[Note: this is a Work-In-Process.  We learn from every new Centre For Teaching Peace created.  Everyone has a unique piece of the puzzle to bring, which we recognize and honour.  Are we doing our best?  That is our quest – we invite your consideration and contribution to help us serve in the highest and best interests of the Universe and all concerned.]



We recognize the importance of having the fullest, most inclusive amount of Community involvement in Holistic Education and Community Development.  As per the saying “It takes a whole community to raise a child”, it takes a whole community to ascend in the path to community self-actualization and self-realization.  We are all in this together – we wish for no one to be left behind.  The sign of a good society is how the weakest and most vulnerable are treated.

 We wish to invite and encourage partnering with as many other Community organizations and people as possible.  While we have lots of our own thoughts, we also believe that the wisdom exists within the community to evolve higher individually and collectively.  In fact, we believe each Member of the community has a unique piece of the puzzle to bring to the party, and is to be honoured for that.  So our hope is to create spaces where people can come together to share information, develop their visions, plan ways forward, inspire action and help “build people”.  People building people, following a self-help model with mentors.  We wish to collaborate with existing organizations and people (i.e. enhance and not duplicate), akin to a Barefoot University (eg. http://www.barefoot-university.org.za ).


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