Most of the world gets it news from sources like CNN and Reuters; however,
many stories go by unnoticed and without the attention they deserve or
In response, Common Ground Productions (, the
radio, television, and Internet production arm of Search for Common Ground
(, has begun producing a new series of hour-long
segments for the New York public radio program "On the Line."  Featured on
the nation's largest NPR affiliate station, WNYC, the Common Ground
segments focus on contentious international and domestic issues with the
potential for violence.

At the top of each segment is a two to five minute summary of
international, national and local (New York) news about various ways that
violent or potentially violent situations are being defused.  Dubbed the
"Common Ground Round-up," the first and second segments were a tremendous
success and we are planning to follow with a new show every two weeks -
with the possibility of nationwide syndication somewhere down the road and
even distribution through the New York Times.

Finding that the best "conflict resolution" news comes from the people that
are actually "in the trenches" of conflict situations around the world, we
need your help.  Much like an AP news service, we are turning to
professionals in the field of conflict resolution to be our "eyes and ears"
for what's going on in the world.  Crediting your work or organization, we
are looking for concrete examples of successful interventions and
innovative approaches, local dialogues and national agreements.  Simply
put, we are looking for stories of what we, as conflict resolution experts,
do on a daily basis.

If there is anything new or noteworthy going on in your organization,
please let me know as soon as possible.  This is an excellent opportunity to
receive favorable publicity for the work that you or your organization is
doing.  The Common Ground Round-up will not be able to go into much depth,
so I won't need a tremendous amount of detail. The goal is to demonstrate
that non-violent resolution of conflicts is as newsworthy as the latest
riot or war.

Please contact:

Matthew T. Harmon
Common Ground Productions

For more information on Common Ground Productions or the Common Ground
Round-up project, please visit the CGP website at

Thank you very much, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Matthew T. Harmon
Common Ground Productions
1601 Connecticut Avenue, NW  Suite 200
Washington, DC  20009
+1 (202) 265-4300
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