PSYOPS - A Summary of Psychological Operations: History, Implications for War, Violence and Peace 


Unfortunately this is why we can no longer trust the Administration:

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UNITED STATES, CANADA, BRITAIN: PARTNERS IN MIND CONTROL OPERATIONS By Armen Victorian July 1996 - presents a good history of PSYOPS since 1937 - "Being awaken in the middle of the night, being beaten, confused as to your whereabouts, lied to and insulted, was all part of the 'unfreezing process' through which your psychological defences were broken down, and terror and humiliation were induced. Hence, the photographing in the nude, being forced to urinate while running, refusal to allow toilet visits, the sadism and abuse. Meanwhile the psychological functions of the body were being disturbed by the very low or non-existent intake of calories, high temperature caused by sweating which could lead to dehydration, coupled with the cold at night, sleep deprivation and loss of sense of  touch. The whole experience was a package. Whether you want to call it interrogation in depth or brain washing is academic. The aim of the treatment was to cause temporary psychosis, temporary insanity, which was a severe psychological injury liable to having lasting consequences."

The NAFTA PSYOP - Council on Foreign Relations Obstruction of Justice - This group has allegedly been controlling public opinion throughout the world for over 100 years.  This article gives a good description of PSYOPS - The Joint Chiefs of Staff have defined psychological operations (PSYOPS) as those that: "include psychological warfare and, in addition, encompass those political, military, economic and ideological actions planned and conducted to create in neutral or friendly foreign groups the emotions, attitudes, or behavior to support achievement of national objectives." Another proposal "develops the concept of 'strategic psychological operations' as aimed at influencing and shaping decision-makers' power to govern or control their followers." The American people, are among the groups being targeted and controlled.  "Tactics of Deception" are formalized psychological warfare techniques. ... A third "Tactic of Deception" is simply to lie.

Selling Peace: Why Canada Needs to Get Serious About PSYOP by Holly Porteous - PSYOP "are operations planned to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately, the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals." We might note that, if this definition addressed real-world needs, it would include non-foreign audiences as targets. Thatís because PSYOP can also be used to bolster our own morale against the PSYOP efforts of others. However, broadening PSYOPís scope in this manner would risk tainting government public affairs (PA) channels by admitting to their propaganda function. US joint doctrine has gone to great pains to draw a distinction between PSYOP and PA, assigning to the latter the role of "objective reporting without attempt to propagandize." ... the Kingston-based Directorate of Army Doctrine (DAD) has quietly begun work on drafting Canadaís first PSYOP doctrine. Presumably, this document will support our newly minted doctrine on information operations, B-GG-005-004/AF-033 CF Information Operations

Army PSYOP in Bosnia: Capabilities and Constraints by STEVEN COLLINS - While the Bosnian operation will continue for some time, the sooner the PSYOP effort can assist in moderating ingrained hyper-nationalistic attitudes in the country, the sooner NATO and the United States will achieve the desired end state and can safely scale down their commitments without fear of a new war starting. The United States, NATO, and SFOR need to make a PSYOP investment in Bosnia in terms of both the money and the importance it is allocated--that means not just equipment upgrades but more time with and greater access to the SFOR Commander. The PSYOP effort in Bosnia must be capable of playing at a major-league level in order to be successful, but it needs help to get there. When viewed against the totality of the international effort in Bosnia, the increased contribution required to bolster the PSYOP effort would be small indeed.  If we look beyond Bosnia and the media environment in the former Yugoslavia, it is almost a certainty the US military can expect to continue to operate in environments where sophisticated indigenous media, with robust capabilities, will attempt to achieve information dominance to the detriment of US mission accomplishment. If the US military PSYOP force is unable to operate in this environment and effectively neutralize the negative effects of the local media, its methods and continued existence should be questioned. Bosnia is the testing ground to see if US PSYOP can operate capably in a 21st-century media environment. For the people of Bosnia, and for the US military, a great deal hangs in the balance.

The Mind Has No Firewall by TIMOTHY L. THOMAS - We are potentially the biggest victims of information warfare, because we have neglected to protect ourselves.  Our obsession with a "system of systems," "information dominance," and other such terminology is most likely a leading cause of our neglect of the human factor in our theories of information warfare. It is time to change our terminology and our conceptual paradigm. Our terminology is confusing us and sending us in directions that deal primarily with the hardware, software, and communications components of the data-processing spectrum. We need to spend more time researching how to protect the humans in our data management structures. Nothing in those structures can be sustained if our operators have been debilitated by potential adversaries or terrorists who--right now--may be designing the means to disrupt the human component of our carefully constructed notion of a system of systems.

Winning CNN Wars by FRANK J. STECH - When political leaders have sent the military into harm's way, it does not matter to those in the conflict if our policies are rooted in the programmed political intentions of a cold calculus of realpolitik, or if they are compelled by humane values in response to CNN images. Once the commitment is made and the soldiers go, the minicams will be there, and we must prepare the troops for the roll (and the role) of the CNN video. If policymakers and military leaders hold no vision of the human face of our commitments, if they tell no stories from the heart of the how and why of our military actions, then others will do it for them, and the results may not be to their liking.  There is, however, one lesson at this early phase of discovery about CNN war that policymakers and military commanders, and those who would advise and inform them, should learn. They must communicate the goals of policies and the objectives of military operations clearly and simply enough so that the widest of audiences can envision the ways and the means being used to reach those goals. This understanding needs to extend from the President down to the average citizen and the most junior soldier. The operational ways and means must be clear and simple--how the operation is happening--so individuals can understand how they personally are being affected. The policy goals and motives for the operation need to be equally clear and simple, but also compelling, so that citizens and allies alike will want to be a part of these operations, while our adversaries will feel powerless to escape the inevitable outcome if they oppose our goals. If policymakers and military leaders draw these pictures and convey this strategic understanding, they should have little fear of video on the battlefields of future CNN wars. The operations, tactics, and images of future CNN wars will follow from these visions. Soldiers, civilians, even enemies, will know why and how we do what we must. We can let them tell the story. And that is how to win CNN wars.

CANADIAN FORCES INFORMATION OPERATIONS: A NEWBORN CONCEPT IN DANGER OF DISINTEGRATION  By Lieutenant-Colonel JAG Champagne - This essay attempted to highlight the major areas of concern in the application of information operations on a single battlespace of the 21st century.  The CF must provide the right strategic conditions for our operational commanders to operate across the spectrum of conflict.  The lack of progress in these areas will potentially result in the disintegration of this concept or the impossibility to ever achieve information superiority.

Rewriting History in the Gathering Fog of War by Linda Diebel - Toronto Star article - Recent history is being rewritten on the fly, and with born-again vigor, by White House briefers, Pentagon spin doctors and U.S. military analysts.

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George W. Bush had nothing to do with it ... did he? "The right wing benefited so much from September 11 that, if I were still a conspiratorialist, I would believe they'd done it." Norman Mailer.  Vancouver Sun story.