The New Revelations: A Conversation with God. an uncommon dialogue. - Book 4

By  Neale Donald Walsch


ISBN - 10:074346303X
ISBN - 13:9780743463034


The New Revelations


·         You can choose to be courageous enough to explore and examine this new understanding, and, if it aligns with your inner truth and knowing, to enlarge your belief system to include it.




·         The world is in trouble.  Bigger trouble than it has ever been in before.  This book provides an explanation of the crisis we are facing in a way that not only clarifies the crisis, but clarifies how to resolve it.

·         What has led us into the depth of despair that would cause us to begin destroying ourselves?

·         The human race has reached a Time of Choosing.

·         And everything I see tells me we are just years……away from that.

·         This book is God’s response.

·         I believe it can save the world.




·         The problem facing the world today is a spiritual problem.

·         Your ideas about spirituality are killing you.

·         You keep trying to solve the world’s problem as if it were a political problem, or an economic problem, or even a military problem, and it is none of these.  It is a spiritual problem.  And that is one problem human beings don’t seem to know how to solve.

·         There is nothing “wrong” with having different interpretations.  What may not benefit you, however, is separating yourself over these differences, making each other wrong because of these differences, and killing each other as a result of these differences.

·         ..Spiritual arrogance is what has caused you your greatest sorrow as a species.  You have suffered more and caused other people to suffer more – over your ideas about God than over your ideas about anything else in the human experience.

·         You have turned the source of the greatest joy into the source of your greatest pain.

·         Because there is one thing for which human beings seem willing to give up everything.

·         Being right.

·         You are willing to give up everything you’ve ever worked for, everything you’ve ever wanted, everything you’ve ever created, in order to be “right.”

·         Indeed, for this you are willing to give up Life itself.

·         I want to find a way to get past all of these mixed-up beliefs that humans have.

·         Transcend them.

·         Transcending means to go beyond, to move past.

·         “Transcending” does not mean always being “other than,” it means always being “larger than.” Your new, larger belief system will no doubt retain some of the old – that part of the old belief system that you experience as still serving you – and so it will be a combination of the new and the old, not a rejection of the old from top to bottom.

·         You can review the old and see what part of the old no longer work.  You can expand the old to make some parts of the old work better.  You can add to the old to make some parts of your belief system new.

·         Rejecting completely your present beliefs would be to discredit so much of what has been taught, so much of what has been understood, so much of what has been done – and so much of what has been good.

·         This is more than most people can acknowledge.

· don’t have to declare that you were “wrong” about anything, because you weren’t.   You simply didn’t have a complete understanding.  You needed more information.

·         Transcending current beliefs is not an outright rejection of them; it is an “adding to” them...




·         Divine inspiration is the birthright of every human being.

·         You are all very special.  You simply do not know that.

·         You do not believe it.

·         Because your religions have told you that you are not.

·         They have convinced you that no one living today could possibly achieve that level of worthiness, and, hence, no book written today could possibly contain sacred truths or the Word of God.

·         Most people can accept that God’s great truths have come to humans through humans.  They simply cannot accept that this could be true of humans living today.

·         This peculiar mindset is what makes progress on your planet so difficult, and evolution so time-consuming.

·         This stubborn tendency of human beings to cling to their past, to refuse innovation or new thinking until they are forced to do so by an ultimately embarrassing weight of evidence, has been slowing your evolutionary process for millennia.

·         …now, time is of the essence.

·         A threat to your very survival posed by the combination of a split in ideology and an advance in technology.

·         There are five things you can choose now if changing your world, and the self-destructive direction in which it is moving, is what you wish to achieve:


  1. You can choose to acknowledge that some of your old beliefs about God and about Life are no longer working.

  2. You can choose to acknowledge that there is something you do not understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which will change everything.

  3. You can choose to be willing for a new understanding of God and Life to now be brought forth, an understanding that could produce a new way of life on your planet.

  4. You can choose to be courageous enough to explore and examine this new understanding, and, if it aligns with your inner truth and knowing, to enlarge your belief system to include it.

  5. You can choose to live your lives as demonstrations of your highest and grandest beliefs, rather than as denials of them.


·         These are five steps to Peace, and if you take them, you can shift everything on your planet.

·         ….believe creates behaviors.





·         You cannot make a long-term change in behaviors without addressing the beliefs that underlie them.

·         So it is on your beliefs that society needs to focus.

·         ..Radical forces within your societies have always sought to change things by using the power of thought produces action.

·         …while most of  the world is seeking to bring about change by telling people what to DO, those who truly know how to motivate people are bringing about change by telling people what to believe.

