[Note - the purpose of providing a sample of this music here (click on recording #14 link) is in tribute to Ted Wesley, and so that the songs are not lost.  We encourage you to purchase the album.  Ted is planning to reissue his music in CD format, and do new recordings.  Stay tuned for more news.]

From the Dust Jacket: "I've never been to the Northwest Territories ... or Alaska ... or the Yukon.  And yet with Ted Wesley's vivid descriptions in his songs of the North, the feelings created make it seem as if I've lived there all my life.  It's funny that a Polack (Ted's real name is Wasylkiewicz) born in Northern Rhodesia and now living in Yellowknife should be the spokesman for the North, but then that's the way the North is - people working together as brothers regardless of colour or creed, proud of their heritage as they develop some of the greatest terrain on this earth.  I invite you to listen to this album.  While hearing it I'm certain you will witness the same experience I did."  Jury Krytiuk, President, Boot Records Limited, 1976. (further credits below)

1 Natural Man (Wilf Bean) Morning Music Limited (CAPAC)

2 The Bay, The Church, The RCMP (Wilf Bean) Morning Music Limited (CAPAC)

3 Ballad of Chuck McAvoy (Frank Ferguson) Pet-Mac Publishing (BMI)  [lyrics]

4 Wandering Boy (Wilf Bean) Morning Music Limited (CAPAC)

5 Old Sourdough (Chuck Goudie) Morning Music Limited (CAPAC)/Jadell Music (CAPAC)

6 Skidoo Song (Wilf Bean) Morning Music Limited (CAPAC)

7 Call My Name Softly (Wilf Bean) Morning Music Limited (CAPAC)

8 Long, Dusty Road (Wilf Bean) Morning Music Limited (CAPAC) [lyrics]

9 Pipeline Promises (Wilf Bean) Morning Music Limited (CAPAC)

10 Spring Hunting Time (Wilf Bean) Morning Music Limited (CAPAC)

11 You Are A River (Wilf Bean) Morning Music Limited (CAPAC)

12 Yukon Gold (L. Kingston) Owepar Publishing Co. (BMI)

13 Instant Expert (Wilf Bean) Morning Music Limited (CAPAC)

14 Focus The North (Wilf Bean) Morning Music Limited (CAPAC)

Produced (1976) by Chuck Goudie for Ted Wesley Productions Ltd.
Executive Producer: Jury Krytiuk
Recorded at Eastern Sound, Toronto
Engineer: Peter Mann

Guitars: Brian Russell, Red Shea, Chuck Goudie, Ted Wesley
Bass: Clint Grantham
Percussion: Brian Russell

The copyright in this record is the property of Boot Records Limited.  Copying in whole or in part by any process whatsoever is an infringement and subject to the penalties provided by law.

Manufactured and Distributed in Canada by: Boot Records Limited, 1343 Matheson Blvd. W., Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1R1

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