Peace Education Curricula

Here is a list of Peace Education Curricula, from various sources, that I hope you find useful:
Dear Peace Educators,

I receive  on a regular basis requests for peace education curricula.

One year ago, the Peace Education Commission published in its
newsletter, Peacebuilding, a listing of different curricula.

I would like you please to review the appended list of curricula and
add to it any new additions or curricula that we may have overlooked.
Thanks to the internet, we can use this medium to update our knowledge
of resources we need for your work.

Your attention to his matter is appreciated.



Alcohol, Anger and Violence:  Handbook for Professionals.

All Things Nuclear  A resource tool for looking up topics dealing with
science and nuclear issues.  The Southern California Federation of

Alternatives to Violence (Teacher's guide)  A course in solving
peacefully.  Peace Grows Inc.

Anti-Bias Curriculum--Tools for Empowering Young Children.  Louise
Derman-Spanks and the A.B.C. Task Force.

Artists of Books for Children  A collection of art work from children's
with a peace theme.  Milwaukee Art Museum.

Becoming Peace Makers  Peace education curriculum for pre-school to
grade 5.  Madison Metropolitan District.

The Big Book for Peace  A collection of original stories, fables and
about peace.  Proceeds go to peace organization.  Dutton Children's

1,000 Buttons:  A History of the US Peace Movement, A Timeline.  The

Choosing Non-Violence for Young Children  Explores domestic and
violence and provides ways for dealing with violence in the classroom.

Rainbow House Inc.

Choices:  A Unit on Conflict and Nuclear War  A middle school
unit designed to help students understand the power of nuclear
the consequences of their use and non-violent options to solve nuclear
conflict.  Union of Concerned Scientists.

Children's Responses to Peace Education.

The Conflict Center's Conflict Management.  Middle school curriculum.
Elizabeth Loescher.

Conflict Resolution in the Schools.

Crossroads:  Quality of Life in a Nuclear World  A high school English
curriculum designed to inform students and help them evaluate nuclear
issues.  Jobs With Peace Task Force.

Crossroads:  Quality of Life in a Nuclear World  A high school science
curriculum.  Jobs With Peace Task Force.

Creative Conflict Solving for Kids:  Grades 5-9  Offers fifth and sixth
activities that investigate and resolve conflict.

Cooperative Sports and Games Book  Challenge without competition.
Games for all ages.  Terry Orlick, Pantheon Books.

Creative Conflict Solving for Kids, Grades 5-9.  Fran Schmidt and
Friedman.  Peaceworks.

Creative Conflict Resolution-Activities for Keeping Peace in the
Classroom, K-
6.  William J. Kreidler.

Creative Conflict Solving for Kids, Grades 3-4.  Fran Schmit and Alice
Friedman.  Peaceworks.

Crossroads Quality of Life in a Nuclear World.  High School Science
Curriculum.  Dan French, Connie Phillips.

Decision Making in Nuclear Age  Thought provoking nuclear education
activities.  Educators for Social Responsibility.

Developing Nurturing Skills K-12 Curriculum (Family Development
Resources, 1992).

Dr. Martin Luther King's Non-violent Principles in Schools  A K-12
relating the history and teachings of Dr. King through various subjects
character development.  The Martin Luther King Center for non-violent
Social Change Inc.

Discover the World:  Empowering Children to Value Themselves, Others
the World  A multicultural, interdisciplinary activity book for
children ages
three to twelve.  Concerned Educators Allied for a Safe Environment.

Educating for a Just Society 7-12.  Katherine McGinnit.  Institute for
and Justice.

Elections:  Secondary Teaching Activities in the Participation Series
student-directed curriculum on the democratic process for teachers of
middle and high school English or social studies.  Exercises focus on
playing, writing and debate.  Educators for Social Responsibility.

Elementary Perspectives I  Teaching concepts of peace and conflict.
J. Kreidler, Educators for Social Responsibility.

Extending Peaceful Relationships - A Selection of Activities for
Classes and
Groups of Secondary School Age.  New Zealand Foundation for Peace

Fighting Fair for Families.  Fran Schmidt, Alice Friedman. 

Fighting Invisible Tigers  A teacher's guide.  12-part course in
development.  Connie Schmitz with Earl Hipp.