·         Your world is facing enormous problems right now, and you must solve the problems at the level of belief.  You cannot solve the problems at the level of behavior.

·         Seek to change beliefs, not behaviors.

·         After you change a belief, the behavior will change by itself.

·         ….unless you alter the beliefs that produced such behavior; you will alter nothing and stop nothing.  You can alter a belief in two ways.  Either by enlarging upon it, or by changing it completely.  But you must do one or the other or you will not alter behavior.

·         You will merely interrupt it.

·         Your species does the same thing over and over again because your species has not changed its basic beliefs – about God and about Life – in millennia.

·         Beliefs are taught in virtually every school on your planet, in nearly every culture, in one form or another.  Often you present beliefs as “facts,”   but they are beliefs nonetheless.

·         You teach your children what is not so, and tell them “this is what’s so.”

·         …the result of this is the inbreeding of incredibly negative behaviors reflecting extraordinarily mistaken beliefs.

·         You teach…intolerance.

·         You teach…anger.

·         You teach vengeance.

·         So we must change the beliefs of the young.

·         Yet that cannot happen unless you change the beliefs of those who are teaching the young.  And that means all of you.  For you are teaching your young not merely in schools, but in every moment of their lives, as they observe you, their role models, living your lives.

·         This is something you must understand:  Your whole life is a teaching.  Everything that you think, say and do instructs another.

·         No one does anything inappropriate, given their model of the world.

·         So what we have to do is change our model of the world.





·         …humanity’s beliefs about God and Life are incomplete, and it is these incomplete understandings that we have been passing on to our children from generation, creating the political, economic, social, and spiritual crisis the world is facing today.

·         And if we can just change these beliefs, we can change all this.

·         ….you is capable of achievements and experiences beyond your wildest dreams.  You are standing even now at the edge of a Golden Age, the beginning of a Thousand Years of Peace.

·         This can be your gift to the future.  This can be your destiny.  You need but choose it.

·         It doesn’t matter whether people believe in God or not.  All people have beliefs about Life.  And what you will find is that people’s collective beliefs about Life pretty much reflect humanity’s collective beliefs about God.

·         God and Life is the same thing.

·         God is what Life is, and Life what God is.  God is the energy that you call Life, and Life is the energy that you call God.  It is all the same thing.  Life is God, physical zed.

·         …if we believe in Life, we believe in God.

·         Everything depends not on whether you believe IN God, but on what you believe ABOUT God.

·         What are the beliefs that we have about God that create crisis, violence, killing, and war?

·         First, you believe that God needs something.

·         Second, you believe that God can fail to get what He needs.

·         Third, you believe that God has separated you from Him because you have not given Him what He needs. 

·         Fourth, you believe that God still needs what He needs so badly that God now requires you, from your separated position, to give it to Him.

·         Fifth, you believe that God will destroy you if you do not meet His requirements.

·         These Five Fallacies about God have brought more pain and destruction to your day-to-day existence than all your other beliefs combined.

·         You think it is appropriate to act with each other in the same way that you believe God acts with you. You also think that when you create crisis, violence, killing, and war, you are doing so in order to meet God’s requirements.  You think that you are helping God meet His needs.

·         In fact, your effort to understand the bad things that happen to you is how you came to believe in the existence of a God in the first place – and to believe in God who does bad things.

·         When myth turns into truth, it becomes organized religion.

·         Most humans today continue to believe in a power greater than themselves, and most humans continue to believe that there is something they must do to placate the Source of that power.

·         There is no such thing as the Wrath of God.

·         It is one of your false beliefs about God.




·         The Five Fallacies About Life that create crisis, violence, killing, and war are:


  1. Human beings are separate from each other.

  2. There is not enough of what human beings need to be happy.

  3. To get the stuff of which there is not enough, human beings must compete with each other.

  4. Some human beings are better than other human beings.

  5. It is appropriate for human beings to resolve sever differences created by all the other fallacies by killing each other.


·         You think you are being terrorized by other people, but in truth you are being terrorized by your beliefs.

·         These are what you must change if you are ever to realize your dream of a world living in peace, harmony, and happiness.

·         …you cannot change the conditions of anger, violence, loss, sorrow, and terror by political or economic means.

·         The purpose of this dialogue is to awaken people and to heal the world.

·         ….peace on your planet will only be achieved when you change beliefs.

·         The overriding desire of humankind is peace…your current beliefs do not render you very peaceful.

·         The heart is the bridge between the mind and the soul.

·         Organized religions by their nature exclude as many as they include.  This would be non-problematic if religions were tolerant of those they exclude, yet far too often this is not the case.

