Solid  Step for Peace Education

Part of the solution linked to the missing legal tool

By: Altaf Qadeer

Imagine just correct information and education can save many lives. Everyone can do something to make it happen.  In 1997 a dream became reality as the 'land mines Ottawa treaty' was signed. Perhaps it is time to go beyond to help innocent people. Although some international declarations are in place but there is no world treaty on the following issues:

(1) Injury Prevention Education

(2) Peace Education

Perhaps no organization is working for this world treaty. World treaty has more legal power as compare to declaration. Making this education mandatory at a certain  level may  improve the  number of injuries. Just voluntary  participation in the information sessions can not  make a strong impact. So what is missing ? Political will. Yes ! everyone can try to present this idea to the decision makers at various levels and make this dream a reality.

World Treaty : Injury Prevention Education

Why we need it ?

* To reinforce our current learning process through the legal power of a world treaty

* To protect people from injuries, in all parts of the world

* To share the information about injury prevention in local languages to help everybody and make it part of their social awareness

* To make a basic course on injury prevention education part of teacher training (variations possible according to local needs )

* To publish an honest international report to show the performance of all countries about injury prevention education. This will link human rights with injury prevention education.

* To celebrate an international day for the awareness of injury prevention education

* To enhance the performance of health care systems

Why We Need a World Treaty for Peace Education ?

* To reinforce our current learning process through the legal power of a world treaty

* To make a basic course on peace education part of teacher training to reinforce the concept formation of this topic

* To enhance international cooperation for exchanging knowledge and skills about peace education

* To protect our cognitive environment

Tel : 416 661 7025    (Altaf Qadeer is an Adjunct Professor with York University and Teacher  with Toronto School Board)