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10 Dec 2006


Mission:  To help build a better world for our children, and advance peace in the world
Philosophy:  To change the attitudes and behaviours at the world level, we must change the attitudes and behaviours at the individual level, which modern technology permits
Through:   Leadership, and other specialized expertise
How: Enhancing decision making, and improving performance
By: Bringing people together -- in person, electronically, network think globally, act locally; build peace in the community; strategic action planning; information sharing/education

Who We Are

Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace, and PEACE.CA, were incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under the Canada Corporation Act on September 23, 1997. The founding directors are Robert Stewart, C.A., C.M.C. (refer to Message from Robert Stewart and his Curriculum Vitae), Marion Stewart, and Mrs. Agnes Stewart.

Our Purpose

The purpose of PEACE.CA is to bring together all peoples of the world in the promotion of lasting peace through "thinking globally and acting locally", building peace in the community, strategic action planning, networking, information sharing, etc. PEACE.CA should enhance cooperation between nations, cultivate goodwill and peaceful understanding among people, and promote human and economic development.

Long Term Objectives

The long term objectives of PEACE.CA include:
1. developing a virtual centre for teaching peace, information dissemination and networking;
2. developing "partnerships for peace" between individuals, government, nongovernment agencies, and business;
3. activate individuals, the general public and organizations to reduce violence and crime;
4. raise peace awareness, education, networking, recognition;
5. focus approach to achieve peace goals and results.


As described on http://www.peace.ca/CCTPvision.htm



Other Information:

Headquarter's location of this organization
Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace, Box 70, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada T1S 1A4; web site http://www.peace.ca ; telephone 1-403-461-2469; fax 1-309-407-6576; email stewartr[at]peace.ca 
Location of work and work details such as volunteer or paid positions
We are a virtual organization.  Most of our work takes place through the Internet and email discussion groups.  This is a new phenomenon which we call "E-peace" -- a major innovation which makes world peace achievable.  We are part of a network of thousands or peacebuilders and peace educators around the world.  A lot of our work is done through volunteers -- people with a passion for peace.  Paid positions include peace educators at all levels.  We also host and support conferences and workshops.
Recent accomplishments
For a list of accomplishments please see http://www.peace.ca/bobstewartpeacebio.htm
Canada's role of membership responsibilities
As indicated in the Introduction to  Peace in the Family of Man by Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, available on the Internet in html at http://www.peace.ca/peaceinthefamilyofman.htm : 

"It is very important for Canadians to consider our responsibility to help build peace in our communities and world."  I believe Canada is well placed to play a special role.  Canadians are blessed with resources and skills, and hence we have more responsibility to serve the world in building peace.  It is in our own best interest to help build a more effective United Nations, and international law and order.  It is also in our own best interest to support other countries in their quest for peace – particularly our closest neighbour, the United States, with whom we have a special relationship.  Mr. Pearson’s words provide insight into the dynamics and how we might pursue this goal in a pragmatic way.  Mr. Pearson provides a good example of a “Servant Leader”.  (reference http://www.peace.ca/servantleadership.htm and http://www.peaceleader.htm )

Canada has an opportunity and responsibility to build upon Mr. Pearson’s work and make our country a Peace Education “Student/Tourist Destination”, and a source of skilled Peace Consultants/expertise available to serve the world. 

Canadian Leaders (government, industry, education, religious, etc.) have a special responsibility to build peace at home and abroad."  

In a recent survey of Canadians' perceptions by Environics Research Group, almost one-third of Canadians believe "peacekeeping and peacefulness" is the greatest contribution Canada has to offer the world.  Fundamental perceptions of Canada's role as a peaceful, tolerant nation endure.

I hope that you find our work and website to be helpful in your work, and an inspiration.  Best wishes.
Bob Stewart
ANNUAL PEACE EDUCATION CONFERENCE IN CANADA http://www.peace.ca/CanadianAgenda2004.htm
"The world is dangerous not because of those who do harm, but because of those who look at it without doing anything." - Albert Einstein
Making an Impact: Your gift to the Canadian Peace Education Foundation will do much to reduce the human cost of violence in our communities and world through education about peace and the future in classrooms.  Your gift will have a critical impact on future generations.  You will enable youngsters to widen their sights by exploring alternate paths to transforming conflicts and building a better world.  Gifts of cash, securities, and planned gifts are welcome and may be sent to the Canadian Peace Education Foundation, Box 70, Okotoks, AB, Canada, T1S 1A4.  For more information, visit the website at http://www.peace.ca/foundation.htm




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