FYI - A proposal invitation by Sami Sunchild,
Red Victorian Bed, Breakfast & Art, 1665 Haight St, San Francisco CA

     Right livelihood for groups, individuals, artists, educators

     Peace Travellers Centers will form a global network of small locally
operated bed & breakfasts. Ten to twenty room small Inns focused on local
cultures of peace will serve as  meeting places for hosts and travellers.

     These Centers will each feature a local social or environmental
participatory Project which will develop according to the need and
traditions of each community.  They will be primarily places of exchanges
between the local communities and international travellers.

The Importance and Power of Names
     Each Center and its hotel will have a theme name and environmental
design which communicates,educates and  supports its social or environmental
mission.   Names will echo and celebrate the central Project of their own
Center.  Knowledge and patron-age of the Centers will be furthered by the
appeal of their names and cultural projects, creatively expressed in design
of the guest rooms and premises. Guide books, travellers and travel writers
will find here something compelling to think, write and talk about, thus spreading
knowledge of the Centers and Network in the world.

     To avoid the trap of continually depending on grants and donations, each
Center will have an income producing Bed & Breakfast to sustain its on-going
companion project and to allow Peace
Travellers to help start other Centers. Each bed & breakfast will be run as
a profitable business and will be priced for both budget and luxury travellers.

Daily Operations
     The Centers will be operated by local, salaried owner - teams.

Hotel - Bed & Breakfast - Inn
     The Hotels will provide the traveller with an opportunity to be hosted by
local people.  The local owner -managers will receive a living income for
themselves and for the Project of the Center. Travellers will find a
stimulating home away from home, a place where everyone can feel welcome as
a member of the family. The main emphasis will be on a sense of hospitality,
warmth and friendliness and creating a true place of exchanges between the
community and the traveller.

Community Service Project
     In addition to their income producing capabilities, the facilities main
purpose is to be of service to the local and global community and to promote
peace and understanding between people.  Centers are living demonstrations
of respect for all cultures and for the Earth.

Ecological Commitment
     Our goal is that the Peace Centers will have a positive impact on the
environment and that we will do all we can to minimize negative impact.  We
will be as green as possible, recycling, composting and caring for our
natural heritage while encouraging others to do the same.

The Earth Charter and Global People's Assemblies
     The Earth Charter and Global People's Assemblies are supported and
sustained by each Center.
(see and

Architecture and Construction
     Architecture will be rooted in the community and will echo local
traditions in layout, style and building materials.  We will use traditional
building techniques that have proven to be friendly to the environment.
When appropriate we will use ecological technology, solar panels.
We will  test and showcase new products and use what is least demanding on
the environment.  We will employ local workers, artisans, artists and
builders for a living wage.

Website and publications
     We will have a Peace Travellers website and connect with the Internet
travel industry.

Existing Prototype model
     Begun in 1977-78, San Francisco's Red Victorian Bed, Breakfast & Art is
the first culturally innovative, not-for-profit, Peace Travellers Bed &
Breakfast Center.  Now world acclaimed, it annually hosts thousands of
guests from all over the world.  It is on the Internet at

Professional Hotel Peace Center management training
    Instruction in
    - Hotel daily operations and
    - Publicity and promotion, Image creation
are offered at the Red Victorian Bed, Breakfast & Art,  prototype Peace
Travellers Center in San Francisco, U.S.A.

Possible Early Sites:
Burkina-Faso             Costa Rica          CANADA
Crete                         Ecuador               Toronto
Katmandu                  Malawi                  Montreal
Mali                           Samoa                  Vancouver
USA                          Grand Canyon      Indian
Washington D.C.        Indian                    Reserves
New York                    Reservations

   We welcome the whole world.  Sites require easy access by the travelling


Youth Hostel
     A youth hostel bunk house addition to the hotel could be for people of
any age who want to
share a room to make their stay more affordable. It could be a place where
two or three volunteers
from other cultures could stay while helping work on the project while
learning local culture,
skills and language.  Could a hostel support itself and its staff?

     Some Centers may want to offer a restaurant, or even be primarily a
restaurant, offering organic foods and vegetarian dishes with local specialties

     Some Centers may want to have a store where travellers can purchase
basic items and craftsfrom the area and where people from the local community can find items that
they might need.

     Perhaps some Centers can provide a few rooms for classes that can be shared by the travellers
and the community.  Art, craft, dance, music, cooking, massage, computers, video, language classes
are possibilities.  Classes could offer scholarships or a sliding scale fee or could be free to
the people from the community.

Meeting space
     Some Peace Travellers Centers may have a large meeting area that can be used for concerts,
conferences, video screenings, small conventions, lectures and dance parties.
     The place can be rented out for weddings and events and could be available to further the
effort of local environmental, interfaith, peace and justice organizations.  It could become a
magnet for cultural events, musical programs, dances and classes.

     The Center could feature a library, a video library and a computer
Centre for use by the guests and the neighbors.

Tours and Outings
     The hotel can provide social and cultural contacts within its compound
and in its environs.

     Some travellers may be guest speakers, teachers or volunteers who can
share their talents.
The Peace Centers will exchange information and communicate with each other.
When possible, we will have a computer connection with CU/see me capabilities
in order to actively create a sense of belonging to the larger Peace
Travellers community.

     The food we grow will be organic as often as possible, using organic
seeds.  Our garden could become a nursery if there is a need for others to
grow produce and plant trees. We will promote conservation of the habitat and
preservation of the wildlife, and participate in urban tree planting or
similar kinds of green city activities.

Promotion and publicity
     We will work with travel guides, (electronic and print), and travel
magazines, fair trade, peace, environmental and social change organizations.
We will connect with the eco-travel and the socially responsible tourism industry.

CONTACT  Sami Sunchild,
Red Victorian Bed, Breakfast & Art, 1665 Haight St, San Francisco CA 94117
U.S.A. Ph 415 864 1978,   Fax 863 3293; web site