Peace Is the Way: Bringing War and Violence to an End

By Deepak Chopra

ISBN 0-307-33981-5

Published by Three Rivers Press 2005


Chopra's latest work is prefaced by endorsements from four Nobel Peace Laureates, Muhammad Ali and an impressive array of other notables. Here, the Indian-born doctor and author of the bestselling The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and other popular spiritual guides contends that the deeply ingrained human habit of resorting to violence can be ended by raising the consciousness of individuals until there is a global change in awareness, similar to the shift that took place when the age of science took hold. Chopra, whose bestsellers and celebrity-friendliness have saddled him with a reputation for being guru to the rich and comfortable, is refreshingly honest about the way our comfort and security are ultimately the fruits of war. "The satisfaction of waging war cannot be replaced by philosophy or religion," he writes. In addition to analysis, he offers daily practices of meditation, thought and actions on behalf of others as a way to live the truth of A.J. Muste's famous quote: "There is no way to peace. Peace is the way." Ultimately, however, the ego itself has to be disarmed to live the way of peace, he says: "For me as an individual to be free, I have to confront myself with questions about who I really am, and this is done in large part by examining the layers of false identity that I mistakenly call me." This is clearly harder to practice than it is to read. Still, Chopra's affirmation that "our true identity is at the level of spirit and nowhere else" has the ring of truth and so does the rest of this simple, practical, inspiring book. [This link provides a summary of what I highlighted during my read of this excellent book -- I recommend it on my Top-ten List of Peace resources.  My purpose in providing them is to interest you, the reader, and hope that you will obtain and read the complete work.  To properly understand the highlights, you need to read the book to put them in the proper context.]



Chapter 1: War Ends Today

Chapter 2: The way of Peace

How to Birth A World

Realizing Our Power

Chapter 3: The Spectre of Them

They believe in a false God

They are crazy

They hate us and probably always will

Chapter 4: Beyond Toxic Nationalism

Ending an Illusion

Chapter 5: The myth of Security

Money and Happiness

Chapter 6: Diabolical Creativity

Chapter 7: The Politics of the Soul

Chapter 8: (Still) Mad as Hell

The Chemistry of Anger

The Chemistry of Change

Finding new ways to be Happy

Learning to forgive

No longer depending on others

Chapter 9: Why does God want War?

Chapter 10: The Metaphysics of Terror

Chapter 11: The Body at Peace

How to negotiate conflicts through peace

Putting the Body at Peace

Chapter 12: Our Best Hope

Hope is a false friend

The best hope

Unmasking denial

Inspiring an end to apathy

Bringing an end to silent suffering

Changing the situation of victims

What you have to face before you can recover

Bringing about realization



Why ending war hasn’t worked

Why war ends with you

The best reason to become a peacemaker


What can I do?