Responding to Conflict ("RTC") Skills and Strategies for Peace - aims to assist people to achieve social and political change. The change we seek, for ourselves and our partners, is characterised by the following key values: justice, equity, human and economic development, participation, accountability, absence of violence, ecological wellbeing - for which a single word can serve: peace.  We aim to be inclusive wherever possible, taking into account the widest feasible range of groups and viewpoints in any initiative and seeking allies to work with and for mutual support. While valuing different perspectives and traditions, we seek to expand areas of common ground. In our approach we try to balance the uniqueness of individuals and their need for growing self-awareness, on the one hand, with the importance of their collective identities and the need to belong on the other. We encourage a willingness to learn from "failures" as well as "successes", and a readiness to work for change - in oneself and in one's group, culture or society.  These values guide our involvement in any work, anywhere, and inform the way RTC itself is structured and operates.  Responding to Conflict, 1046 Bristol Road, Birmingham, England, B29 6LJ; Tel: +44 (0)21 415 5641 Fax: +44 (0)121 415 4119; ; web site

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