. bookstore price $13.99/member price $3
- Accidental Nuclear War, ed. Derek Paul et al., 1990.  This book details the risks of nuclear weapons as well as suggesting an agenda of arms control initiatives.  bookstore price $13.99/member price $3
- Militarism and the Quality of Life, Alex Michalos, 1989.  Michalos debunks the myth that militarism is good for the economy and increases the quality of life.  bookstore price $7.99/member price $1
- Understanding War:  A Philosophical Enquiry, John McMurtry, 1989.  An alternative and thought-provoking look at war and the military paradigm.  bookstore price $7.99/member price $2
- The Name of the Chamber  was Peace, ed. Janis Alton et al., 1988  bookstore price $7.99/member price $1
- Defending Europe:  Options for Security, ed. Derek Paul (Taylor and Francis 1986)  member price $12
Reports and other publications:
- Peace Magazine, Science for Peace analysis and commentary appear in a designated section of this bi-monthly national publication.  $17.50 renewing subscribers  /  $13.00 introductory price for first time SfP member subscribers. Please send a separate cheque made payable to Peace Magazine to:  P.O Box 248 Stn. P,  Toronto, ON  M5S 2S7 Canada
- 20 Mishaps That Might Have Started Accidental Nuclear War, Alan Philips, 1997, 8pp.    $2
- The United Nations in the Twenty-first Century, Walter Dorn, 1997, 13 pp.    $3
- Securing Compliance with Disarmament Treaties:  Carrots, Sticks, and the Case of North Korea, Walter Dorn and Andrew Fulton, 1997, 40pp.    $3
- Response to the AECL Long Term Nuclear Fuel Waste Disposal Concept, Science for Peace Energy Working Group, 1996 8pp.    $3
- Choices for Plutonium Disposal, Derek Paul, 1996, 13pp.    $3
- Global Security and Environmental Degradation, Adele Buckley, 1996 19pp.      $3
- Climate Change:  Facts, Strategies, Choices and Innovations, Derek Paul, 22pp.     $3
- Canada's Security:  Threats and Responses, a brief to the Parliamentary Committee reviewing Canadian Defense Policy, Defense Policy Advisory Group of Science for Peace, 1994      $2
- Arms Control in the 1990s (Aurora Papers 22) ed. Peter Brogden, 1993,  41pp.    $4
- Taking Stock:   The Impact of Militarism on the Environment, Kristen Osling and Joanna Miller, 1992     $4
- Controlling the Global Arms Threat (Aurora Papers 12) ed. Peter Brogden and Walter Dorn, 1992, 102pp.    $4
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