Community Centre for Teaching Peace and Peace Café start up model, using Calgary as an example:

  1. initiate a virtual Calgary Centre for Teaching Peace and Peace Café as a first step towards an eventual physical location (ref. )
  2. the Calgary Centre for Teaching Peace/Peace Café would be the home for an Calgary Culture of Peace Program, with a vision of helping to build a Culture of Peace in Calgary , and goal of significantly reducing the incidents and cost of direct and indirect violence in Calgary and area (ref. )
  3. initiate monthly Calgary Peace Café evenings to offer conversation café, workshops, guest speakers, social evenings to raise awareness, impart knowledge, promote networking and communication (and as a source of funding)
  4. plan for an Annual Calgary Peace Education Conference (follow our experience with the national and Alberta peace education conferences that we host) (and as a source of funding)
  5. develop an inventory of organizations and individuals who are helping to build peace in Calgary at the individual, family, community and world levels (there is a start on )
  6. do an evaluation of the current Culture in Calgary as it relates to peace and violence (eg. measurements of levels of violence, attitudes, resources, etc.; look at root causes – this is a long term, holistic, systemic approach)
  7. develop a Board of Trustees or Steering Committee to oversee the Centre and community peace developments, preferably with City participation
  8. develop a library of books, videos, etc. to support building a Culture of Peace based on our inventory (ref. )
  9. initiate Peacebuilding Programs tailored to the community needs (item 6 above) using our Peace Program Methodology below.


We have a Calgary Steering Committee who is currently working on our version.  If you would like more information, contact Bob Stewart at stewartr[at]    

We have also initiated the creation of a Yellowknife , Victoria and Moncton Centres for Teaching Peace and Peace Cafés (ref. ).



The following is a summary overview of the proposed method of conducting our Peace Programs (eg. Schools and a Culture of Peace Program, Religions and a Culture of Peace Program, Genders and a Culture of Peace Program, Personal Peace Program, Canada ’s First Nations and a Culture of Peace Program, Business/Economy and a Culture of Peace Program, Government and a Culture of Peace Program, etc.)




                I                                                2009                                        I                  2010                       2011              beyond                        I

                I                                          I                           I              I                         I                      I                          I                                        I


              Start                                June 30                    Oct.        Nov.                   Mar.               Nov.                                         5 to 20 years

                                                      Draft                      Alberta   Nat’l       evolve   invites           Nat’l        political                    integrated into

                                                      Report                   Conf.       Conf.      pilot                           Conf.        process                        Culture/

                                                                                                                                                      Prov.                                          “Curricula”




  1. Describe what a Culture of Peace looks like in the respective Program (eg. in the classroom and school/education institutions, in religion/religious institutions, in gender “institutions”, in the personal “institution”, in First Nation/Other Culture “institutions”, in Business/Economic institutions, Government institutions, etc.)
    1. Identify best cases and inventory of who is doing what (examples following provided from School Peace Program):

                                                              i.      Montessori

 ii.      Waldorf/Steiner

                                                          iii.      International Baccalaureate

                                                          iv.      Research other

    1. Describe framework

                                                              i.      Key elements/characteristics (example provided from School Peace Program at )

                                                            ii.      Vision

                                                          iii.      Other

    1. Draft Report for initial circulation for input (eg. June 30 above)

                                                              i.      On website

                                                            ii.      Send out

    1. Provincial Conferences to “test” (eg. October above)

                                                              i.      Revisions

                                                            ii.      Action Planning

                                                          iii.      Gathering Support Network

    1. National Conference for “showcase” (eg. Annually November above)

                                                              i.       Recommendations and Revisions

                                                            ii.      Action Planning of Implementation – Short Term and Long Term Perspectives

                                                          iii.      Gathering Support Network

  1. Implementation
    1. Public Engagement
    2. Media Engagement
    3. Political Engagement
  2. Performance Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation
    1. Report Card
  3. Amend Plans