[Note: this is a Work-In-Process.  We learn from every new Centre For Teaching Peace created.  Everyone has a unique piece of the puzzle to bring, which we recognize and honour.  Are we doing our best?  That is our quest – we invite your consideration and contribution to help us serve in the highest and best interests of the Universe and all concerned.]

Introductory Videos (2 parts):

                                       Part 1                                                                                               Part 2

Introduction: Why Is This Important?

Our Principles

Our Values

Our Protocol: Principles for Transformative Conversations

How Do We Bring About Transformation?

Community Partnerships

Our Goals

Our Process

Centre Activities

Why It Works (under development)

So, How Can We Get Involved?



1. The Rules for Being Human

2. Drafting a Protocol to Guide Our Conversations and Relationships

3. Canadian Culture of Peace Program Tool Kit

4. Our Team


[Please note: we are in the process of having all Moncton Centre for Teaching Peace related web site material translated into French.  Assistance with translation would be greatly appreciated, if you know of anyone who might help.  In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience.  Translation will be available at meetings.]

[Attention: Nous sommes intéressé de traduire en français toute la documentation du site internet du Centre de l'éducation à la paix de Moncton.  Nous sommes à la recherche de personnes qui voudraient nous rendre ce service.  Entre temps, veuillez accepter nos excuses.  Aux rencontres, un service de traduction sera offert.]