Turning off the Violence,
One Heart at a Time


    A 10 Point Peace Plan for Canada
1.     Prevent exposure of children to pornography and brutal violence.

2.     Have sensible gun laws.

3.     Encourage “freedom of speech” as long as it does not advocate murder, lying, stealing or lack of respect.

4.     Have parents sign up for safe channels on TV and safe Internet providers.

5.     Encourage parenting courses.

6.     Build community support for individuals and families who are marginalized.

7.     Teach virtues in school.

8.     Encourage prayer-time in school (which is respectful of all spiritual traditions).

9.     Find positive ways to deal with the marginalized who are a negative influence in society.  For instance, “pray for those who bully rather than cursing them”.

10.   Love one another.

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A Note from Dr. Teeya Sholten:

Some people have asked me directly if I came up with them and I will tell them the truth....it's not that I am afraid to talk about them, it just that they feel to me like they are from the Spirit, not my ideas.  They just came to me on the morning of Mon. April 26, 1999 about a week after the shootings in Littleton, Colorado.  It felt to me like they were a kind of answer from the Spirit of Love to the prayers of the people;  "What can we do about the violence in our schools?"  I can see so much great stuff going on that I believe that they are only just one (of many) possible responses to the question of violence in society and the world...

I think of it as "Turning off the violence, one heart at a time....".

The way I have been using these 10 points is to focus on one point each month of the year (e.g., Point #1 in Jan. #2 in Feb and so on).  For instance, this month of September, I have been praying daily for Point #9 - the marginalized who are a negative influence in society.  Those who destroyed the World Trade Centre fit quite nicely into that category, it seems!  Then, after the 10th month, I use month 11 (November) for Evaluation and month 12 (Dec.) for Celebration!  This approach has made it manageable for me and the results have been ... slow but sure....

I feel that if people want to focus on one point each month, that's certainly an easy way to go.   However, I have been encouraging others to use it any way they want to - even if it's just focussing on one point which resonates with them.

If you have any questions at all about any of the points, please let me know and I'd be happy to clarify.  Please share with me how you are using the plan. I would also be pleased to send you some laminated book marks with the plan at your request. 
Dr Teeya Scholten
E-mail Address(es): teeya@shaw.ca