[Note: this is a Work-In-Process.  We learn from every new Centre For Teaching Peace created.  Everyone has a unique piece of the puzzle to bring, which we recognize and honour.  Are we doing our best?  That is our quest – we invite your consideration and contribution to help us serve in the highest and best interests of the Universe and all concerned.]



The most important life skills are not being taught in schools or by parents (eg. Social intelligence, spiritual and emotional intelligence, conflict transformation, relationship building, transformative communications, financial independence, self-actualization, etc.)

As a specialist in organizations, information and leadership working in education for over a decade, it is clear that, in the next twenty years, we’re going to get the society we’re creating now.  But, we have it in our power to build better people and communities.

As Leaders in our Communities and Families, if we want to increase our success, we must take the time to look at:

What we must do is bring our leadership, management & social acumen to bear on individual and Community Development.

The bottom line is that there is a lot of opportunity for improvement and there is a lot of opportunity for us and our respective institutions to make a significant difference for the better.

The Holistic Education and Community Development Initiative is a process to simply provide the venues, support and guidance to “Open Space to Open Minds and Hearts to Holistic Education and Community Development”. 

The  Holistic Education and Community Development process is open, transparent, patient and committed, drawing people from all walks of life, freeing them from their stasis and mobilizing them. 

All members of the Holistic Education and Community Development movement have to be leaders in their own right, drawing on their own potential and inner strengths, galvanizing, inspiring and energizing the movement.  Everyone is a Holistic Education and Community Development leader and educator. 

Every day we must take ownership of ourselves and our relationships: we can do anything we set our minds and hearts to; we do no harm, expect and demand no harm be done to us or others; no one is better than another; we are critical thinkers, finding our own truths; education is our best investment

Information and social contacts are our most important resources.  

Building a healthy culture is about building healthy relationships – we can do that.  

As we take ownership of Holistic Education and Community Development, others will follow – because it will be uplifting and empowering, it will be infectious, and lead to sudden, massive, cultural change.

I hope that our evolving Holistic Education and Community Development Model will provide you with food for thought.  It is being used to feed into the development of an NWT Holistic Education and Community Development Strategy.  Your input and suggestions are welcomed.


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