Running Guns - The Global Black Market in Small Arms.  EDITORS: Lora Lumpe, Peace Research Institute (PRIO), Norway
ISBN/PRICE: 1 85649 873 5  pbk  GBP15.95/US$27.50; 1 85649 872 7 hbk  GBP49.95/US$69.95.  KEY POINTS: - A riveting investigation of the illegal traffic in small arms around the world; - Policy-relevant analysis by contributors with a deep knowledge of
the situation; - Topical material for conflict studies, international law and development.  ABOUT THE BOOK: This book is about the guns that fuel the huge toll of deaths in the world's most bloody conflicts today. Whether it is Africa, Sri Lanka or even Chechnya and Afghanistan, it is not heavy weaponry or hi-tech devices that kill the most people, but the flood of cheap, easy to get, small
arms that has swept over so many countries in the 80s and 90s. Crime rates involving guns within countries have also soared, as South Africa and Kenya for example have experienced. Yet a lot of this cross-border arms trade is illegal. So much so that several governments, including the United States, Canada and Mexico, are now pressing for rapid negotiation of a new global treaty on illegal trafficking in small arms. This important and readable new book seeks to advance our understanding of the illegal arms traffic. What precisely is involved? How is it conducted? Who are the players?  What are the impacts? What needs to be done?  The chapters that follow explore the key issues including the state of play of current international negotiations and agreements. 
Foreword - Thorvald Stoltenberg
Introduction  to Gun-Running - Lora Lumpe, Sarah Meet and R T Naylor
Part 1 - framing the issue
1. Anatomy of a Shady Deal  -  Brian Johnson Thomas
2. What's Legal? What's Illegal?  -  Emanuela-Chiara Gillard
Part 2 - sources of supply
3. Government Gun-running to Guerrillas -  Lucy Mathiak and Lora Lumpe
4. Manufacturing Trends: Globalising the Source   -  Pete Abel
5. Domestic Gun Markets: The Licit-Illicit Links  -  Wendy Cukier & Steve Shropshire
Part 3- mechanics of the trade
6. Making the Deal and Moving the Goods: The Role of Broker and Shippers  -  Brian Wood and Johan Peleman
7. Gunsmoke and Mirrors: Financing the Illegal Trade   -  R T Naylor
Part 4 - forward steps
8.  Combating Arms Trafficking: Progress and Prospects -  Sarah Meek
9. Law Enforcement and International Gun Trafficking   -  Ted Leggett
Summary of  Recommendations  for States and Citizens  - Lora Lumpe
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