Honolulu Peace Declaration




he Rotary District Peace Communities Program, being an initiative of District 9700 that now encompasses some fifty-six communities in some sixteen countries world-wide, firmly supports in principle the Honolulu Peace Declaration – PeacePlus, that seeks a commitment by Rotary International for children throughout the World to be endowed with active programs of Peace education.



otary District Peace Communities are committed to peace, under a declaration binding upon their community and through a formal compact between Rotary Clubs and the local government administration of the community concerned.  The objectives of these Peace Communities are:

Ø      respect for the life and dignity of every person, without discrimination or prejudice

Ø      rejection of violence, in all of its forms and towards all people

Ø      resolution of conflict among people within local and global communities

Ø      reconciliation of differences and the pursuit of harmony

Ø      freedom of expression and cultural diversity.



hese Rotary District Peace Communities’ objectives are consistent with the higher values of Rotary International and its global pursuit of Peace, Goodwill and International Understanding. 


ccordingly, the Rotary District Peace Communities encourage such objectives to be incorporated as goals of the Honolulu Peace Declaration initiative.  Furthermore, that all of the educational programs of Rotary International, such as Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment, etc, be actively and positively reviewed by Rotary International and expanded to incorporate and promote these values under formal structured educational arrangements.


dditionally, the Rotary District Peace Communities strongly endorse the call of the Honolulu Peace Declaration for Rotary International to complement the United Nation’s Culture of Peace Program and the Hague Appeal for Global Peace, through a Campaign for Peace Education.


               or and on Behalf of the Rotary District Peace Communities Program,    

on 28th March 2002 .






Ken Stone


Rotary District Peace Communities Program

District 9700 Australia