Four Decades Later  A study guide to John Hersey's Hiroshima.  Richard
Elias, Bantam Books.

Getting Acquainted:  Thinking About the Soviet Union  An elementary
curriculum promoting critical thinking about our perceptions of the
Union.  Educators for Social Responsibility.

The Giving Book  Creative classroom activities for grades 3-8 that
caring, valuing and cooperating.  Bob Stanish Good Apple Inc.

Global Issues  A social studies anthology of multicultural perspectives
global issues.  The Dushkin Publishing Group Inc.

He Hit Me First!  Self esteem through discipline.  Creative
activities for parenting and teaching.  Eva D. Fugitt.

Helping Teens Stop Violence  A guide for parents, counselors and
Battered women's Alternatives.  Oakland Men's Project.

Human Rights for Children  A curriculum teaching human rights to 3-12
year olds.  Human Rights Committee for Children.

Incorporating Peace and Social Justice into the Social Work Curriculum

Dorothy Van Soest.  National Association of Social Workers, 1994.

Incorporating Peace Studies Into the Middle School Curriculum
Guideline for
using The Butter Battle Book, newspapers and conflict resolution
strategies.  Milwaukee Public Schools.

Investigations:  Toxic Waste--A Science Curriculum in the Participation
A curriculum promoting critical thinking about toxic waste for a
class.  Educators for social Responsibility.

Keeping the Peace.  Susanne Wichent, New Society Publ.  Practicing
cooperation and conflict resolution with preschoolers.

Learning Peaceful Relationships  New Zealand Foundation for Peace

Learning the Skills of Peacemaking  An activity guide for elementary
children on communicating, cooperating, and resolving conflict.  Naomi
Drew, Jalmar press.

Lessons in Conflict Resolution Activities for Grades 4-6.  New Mexico
for Dispute Resolution, 1994.

Listening to Children:  Soviet and American Voices  Provides
information and suggestions for using "There's a Nuclear War Going on
Inside Me" and "What Soviet Children are Saying About Nuclear Weapons."

Educators for Social Responsibility.

Let's Talk About Peace.  Let's Talk About Nuclear War  a peace
curriculum for
teaching in the nuclear age.  Julie Lemoine and Randy Farkas.

"Mom, Dad ... What is Nuclear War?"  A guide to answering questions
ask in the nuclear age.  For Kids Sake.

Making History  A social studies curriculum promoting informed
making and thoughtful action.  Educators for Social Responsibility.

Managing Conflict:  A Curriculum for Adolescents  New Mexico Center
Dispute Resolution, 1994.

Milwaukee Public Schools Peace Education Curriculum  An elementary,
middle and high school curriculum devoted to peace education in social
studies.  MPS.

A New World Order Can It Bring Security to the World s People?  Essays
Restructuring the United Nations Editor Walter Hoffman.

One World One earth  Educating children for social responsibility.
Hammond and Rob Collins.

The Other Side:  How Soviets and Americans Perceive Each Other  An
exploration of how media, books and film influence Soviets' and
Americans' perceptions of each other.  Robert D. English.

Our Future at Stake  A teenager's guide to stopping the nuclear arms
Citizen's Policy Center.

Peace in Our Hands  A resource unit for teachers of kindergarten and
grades 1-6.  Jane Addams Peace Association.

Peace Studies  Activities for facilitating a more peaceful and
classroom, school, and world within a social studies curriculum.  MPS.

Peace Trek  Family Coloring Book.  Joel & Diane Schatz.

Peace Maker  Module One of a post-primary (12-15 year old) peace
program.  Irish Commission for Justice and Peace.

Peaceworks  Young Peacemakers Project Book II.  Kathleen Fry Miller,
Judith Myers Walls, Janet Domer Shank.  Brethren Press.

Power to Hurt  Exploring violence.  Irish Commission for Justice.

Raising Questions  High school level activities for critically
perspectives on the Soviet Union.  Educators for Social

A Repertoire of Peace Making Skills  To expand the ability to respond
creatively to unpeaceful situations.  Susan Carpenter, Peace Education

Resolving Conflict Activities for Grades K-3  New Mexico Center for
Resolution, 1994.

