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Please Help, Frustrated and Scared - (A letter we received from a reader.) -   Family violence is still not taken seriously by this country!


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- Family, school, and religion are the basic foundations in society that prevent such tragedies from occurring and that sustain victims and their loved ones when such tragedies occur.  

- Most often that missing family resource is the father.

- Included in this list of post-industrial complications are increased life stress, competing value systems for oneself and one's children, parental substance abuse, domestic violence, adequate day care, and parental rights.

- Present cultural values of personal entitlement, material acquisition and instant gratification are leading to a callous society, with violence and other lesser forms of harshness.  Values that emphasize honesty, trust, responsibility for self and others appear to be better values for oneself and for one's children, and are needed in today's society.

-  Disrupted caring attachments are so fundamental in violence.  Components of caring attachments include: physical presence of parents, trust (composed of predictable behaviour, and similar values of concern for others), empathy and tolerance, self-esteem.

- A balance between reasonable ambition and a sense of responsibility toward others is needed.

- We should start with the very young ... The sooner we create caring attachments for the country's children, and teach them that rights carry with them responsibilities towards others, the more quickly will societal violence subside.

- We need to choose an area to address that is consistent with our skills and interests and then seek out others who have the same concerns ... A better strategy is for each of us to invest our energies in one small, manageable aspect of the problem. This personal commitment by each of us will ultimately reduce the violence in our homes, in our worksites, and in our communities.  Raymond B. Flannery, Jr. Ph.D.



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