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On Race-Targetable Biological Weaponry

by John Wilmerding

10 August 2003 15:51 UTC

You may have wondered about the recent suspicious death of Dr. David Kelly, a 
microbiologist in the UK with connections high in the Tony Blair administration.

What did he know?  What did he say .... when, and to whom?  Was he killed 
because he 'knew too much'?

"... former member of the Knesset (Israeli parliament), Dedi Zucker, caused a 
storm ... when he claimed that the institute (the Institute for Biological 
Research, one of the most secret places in Israel).was "trying to create an 
ethnic specific weapon" in which Arabs could be targeted by Israeli weapons."

A suspicious pattern of deaths of prominent microbiologists has emerged around 
the world, but especially highly-advanced researchers connected with the USA, 
the UK, Russia, and Israel, and who were known to be familiar with this arcane 
branch of germ weapons research.

Are these people being killed in order to hush a scandalous, monstrous fact of 
recent research in this field -- that secret services in major countries are 
investigating how to kill off whole races of people with germ weapons -- even 
developing the means to do that?

What accounts for the appearance of AIDS (HIV), and now SARS, which have 
predominantly victimized people of other than European ancestry?  That may not 
really apply, but what of the facts in this matter?  Do people high up in 
Israeli and US government really intend to develop germ weapons that will 
selectively attack or kill off certain races of people?

The fake presidency -- the Bush regime -- is known to be influenced by 
individuals who advocate this kind of research ... in fact, specifically 
calling for the "political usefulness" of gene-targetable bio-weapons (see the 
quote and reference below).  Several of these individuals have strong links to 
Israel; possibly even dual citizenship: 

Here is a quote from their most important policy document:


"... the art of warfare ... will be vastly different than it is today ... 
“combat” likely will take place in new
dimensions ... advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific 
genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a 
politically useful tool."

From 'Rebuilding America's Defenses' the leading policy "white paper" of the 
Project for a New American Century (PNAC), which has essentially dictated Bush 
regime "defense" policies since early 2001:


This is why I call them PNACzi's.

Credited with this incredible yet frightening nonsense are the following 
higher-ups in the current false US "presidential" regime:

Paul Wolfowitz, then with the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at 
Johns Hopkins University

I. Lewis Libby, then with the Wall Street firm of Dechert Price & Rhoads

... and the following well-known "neo-cons":

Roger Barnett, U.S. Naval War College
Alvin Bernstein, National Defense University
Stephen Cambone, National Defense University
Eliot Cohen, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins 
Devon Gaffney Cross, Donors' Forum for International Affairs
Thomas Donnelly, Project for the New American Century
David Epstein, Office of Secretary of Defense, Net Assessment
David Fautua, Lt. Col., U.S. Army
Dan Goure, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Donald Kagan, Yale University
Fred Kagan, U. S. Military Academy at West Point
Robert Kagan, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Robert Killebrew, Col., USA (Ret.)
William Kristol, The Weekly Standard
Mark Lagon, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
James Lasswell, GAMA Corporation
Robert Martinage, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment
Phil Meilinger, U.S. Naval War College
Mackubin Owens, U.S. Naval War College
Steve Rosen, Harvard University
Gary Schmitt, Project for the New American Century
Abram Shulsky, The RAND Corporation
Michael Vickers, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment
Barry Watts, Northrop Grumman Corporation
Dov Zakheim, System Planning Corporation

Some of these may now be employed by the US government as well.

In addition, the following personages are listed as principal policy 
determiners for the PNAC cabal itself, and authored the PNAC's 'Statement of 

Elliott Abrams
Gary Bauer
William J. Bennett
Jeb Bush
Dick Cheney
Eliot A. Cohen
Midge Decter
Paula Dobriansky
Steve Forbes
Aaron Friedberg
Francis Fukuyama
Frank Gaffney
Fred C. Ikle
Donald Kagan
Zalmay Khalilzad
I. Lewis Libby
Norman Podhoretz
Dan Quayle
Peter W. Rodman
Stephen P. Rosen
Henry S. Rowen
Donald Rumsfeld
Vin Weber
George Weigel
Paul Wolfowitz

The astute observer will recognize several current Bush regime officials and 
other previously involved in Republican administrations.  The not-so-astute 
reader will recognize the name of the faux-president's brother Jeb Bush, the 
current Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, and Eliot Cohen, who, along with 
the scandalized Richard Perle, sits on the Defense Policy Board as an advisor 
to Rumsfeld.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Now details are surfacing that indicate great controversy and skullduggery 
around the development of 'germ weapons' that can be targeted by race:

Dead Microbiologists Linked To Ethno-Specific BioWeapons
by Patricia Doyle, PhD < dr_p_doyle@hotmail.com >

Dated August 10, 2003

Hello, Jeff

Note the following excerpt from the article enclosed.  I remember when I first 
read each news report about the death of separate microbiologists.  Absolutely 
no one considered the fact that the deaths of the various microbiologists, 
especially the first five -- Dr. Que, Wiley, Schwartz, Paschnek and Dr. Nguyen 
-- were related.  The press simply reported each death as it occurred and did 
not put the deaths together. In essence, no one connected the dots until you 
and I discussed the connection on your program.