·         Religions, which you count on to teach tolerance, have not learned how to practice it, and so, teach just the opposite.

·         One of the biggest problems in the world today is organized religion.

·         Yet how can you blame religion if religions believe in a God who does exactly the same thing?

·         It is your understanding of God that is the main problem.  I will say again, so that you cannot miss it…the problem confronting humanity today is spiritual.

·         I am speaking of those religions that teach a doctrine of exclusivity.

·         …there are other problems facing humanity.  There are problems of hunger, of poverty, of crime and corruption, of political turmoil and governmental abuse and corporate greed, and many other social problems as well.  But all of these –all of these – are spiritual problems at their base.

·         You are trying to fix everything except what needs to be fixed.  You are trying to change everything except what needs to be changed.

·         You are addressing everything but your most basic beliefs.  Yet it is your most basic beliefs.  Yet it is most basic beliefs that are creating the problem.

·         That is why the Five Steps to Peace have to do with God and the spirit…




·         ….no human being is infallible, and that the assigning of infallibility to any person or group can be very dangerous.  I see that the doctrine of infallibility – the idea that “we are always right” -invariably leads to making someone else wrong.  It produces disagreement and conflict.  It can also produce certain hubris, which is the opposite of the humility said to be the bedrock of all religions.

·         Believe as you wish, follow your heart and your soul where it leads you, but do not seek to impose your views on others – and certainly do not seek to do so by force.

·         I would never give Free Will to people just so you could take it away from them.

·         Repressive societies have existed from the beginning of recorded history.  The demands and restrictions of the rulers in such societies are…

·         ..Based on their own fears that full freedom would allow people to stray from the path that those leaders wish them to take.  And the fact is that many people probably would take another path, for the simple reason that they prefer it.

·         Is this not a society living in desperate fear?  Anxious that, once heard, those other thoughts may sound more attractive?  And with what tool can a fearful society fashion itself, other than fear itself?

·         It is, however, not surprising that human societies such as these would arise, for this is how you imagine God’s kingdom to be.

·         It is a vicious circle, and you are experiencing its viciousness right now on your planet.

·         Tell us what to do…

·         I have told you.  First, you must acknowledge that what you are now doing is not working.

·         And it is not only your religion that isn’t working.  Your political structures are not working.  Your educational programs are not working.

·         All of these structures are soundly based on beliefs that do not reflect reality.  They no longer serve you. Get rid of them.

·         When I said “get rid of them,” I was referring to some of the beliefs that have created the structures of your society in their present form.

·         Change those.

·         Do not destroy the structures of politics, economics, and education; add to them, alter them, improve them.

·         Especially your religions.

·         You must remodel your world and its society at every level.

·         The universe now invites you to re-create yourselves a new, in the next grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about Who You Are.




·         You are being overwhelmed now.

·         It’s just a question of what you choose to be overwhelmed by: present conditions, which could destroy your lives, or magnificent ideas that could re-create them.

·         Here is the question before all of humanity right now.


·         Do you wish to be overwhelmed by something coming at you, or by something coming from you?

·         You are right, this does all “sound overwhelming.”  It is supposed to be overwhelming.  With this force – the force of your ideas, the power of new beliefs – you can overwhelm all the negativity in the world.

·         …the real message of God is not shame, intolerance, exclusivity, separation, and subjugation.  The real message of God is joy, acceptance, unity, freedom, and unconditional love.

·         Why have your organized religions been so singularly ineffective in bringing about a general uplifting of human morals, motivations, and modi operandi?  Why have they been totally unsuccessful in producing any significant shift in wholesale worldwide consciousness?  This is the issue humankind might do well to address.

·         It is for lack of understanding.  And it because of stubbornness.

·         …there has not been a significant new idea brought into most major organized religions in hundreds and thousands of years.

·         ..d are to explore, suggest, recommend and create a new spirituality – one that does not reject everything about the old, but improves upon it, carrying humanity to grander heights?




·         Are you willing to be a force and a source, in your own way, in your own corner of the world, which brings about a change in these beliefs?

·         First, you must choose to be.

·         Then, you must decide to demonstrate your decision about yourself, every hour of every day.  You must understand that every act is an act of self-definition.

·         Everything you think, say, and do define you, announces your choice about yourself.

·         …it does not begin by trying to change the world.  It begins by seeking to change the self.  Change the self and your inner world changes.  And when the outer world that you touch changes, the world that it touches changes, and the world that it touches.  Outward and outward and outward this spreads, like a ripple in a pond.

·         If not now, when?  If not you, who?