So Everybody Fights?  A teaching program on development education for
13 year olds.  Irish Commission for Justice and Peace.

Spinning Tales and Weaving Hope  Stories of peace, justice and the
environment with follow-up activities.  New Society Publishers.

Swords Into Plowshares:  A Disarmament Handbook  Articles, essays,
editorials and comic strips on U.S. and world military expenditures.
Friends Peace Committee.

Thinking About the Soviet Union  A secondary education curriculum for
critically analyzing current thinking about the Soviet Union.
for Social Responsibility.

Taking Part:  An elementary Curriculum in Participation  Series
empowerment through involvement.  Educators for Social Responsibility.

Teaching Students to be Peacemakers  An activity guide to train
students in conflict resolution/mediation skills.  David W. Johnson,
T. Johnson.  International Book Co.

Training for Non-violent Action for High School Students  A manual
promoting active social change through high school students.  Bridge
McKay Friends Peace Committee.

Une  Articles on peace education in theory and practice.  Department
Social and Cultural Studies in Education, University of New England,

Unlearning Violennce  Minnesota Department of Education.

Violence and Conflict Resolution in Schools  A study of the teaching
interpersonal problem-solving skills in primary and secondary schools
Europe.  Jamie Walker, Quaker Council for European Affairs.

Violence Prevention  Health curriculum for adolescents.  Designed to
deal with anger in productive, non-violent ways.  Deborah Prothraw
Smith, Education Development Center.

World Concerns and the United Nations  Model teaching units for
secondary and teacher education.  Based on the work of participants in
UN fellowship program for educators (1975-81) and the UNESCO
associated schools project.  United Nations.

Why Nuclear Education  A source book for educators and parents.
Educators for Social Responsibility.

Watermelons Not War!  A support book for patenting in the nuclear age.

New Society Publishers.

Waging Peace  Working together on national security and arms control.
companion to the videos.

Walk  in Peace  Legends and stories of the Michigan Indians.  Simon
Michigan Indian Press.

Winners  Nobel Prize.  Melissa Stone Billings, Henry Billings.  Steck-
Vaughn Company.

Write Now '90  A collection of essays, stories and poems created at
Germantown school district's Young Writers Conference.  Cedar Valley

Young Peacemaking Project Book  Kathleen Fry-Miller and Judith Myers-
Walls Bretheren Press, 1988.

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Dear Robert Stewart and CPREA members:

The list of peace education curricula you forwarded from Ian Harris is
good, but you are missing the following:

1. Ken Butigan, From Violence to Wholeness. Las Vegas, NV USA: Pace a Bene
Franciscan Nonviolence Center, 1997

... plus a French translation of "From Violence to Wholeness", to be
published soon by Veronica Pelicaric of le Centre de ressources sur la
non-violence in Montreal, email

2. Report of the International Peace Education Conference of Geneva
November 26-29, 1998, edited by Verdiana Grossi, Geneva, Switzerland:
International Peace Bureau.

(This volume, which is in English and French, is a most valuable resource
for peace educators and those working to promote peace education. The
conference (sponsored by UNESCO) was a Preparatory meeting for the Hague
Appeal for Peace and was unusual in that it brought together both an adult
and a youth conference simultaneously. The report contains all the
conference papers and presentations and will be used for years to come. It
has chapters on the history, theory and methods of peace education, as well
as examples of peace education being carried out in countries throughout
the world. Also included is a list of selected internet sites and an
international address listing of well over 100 of the participants.
Standard price is 20 Swiss Francs, 30 Swiss Francs for institutions, plus
postage. It is available from the International Peace Bureau secretariat.)

3. Sonja Susut, "Narratives of War Veterans: Implications for Promoting
Care and Peace in Our Classrooms", Saskatchewan School Trustees Association
Research Centre Report,  #00-07: 42 pages, $11. The introduction to this
report and the outline of the curriculum is available at:

4. P & R (Peace and Reconciliation) Education References. A bibliography of
both a) peace education curricula and b) books about the theory of peace
education and how children learn about peace (which might not be a bad
thing for teachers to read) available at:


Carl Stieren
Chair, Global Nonviolent Peace Force - Canada

I would like to add the Men for Change:
  Healthy Relationships Curriculum: A Violence Prevention Program
Roger Davies


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