It would appear that Dr. Kelly is related to the microbiologist deaths 
phenomenon.  Please note the excerpt below.  In the scheme of things, I wonder 
where Ken Alibek fits in?  He is definitely one dot that I believe (allegedly) 
connects to, not only the microbiologist deaths, but the Anthrax attacks of 
2001.  I also believe that (allegedly) Don Rumsfeld is another dot.

If you remember, when we connected the dots i.e. put the deaths together, I 
discussed the possibility that each scientist had a "piece of the puzzle" in 
regard to a "target specific" bioweapon.  I am wondering if SARS, somehow fits 
into the puzzle?  Was SARS developed in China, or Israel?  Does make one wonder.


"The two American scientists he had worked with were Benito Que, 52, and Don 
Wiley, 57.  Both microbiologists had been engaged in DNA sequencing that could 
provide "a genetic marker based on genetic profiling".  The research could play 
an important role in developing weaponized pathogens to hit selected groups of 
humans "identifying them by race.  Two years ago, both men were found dead, in 
circumstances never fully explained."
Microbiologists With Link to Race-Based Weapon Turning Up Dead
More on Kelly ... True or False?
Exclusive to American Free Press
by Gordon Thomas

August 10, 2003 -- Dr. David Kelly -- the biological warfare weapons specialist 
at the heart of the continuing political crisis for the British government -- 
had links to three other top microbiologists whose deaths have left unanswered 

The 59-year-old British scientist was involved with ultra secret work at 
Israel's Institute for Biological Re search.  Israeli sources claim Kelly met 
institute scientists several times in London in the past two years.

Israel has not signed the Biological Weapons and Toxins Convention, an 
international treaty ratified by more than 140 countries.  It forbids the 
development, possession and use of offensive biological and chemical weapons.

The CIA, FBI and MI5 are now examining Kelly's connections.  Their findings 
could form part of the British government's inquiry into the background of 
Kelly's death, which opened last week.

The intelligence investigation is believed to have originated in Washington, 
where it emerged that Kelly had contacts with two companies in the U.S. 
bio-defense industry.

One of the men he was in touch with was a former Russian defector, Kamovtjan 
Alibekov.  When he arrived in America, he changed his name to Ken Alibek.  He 
is now president of Hadron Advanced Biosystems -- a company specializing in 
medicines against biological terrorist attacks.  Kelly was himself considering 
resigning from his senior post at the Ministry of Defense to work in America.  
Before his death, he had been discreetly 'head-hunted' by two companies.  One 
was Hadron Advanced Biosystems, which has close ties to the Pentagon.

Hadron describes itself as "a company specializing in the development of 
technical solutions for the U.S. intelligence community".  Hadron also has 
links to William Patrick, who has five classified patents on the process of 
developing weaponized anthrax.  He is a bio-warfare consultant to both the 
Pentagon and the CIA.

The other company is Regma Biotechnologies -- one that Kelly helped its 
founder, Vladimir Pasechnik, to set up in Britain, arranging for it to have a 
laboratory at Porton Down, the country's chem-bio warfare defense establishment.

Regma currently has a contract with the U.S. Navy for "the diagnostic and 
therapeutic treatment of anthrax".

Kelly had told family friends he wanted to go to America so that he could 
obtain the specialized treatment his wife, Janice, requires.  "He also felt 
that working in the U.S. private sector would relieve him of the intense 
pressures which came with his government work", said a colleague in the 
Ministry of Defense.

The two American scientists he had worked with were Benito Que, 52, and Don 
Wiley, 57.  Both microbiologists had been engaged in DNA sequencing that could 
provide "a genetic marker based on genetic profiling".  The research could play 
an important role in developing weaponized pathogens to hit selected groups of 
humans -- identifying them by race.  Two years ago, both men were found dead, 
in circumstances never fully explained.

In November 2001, Que left his laboratory after receiving a telephone call.  
Shortly afterward he was found comatose in the parking lot of the Miami Medical 
School.  He died without regaining consciousness.

Police said he had suffered a heart attack.  His family insisted he had been in 
perfect health and claimed four men attacked him.  But, later, oddly, the 
family inquest returned a verdict of death by natural causes.

Many questions remain about Que's death:

Who was the mystery caller who sent Que hurrying from his lab hours before he 
was scheduled to leave?  What attempts did the police make to track the four 
mystery men -- after admitting Que was the "probable" victim of an attempt to 
steal his car?  What were his links to the U.S. Department of Defense?  What 
happened to his sensitive research into DNA sequencing?  How close were his 
connections to Kelly?

A few days after Que died, Wiley disappeared off a bridge spanning the 
Mississippi River.  He had just left a banquet for fellow researchers in 

Weeks later, Wiley's body was found 300 miles down river.  As with Que, his 
family said he was in perfect health.  There was no autopsy.  The local medical 
examiner returned a verdict of accidental death.  It was suggested he had a 
dizzy spell and fell off the bridge.

Again, there remain many unanswered questions concerning Wiley's demise:

Why did Wiley park his car on the bridge?  Why did he leave the keys in the 
ignition and his lights on?  Why was Wiley's car facing in the opposite 
direction from his father's house, which was only a short distance away?  What 
happened to his research into DNA sequencing?  How close were his connections 
to Kelly?

Kelly, himself an expert on DNA sequencing when he was head of microbiology at 
Porton Down, had been kept fully abreast of the two men's research.

The death of a third microbiologist -- Vladimir Pasechnik, 64 -- has left even 
more questions.

Kelly had played a key role in debriefing Pasechnik when he fled to Britain in 
1989, bringing with him details of Russian plans to use cruise missiles to 
spread smallpox and plague, the Black Death of medieval times, which killed a 
third of Europe's population.  Before the plans could be brought to completion, 
the Soviet Union had collapsed.  Pasechnik had warned Kelly and his MI6 
debriefers that the weapons could be used by terror groups -- using missiles 
obtained from China or North Korea.

Kelly, with government approval, had helped Pasechnik create Regma 
Biotechnologies.  Regma was allowed to set up a laboratory in Porton Down.

Research there is classified as top secret.  However, in August 2002, the 
company obtained a contract with the U.S. Navy for "the diagnostic and 
therapeutic treatment of anthrax".

On Nov. 16, 2001, Pasechnik was found dead in bed -- 10 days after he and Wiley 
had met in Boston to discuss the latest developments in DNA sequencing.

It was only a month later that Christopher Davis, a former MI6 officer and a 
specialist in DNA sequencing as a potential weapon, announced Pasechnik's death.

Davis had retired from MI6 and settled in Great Falls, Va.  He confirmed to a 
reporter that Pasechnik was dead -- from a stroke -- a month after the 
microbiologist had been buried.

Details of the postmortem were not revealed at an inquest, in which the press 
was given no prior notice.  Colleagues who had worked with Pasechnik said he 
was in good health.

Why was it left to Davis to announce Pasechnik's death?  Who authorized the 
announcement?  Did an MI6 pathologist conduct the autopsy, as one source close 
to the service claims?  Why did Pasechnik continue to visit Porton Down up to a 
week before his death?  Who authorized his security clearance to enter one of 
the most restricted establishments in Britain?

Kelly's links to the Institute of Biological Research in the Tel Aviv suburb of 
Nes Zions are also intriguing.

His connection to the secret biological plant began in October 2001, shortly 
after a commercial flight en route from Israel to Novosibirsk in Siberia was 
blown up over the Black Sea by a Ukrainian surface-to-air missile.

All on board the flight were killed, including five Russian microbiologists 
returning to their research institute in Novosibirsk -- a city known as the 
scientific capital of Siberia.  It has 50 facilities and 13 universities.

Many questions remain about the death of these five scientists.  Why did Mossad 
send a team to Ukraine to investigate the crash?  What became of their report 
after it was submitted to the Israeli government?  Why do the Ukrainian 
authorities still insist they cannot reveal the name of the dead 
microbiologists?  Did Pasechnik know them -- or, more importantly, did Kelly?

The Institute for Biological Research is one of the most secret places in 
Israel.  Only Dimona, the country's nuclear facility in the Negev desert, is 
surrounded by more secrecy.  Most of the institute's 12 acres of facilities are 
underground.  Laboratories are only reached through airlocks.

There have been persistent reports that the institute is also engaged in DNA 
sequencing research.  One former member of the Knesset (Israeli parliament), 
Dedi Zucker, caused a storm ... when he claimed that the institute was "trying 
to create an ethnic specific weapon" in which Arabs could be targeted by 
Israeli weapons. 

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