Alberta Culture of Peace/Peace Education Symposium

Registration Form 

OCTOBER 23 - 26, 2008, at the Avatamsaka Buddhist Monastery ( see ), CALGARY , ALBERTA , CANADA

First name:__________________________________  Surname:__________________________________



City:__________________________________  Prov./State:___________________  Postal code/Zip:______________

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I wish to participate in the following (please check all that apply):
                                                                                                 Earlybird Fee           Registration                    Amount
                         Event                                                     Prior to Sep. 31        After Oct. 1                    Payable
_____ Alberta  Culture of Peace Program/CPI Symposium        Full:      $ 75           Full:       $100
           Saturday Oct. 25 to Sunday Oct. 26                               Student:   15           Student:     25
                                                                                                Retiree:    25           Retiree:      50                 ________

_____ Social Intelligence Workshop Thurs. Oct. 23                   Full:      $15             Full:         $25
               Dr. Larry Fisk                                                               Other:   $5            Other:       $10                 ________

_____ Macropeace Workshop Fri. Oct. 24                                 Full:      $15             Full:         $25
               Bob Stewart                                                                  Other:   $5            Other:       $10                _________

_____ Social Entrepreneurism Workshop Fri. Oct. 24                 Full:      $15             Full:         $25
                                                                                                  Other:   $5            Other:       $10                _________

TOTAL PAYABLE:             $   _______

Payment Method:

_____ Cheque (made payable to Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace    _____  Money Order

_____ Visa     _____ Mastercard     Cardholder's Name________________________________

Card Number:_________________________________  Expiry Date:_____________________

Please email, mail or fax form with payment to:

Robert Stewart, Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace
Box 70 , Okotoks , AB , Canada T1S 1A4
Tel: 1-403-461-2469        Fax: 1-309-407-6576       Email: stewartr[at]

Cancellations are allowed up to October 10 with a 15% cancellation fee.  Though refunds are not possible for cancellations after October 10, registrants unable to attend can assign their participation to someone else.  All amounts above in Canadian dollars. 

Registration fees are intended to cover conference costs.  Any surplus will be contributed to the Canadian Peace Education Foundation (ref. ).  Anyone who wishes to participate but can not afford the registration fee may offer to provide 'services in kind' and attend.

Participants should make their own hotel arrangements and pay the hotel directly.   To help mitigate costs of accommodation, we are trying to organize some home boarding.  Please indicate here your request for home boarding and for what dates: