I love Rotary and I love this World … it is out of love that I pray to you today.

Rotary is to be congratulated for all the good that it has done in this world.
I know that Rotary can do so much more – and the World sorely needs Rotary to step up now.
Rotary can bring peace to the World …
When Rotary achieves its potential.

We know what to do (reference The Seven Paths to Peace , written in 1959 - 49 years ago).
We have to start doing it more directly, to live up to our great potential.
We (and I talk to you personally, Clubs, and Rotary International) … We have the most to lose (if we do not do our best) and the most to gain (if we apply ourselves to peace as we would to any other “business problem”).
I offer myself as a humble example of the power and potential of one mere Rotarian to make a difference.  (ref. and )
When we multiply this by 1 million other Rotarians, plus partners such as Lions and other service clubs, we will achieve a Tipping Point and significantly reduce violence in our Communities and World … of this I am convinced.

I am sure all Rotarians know the power and potential of Rotary, want peace, and will apply themselves to advance peace and world understanding if they had support and direction.
That is our challenge: to provide the necessary leadership, direction and support to bring peace to the world.
As servant leaders, bring a tray of ‘food for thought’ back to your Clubs and Communities … appeal to people’s self interest: show what is in it for them – more success in the family, the school, the workplace, the Club, the Community through developing better relationships, communications, social intelligence, transforming conflicts, etc.
It is evident that Rotary will succeed accordingly, materially and spiritually.
We need not “preach” – those who want to digest this ‘food for thought’ will come to us and will thank us for changing their lives … and that will change communities and will change the World for the better.

Rotarians, Districts, Rotary International … we have it within us to be Champions in leading our Communities and World to peace. 
Time is of the essence – the real potential for nuclear holocaust, earth change and other serious global risks exist.
I pray that Rotary rise to this most supreme challenge now, with our leadership, direction and support.
Please do not let another 50 years slide by – the World needs us to act, through our best Service Above Self, in the highest and best interests of the World and all concerned.

I love Rotary and I love this World … and everyone and everything in it.  I dedicate myself to your service in peace.