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"The Canadian Peace Initiative (“CPI”) is a process to simply provide the venues, support and guidance to ‘Open Space to Open Minds to Peace’.  The  CPI process is open, transparent, patient and committed, drawing people from all walks of life, freeing them from their stasis and mobilizing them.  All members of the Culture of Peace movement have to be leaders in their own right, drawing on their own potential and inner strengths, galvanizing, inspiring and energizing the peace movement.  Everyone is a peace leader and peace educator.  Every day we must take ownership of ourselves and our relationships: we can do anything we set our minds and hearts to; we do no harm, expect and demand no harm be done to us or others; no one is better than another;  we are critical thinkers, finding our own truths; education is our best investment and information our most important resource.   Building a healthy culture is about building healthy relationships – we can do that.   As we take ownership of peace others will follow – because it will be uplifting and empowering, it will be infectious, and lead to sudden, massive, cultural change."     (As in all things peaceful, this enlightening statement is the result of many contributors and supporters.  The CPI process has led to the Canadian Culture of Peace Program.)                                    

My goal in developing our Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace web site at was to help people get an overview of peace issues and to be able to learn in a short period what has taken me and others a long time to learn.  I would suggest that if you read the following articles on our web site (you can click on the links below) you will get a good overview.  Then it is up to you to dig into the areas which you like. 

The world is dangerous not because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything.


Introductory Videos (2 parts)

Further material:

Our Vision: To Build a Better World -                                    
                             With a Culture of Peace

Introduction to Peace Studies                                                          

How You Can Make a Difference                                                            

Is Peace Achievable?  What is the Formula for Peace?                               


The 10 Minute 'Solution'                                                                      

Macropeace: 'The Big Picture'                                                             

How to Achieve World Peace                                                              

The Peace Leader                                                                              

It's Good Business                                                                            

VISIONS OF A CANADIAN PEACE INSTITUTE                                   

Evolving Canadian Model for Culture of Peace Program
  and Peace Education
                                                                      CANADIAN CULTURE OF PEACE PROGRAM 2005.ppt

Community Centres for Teaching Peace/Peace Cafés                      

An Idea who's time has come: World peace & future
security will be best served by a strong, effective and
democratic United Nations


Basement of Horrors                                                                         

Problem Identification Topics                                                           


Information Resources                                                                      

Who's Who                                                                                        

Upcoming Events                                                                               

Groundwork for Peace - Violence is a disease, we have an Antidote (click on the link to read the outline for a speech)

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