Northlands Destiny lyrics


A hundred years have passed,

The changes now are coming fast

Progress calling for a new breed to come forth

The visions and the dreams

Fulfilled by men and his machines

As a breath of promise blows across the north.



O Canada, look north and see

The sleeping giant breaking free

Come help us make our dream a reality

We need your mind, your hand, and your heart

Your willingness to play a part

In the shaping of your Northlandís destiny.


Man of vision firmly stand

To face the challenge of the land

Weíve learned to walk where once we had to crawl

And the promise of tomorrow is no hardship and no sorrow

For the land is surely rich enough for all.




And they came from all around

Walked upon the frozen ground

The secrets of the silent land to know

There is magic is this land thatís hard to understand

Grips the hearts of men and never letís them go.