·         I see that I must get involved. Me, personally.  I can’t sit around waiting for others to solve the problem.  None of us can.  We can’t afford to anymore.  Time is of the essence.

·         I could begin by seeking to change the part of my self that does not believe I have any role to play in helping to create the outer collective world we all inhabit.  I could change my inner beliefs about that world, about Life, and about God. Then I could talk to my community’s religious leaders.  We could all do that.  We could go to our local spiritual leaders and ask them to sit down with us – heck, to sit down with each other – and talk about these things.

·         …the world needed most right now.

·         “Humility theology.”

·         “It’s a theology that acknowledges it does not have all the answers.  We need a theology that is willing to continue asking questions.”

·         There is also the flag of nationalism.  So you must talk with your local political leaders as well.

·         …sitting down with political and business leaders, because their spiritual understandings drive the engine of their politics and their economics.

·         Politics is your spirituality, demonstrated.  So, too, economics.

·         So engage the entire community.

·         That’s and idea!  Maybe ordinary, common citizens in cities and towns around the world could create an informal movement, sitting down together to see what might be done within their own communities to sow the seeds of peace, them inviting their own local religious and political and business leaders to come in and begin to dialogue with them – and, more important, with each other – about all this.

·         So here’s the truth that you don’t understand:  Your entire civilization – your religion, your politics, your economics, your social structures, everything – is based on fallacies.

·         The Five Fallacies about God have produced organized religion, and the Five Fallacies about Life have produced nationalism.

·         These are two causes of your world being in a constant state of turmoil for centuries.

·         …these are some things that work and some things that do not work about religion and nationalism.  I would never suggest simply abolishing those things.

·         What is clear, however, is that you must now improve…the way you experience and express your religious and national identities if you truly wish to create a world I which humans live in peace and harmony and happiness.

·         …if you cannot agree that these things are not working, you are lost, and there is nothing further you can do.

·         I’m going to promote the Five Steps to Peace.  Publish them.  Ask for comments from the public about them.  Generate support for discussing them in our communities.

·         …announce a Five Steps to Peace dialogue or conference, and invite local leaders.  I’ll make it a public invitation.

·         I’ll try to make it irresistible.

·         This is spiritual activism.

·         I observe that it’s when we have a community of believers who do not disagree on anything that we are all in very big trouble.

·         What we need is open dialogue about the revelations of God, about the truths of life, about which we are and who we choose to be and how we can all best get to where we want to go as a human society.

·         This idea is very threatening to some people.  That anyone living today could bring forth a new understanding of God and of Life that would be even worth considering shakes the very foundation of orthodoxy.

·         …it is possible for someone to actually bring forth a new understanding of God and Life?

·         ….in your world it is very difficult to experience anything that you do not believe is possible.  Even if it happens, you will deny it.

·         FIRST NEW REVELATION:   God has never stopped communicating directly with human beings.  God has been communicating with, and through, human beings from the beginning of time. God does so today.

·         ….change your belief about this.  Let go of your idea that God ever stopped communicating directly with human beings.  Be willing to consider a new thought about it – the thought that God is talking to everyone all the time.

· must do more than “try.”  You must do it.

·         Use the tools that I give you.

·         It is my function to glorify you, and so, to glorify Me.  For only in the glory of you will the glory of me be found.  Only through the wonder of you will the wonder of me be made known.  Only through Life itself, expressed in its next grandest way, can Life itself be experienced in such a way.




·         …be open to the possibility that new understandings and new revelations can be brought forth, and are being brought forth, through you.

·         You are someone special, but you are not more special than anyone else.

·         …when you see, feel, smell, and touch the beautiful flower that is you can you know the experience of Divinity.

·         …when inner experience leads to outer expression, the circle is complete – and this is the purpose of Life, and the function of the World, and of the entire Universe as well.

·         The purpose of the World, the reason for its having been created, is to provide a contextual field within which you may achieve an awareness of your own Divinity.

·         The greatest among you will be recognizable, for they will be servants.

·         Jesus was setting an example.  So was Muhammad.  Masters have always set such examples, encouraging others to follow their lead, to live as they have lived, to be as they have been.

·         A true master is not the one with the most students, but one who creates the most masters.

·         A true leader is not the one with the most followers, but one who creates the most leaders.

·         A true king is not the one with the most subjects, but one who leads the most to royalty.

·         A true teacher is not the one with the most knowledge, but one who causes the most others to have knowledge.

·         And a true God is not one with the most servants, but one who serves the most, thereby making Gods of all others.

·         For this is both the goal and the glory of God; that His subjects shall be no more, and that all shall know God not as the unattainable, but as the unavoidable.

·         SECOND NEW REVELATION:  Every human being is as special as every other human being who has ever lived, lives now, or ever will live.  You are all messengers.  Every one of you.  You are carrying a message to life about life every day.  Every hour.  Every moment.

·         Everyone, in fact, whose life you touch is touched by your example.

·         The fact is that you know, you all know inherently, intuitively, what works and what does not work in getting you where you say you choose to go, and in creating what you choose to create.

·         You have within you an internal Guidance System, and you can call whatever you wish – intuition, hunch, confidence, or a “feeling in your bones” – but you can not deny that it is there.

·         It is a greater awareness.  It is a felt sense of sureness.  And the more you rely on it, the more you will know that you can rely on it.





·         THIRD NEW REVELATION:  Not path to God is more direct than any other path. No religion is the “one true religion,” no people are “the chosen people,” and no prophet is the “greatest prophet.”

·         Your present beliefs are turning your world upside-down.  And inside-out.  You are tearing yourself apart, blowing yourselves up.

·         Your present beliefs are not supporting you, they are killing you.

·         One does not have to believe in God to be impacted by the social conventions created by those who do.  These social conventions produce cultural imperatives – ways that all people feel they have to live their lives, because that’s just “how things are.”

·         So religious often affects the non-religious.

·         There are, of course, many beliefs about God promulgated by the hundreds of religions now established on the Earth, yet five of these are foundational.

·         The foremost of human beliefs about God is that God needs something.

·         …according to this formulation, that under certain experiences and conditions God becomes displeased.  This displeasure ultimately turns into anger, and this anger finally produces retribution.

·         In short, God has things He wants you to be, doing, and have.  He does not want you to be, doing and have.  These are God’s expectations and requirements, and if they are not met, woe is unto you.

·         The belief that God needs something in order to be happy is a fallacy.  It is fallacy # 1 of the Five Fallacies about God.

·         God is all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be.  There is nothing that is not God, and God is therefore wanting and needing nothing at all.

·         FOUR NEW REVELATION:  God needs nothing.  God requires nothing in order to be happy.  God is happiness itself.  Therefore, God requires nothing of anyone or anything in the universe.

·         …it is humans who are making a mockery of God.

·         It is not just one country that has exhibited primitive behaviors.

·         I do not make proclamations.

·         You know exactly what to think.  You know the truth about that.  You know, thanks to that internal guidance system I talked about.

·         You have a felt sense of sureness that God could not possibly have said those things – or half of the other things attributed to me.  You know it and I know it and everybody else knows it.

·         The question is not whether you know it, but whether you’re able to admit it, to say it out loud, to contradict the prevailing notion, which has it that trampling on sacred beliefs and ancient traditions is very wrong.

·         Trampling on each other is permitted, but not trampling on beliefs.

·         In fact, it has become a tradition to trample on each other because of your beliefs.  And so, absurdity has come full circle.




·         I never did understand why God felt he had to give human beings so many orders.

·         I don’t.  I don’t have to give orders to anyone, and I’ve never done so.

·         There is nothing that I do want.  And this is what you cannot understand or refuse to accept.  There is nothing that God wants or needs.

·         The irony of all this is that I do not want your worship, I do not need your obedience, and it is not necessary to serve me.

·         …it seems remarkable that the world hasn’t by now concluded that the demands are counterfeit, having nothing to do with the needs do Deity.

·         All that is exactly that: all that is.  It therefore wants, or lacks, nothing – by definition.

·         It was human beings who felt they had to give human beings orders, in order to keep order.  And the best way they knew how to get people to follow orders was to say that they came directly from God.

·         You should not believe it.  You should apply it and see why works.

·         Incidentally, put every other writing that claims to be a communication from God to the same test.

·         We’ve already done that.  We’ve been testing out the words of those other books for centuries, and life on our planet is our evidence of whether their teachings work or not.

·         So it’s no longer a question of whether you have evidence, it’s a question of how much evidence you need.

·         Why are you so shortsighted?

·         Because we are selfish.

·         …it is our habit to think first and sometimes only, of the self.

·         ..The problem is easy to solve.

·         Simply expand your definition of “Self.”

·         The problem is not that you are self-centered; the problem is that you have misdefined the Self around which you are centered.

·         …this is where most organized religions have failed you.  They have taught you to believe in a limited, tiny Self.

·         You see yourselves as separate from each other.

·         In fact, it may systematically exclude others.

·         Instead of creating unity, they have produced division.





·         You believe in the First Fallacy.

·         It is on that fallacy that all other beliefs are based.  The first fallacy about God is that God is that God needs something.  The second fallacy is that God can fail to have His needs met.

·         Third, you believe that God has separated you from Him because it’s your fault that He failed to get what He needs.

·         Upset and anger the very antithesis of who and What I Am.

·         FIRST NEW REVELATION:  God is not a singular Super Being, living somewhere in the Universe or outside of it, having the same emotional needs and subject to the same emotional turmoil as humans.  That which Is God cannot be hurt or damaged in any, and so, has no need to seek revenge or impose punishment.

·         …after you end your time with a physical body here on Earth – you will be given the opportunity for a Life Review.  In fact, you will ask for it.  You will want it.  It will be a major part of the process by which you come to know more about yourself and about Life, by which you evolve.

·         During this Life Review process you will be allowed to experience every moment of your life, everything that you ever thought, said, or did.  This experience will be comprehensive.  You will not only experience this from your point of view, you will experience it from the point the view of every person whose life you touched.

·         Suffering is a point of view.  Remember that.  Pain is an experience; suffering is a point the view about that experience.

·         This process is called evolution.  And in this process of evolution the primitive concepts of “reward and punishment” have no place.

·         What is the difference between religion and spirituality?

·         One is an institution and the other is an experience.

·         Religions are institutions built around a particular idea of how things are.  When those ideas become hardened and set in stone, they are called dogmas and doctrines.

·         They then become largely unchallengeable.  Organized religions require you to believe in their teachings.

·         Spirituality does not require you to believe anything.  Rather, it continually invites you to notice your experience.  Your personal experience becomes your authority, rather than something that someone else has told you.

·         The illusion of requirement?

·         I have no need to require anything of you, because I have no need to receive anything from you.

·         It is the first function of all organizations to perpetuate themselves.  The moment any organization serves the purpose for which it was formed, that organization becomes no longer necessary.  This is why organizations seldom complete the task that they are assigned.

·         ..If you will stop what you are doing for just a moment each day, you will be able to experience the presence of God.

·         …when you take the woods with you wherever you are that you begun to master life.

·         Here is the Fourth Fallacy about God:  There is something that you are required to do in order to get back to me.

·         …but to know that you are already there.  For heaven is the Kingdom of God , and there is no other kingdom that exists.

·         What kind of Supreme Being would need to do this?

·         What kind of a God would this be?

·         That is the question you must honestly ask yourself.

·         …the Fifth Fallacy about God.  You believe that God will destroy if you do not meet His requirements.

·         Nothing could be further from the truth.  Why would I destroy you? What purpose would be served by that?

·         …create a spiritual community, as opposed to a religious community.  A community based on spiritual principles, not a community based on the doctrines of the major organized religions, most of which are rooted in incomplete understandings and exclusivist theologies.

·         SIXTH NEW REVELATION:  All things are One Thing.  There is only One Thing, and all things are part of the One Thing That Is.




·         It means that you are all the same thing.

·         Everything in the universe is made do the same stuff.

·         Now you can call that stuff anything you want.  You can call it God, you can call it Life, you can call it Energy, or you can call it by other names, depending upon how it manifests itself.  That will not make it any less the same. 

·         You cannot, therefore, be in any way separate from me.

·         Nor from anything at all.

·         …all things are made up of Things that Move.

·         What makes them move?

·         Four basic Forces.  In order of strength they are: the strong force, the electromagnetic force, the weak force, and gravity.

·         There is nothing in Life that is not a part of Life.

·         …you and God are one.

·         “Life” is just another word for “God.”

·         There is only One Thing, and that Thing can be called God, or Life, or All That Is, or whatever it pleases you to call it.

·         ..Your five senses are rather primitive receptors.  They pick up data relating to only about one-tenth of the world around you.  Your sixth sense pick up much more.

·         Intuition?

·         You have also called it your extrasensory perception.  It is at this level of perception that many of the mysteries of the universe may be unraveled, and found not to be mysterious at all.

·         ..What does any of this have to do with world peace, and the crisis the world is facing today?

·         Everything.

·         Because you are using only five senses to figure out the world around you.  And you are using only your five senses to build it.  Yet to create the kind of community I am talking about, to create the world of your dreams, you have to use your sixth sense.

·         …what would work for the world right now – given what the world says it wants to experience, which is peace and harmony – is a New Spirituality based upon New Revelations.

·         A Spirituality that enlarges upon organized religion in its present form.  For it is many of your old religions, with their inherent limitations, that stop you from experiencing God as God really is.

·         They also stop you form experiencing peace, joy, and freedom – which are other words for God as God really is.

·         …dictionary defines “humanism”?

·         “A way of life centered on human interests or values.”

·         Everything would change on your planet if you simply stopped telling yourself that you are doing the will of God when you harm each other.

·         …if you wonder where all of this “warrior mentality” is coming from, where these cultural tendencies to fight religious battles and to be suicide bombers originate, just look to your many holy scriptures and your religious teachers.  They have provided your species guidance for generations.  And almost all of them promise that, whether you win or lose in battle, you’ll get your reward.

·         Humans have used the announcement that it is God’s Will as an excuse to rationalize and justify the most barbaric behaviors you could ever have imagined, the most unfair behaviors you could ever have contrived, the most ungodly you could ever have foisted on suspecting and innocent people.

·         You have used these behaviors to get your way, not God’s way.

·         …you must move away from your Old Ideas of “God’s way” and move into a New Experience of Divinity if you ever want to see peace on Earth.

·         God’s interests and human interests are not divergent, but are identical.  The fact that you not see them as one is what is causing problems.

·         The greatest interest of all humanity is Life.  This is the greatest interest of God as well, but you claim otherwise. 

·         You imagine that God has a greater interest than human life, and that is what allows you to waste it with impunity.

·         Pure humanism would never allow you to destroy life sanctimoniously.  Only organized religion could justify such a travesty.




·         Observation is the “what’s so” of any situation; judgment is the “so what?”

·         It is you who add the “so what?” to any set of facts.

·         Nothing has any meaning save the meaning you give it.

·         The reason for the soul’s having come to the body is to evolve.  That is, to become a grander and grander version of itself.

·         This is the purpose of your life on Earth, and of life everywhere.

·         …many of your present organized religions. ..Are simply incomplete in their understandings.

·         Religion has not been allowed to grow.

·         ..Only with a new understanding of Life and of God can humans construct a more workable and uniform code of conduct.

·         As things now stand, creating such a workable and uniform code is very difficult, because so many of you believe that your code of conduct comes from God, and is, therefore, the only one that should be followed.

·         Now you are a worldwide community, interconnected and interdependent.  You are truly All One, whether you are ready to accept this belief or not.

·         Now, a disruption in one part of the community disrupts the whole.  And so you are going to have to learn to act as one if you wish to survive.

·         …a house divided against it cannot stand.

·         …notice your Oneness.

·         Oneness does not mean sameness.  Unity and individuality are not mutually exclusive.  Differences do not have to mean divisions, and contrast does not have to lead to conflict.

·         …it’s important to remember that these behaviors are neither “right” nor “wrong” they simply no longer work.

·         They do not function effectively; given that you say what you wish is to survive in peace and harmony.

·         Functional behavior is what is now desperately needed if life as you knows it on Earth is to continue.

·         Right now our behaviors are woefully dysfunctional.  We have created a completely dysfunctional society.

·         You are choosing it every day, by failing to do anything about it.

·         What can I do?  I can’t be responsible for changing the entire planet this instant!

·         I will ask you again. If not now, when?  If not you, who?

·         The human race now yearns to renew itself.  You can sense this everywhere.





·         What is needed now is joint action, combined effort, collective co-creation.

·         ..A large number of humans willing to be the “one person” in their family, in their change right then, right there.

·         In this context one person can make a huge difference, for it is always one person within a group or cluster who calls forth the highest vision, who models the grandest truth, who inspires and cajoles and agitates and awakens and ultimately produces a contextual field within which collective action is rendered possible and becomes inevitable.

·         Are you that one person?  Do you choose to be an inspiration for all those whose lives you touch?

·         That is the question your soul asks you now.  That is why it has brought you to this book.

·         …those who are deeply enmeshed.

·         You can help them by telling them that you can understand how they could feel that way that you recognize these are their beliefs, and that you would like to engage in a dialogue with them about those beliefs to see if there is more about them – and about other beliefs in the world – for you both to learn.

·         It is not the basic nature of human beings to be horrible.  It is the basic nature of human beings to love.  When humans are being horrible, it is because of something they believe. Ask them; therefore – even in the midst of the horror – ask them:  What hurts you so much that you feel you have to hurt me to heal it?

·         It is helpful to understand that when someone is fighting with you, they are usually fighting for your attention.

·         If they could get you to hear them, and to help them with what is hurting them, without going to battle with you, they would forgo the battle, if only to remove themselves from anger.

·         ..They perceive that dangerous things are already happening to them, or are about to happen to them – and that is what they are trying to stop.

·         When they attack, no nations or groups or individuals think of themselves as attackers.

·         They all think of themselves as defenders.

·         Everybody’s point the view is skewered.  Let’s begin with that.  You should know that going in.

·         To be a healer you must understand that nobody does anything inappropriate, given their model of the world.

·         It means you have to understand that it is valid for them.  You have to be ready to say Nine Words That Could Heal the World:

“I can understand how you could feel that way.”

·         This is a very powerful sentence.  It does not indicate they you share another person’s feelings, or agree with something they have done, but it does indicate that you can understand how they could have come to this feeling.  That statement alone can put out huge fires.

·         ..It says to the other, “You are not alone. You are not going crazy, you are not the only one who – given your beliefs, thoughts, and experiences – could come to your conclusions.”

·         If you are to be a healer, you must understand that the biggest difficulty facing people with a problem is rarely the problem itself, but the fear that nobody else understands it.  If nobody else understands it, the prospect of finding a solution can seem very dim.

·         That is why the feeling of not being understood leads to desperation.  And, conversely, the feeling that someone else understands moves people back from the brink and opens the door to discussion.

·         If you don’t say it, or at least ask, “What hurts you so bad that you feel you have to hurt me to heal it?”  You will never end the violence.  You may interrupt it, you may postpone it, but you will never end it.

·         This is because, I repeat:  All attack is seen by the attacker as a defense.

·         Understanding this is the basis of all healing.





·         SEVENTH NEW REVELATION:  There is no such thing as Right and Wrong. There is only What Works and What Does Not Work, depending upon what it is that you seek to be, doing or have.

·         “Right” and “Wrong” are figments of your imagination.  They are judgments you are making, labels that you are creating as you go along.  They are values that you are deciding upon, depending on what it is that you want, individually and as a society.   When what you want changes, what you decide to call “right” and “wrong” changes.

·         There is not a country and there is not a group of people on Earth that imagines it to be an aggressor. 

·         Everyone who enters into war does so saying that they are defending something.

·         …there are no “attackers” only “defenders.”

·         You achieve this interesting paradox by simply calling all attack a defense.  In this way you are able to change your basic values from moment to moment as it suits you, without seeming to change them at all.

·         You get to kill people with impunity to obtain what you want by simply saying that you had no choice.  You had to defend yourself.

·         Not just in war, but in every situation of conflict in your life, from battlefields to bedrooms, command centers to boardrooms. 

·         Nobody attacks, everybody defends.

·         “Punish the humane, reward the insane.”

·         This is the motto that only a society of begins with limited understanding could embrace.

·         …your values change as your perceptions change.

·         You cannot think of a single “basic human value” that has not been temporarily set aside, altered, or completely abandoned at one time or another by human beings who have simply changed their minds about what it is they wanted to be, do, or have in a particular moment.

·         If you think, therefore, that there is such a thing as absolute “right” and absolute “wrong” you are deluding yourself.

·         Morality is therefore, extremely subjective.

·         In certain religious or morality- based cultures, normal human error can be considered an offense against God – punishable by severe and disproportionate sanctions or suffering.

·         …true morality as an unchanging, objective criteria does not exist. 

·         It cannot in any evolving society, for the nature of evolution itself is change.  And, of course, this is exactly what most governments that have their foundation in religion seek to stop. 

·         They seek to stop change.  Yet change is the nature of life.  And so, they seek to create a better life by denying Life Itself.

·         But Life will not be denied, nor will its process be corrupted.

·         It is an irony of life on your planet that freedom, which is the very essence of what God is, and free will, which is God’s greatest gift, is nearly always severely restricted by those governments that are controlled by religions.

·         This is the clash of ideology…between individual freedom and personal restriction, between human rights and what some people declare to be God’s Law.

·         In truth there is no clash, for freedom is the essence of God, and human rights – personal liberty, equality under the law, the fairness of trials –are expressions of that essence.

·         Yet there have been religions (there still are today) that do not recognize basic freedoms and equalities as every person’s human right.

·         …the present widening of the split in ideology with a simultaneous advance in technology has created the conditions for rapid self-destruction.

·         You may have to give up some of your most sacred beliefs.

·         Only when enough human beings die over these ideologies will you decide that maybe it was the ideologies themselves that were mistaken.

·         The world must create a New Spirituality.

·         It is now time to present the world with new theological thoughts and ideas, a new spiritual model.

·         Be a bringer of the light.

·         …let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and praise the beliefs that have sponsored them.

·         …honor the past as you envision the future. 

·         Do not completely reject old beliefs, nor require anyone else to. 

·         Enlarge upon them, alter them where alteration seems appropriate, and invite others to do the same.





·         …if we find a person’s behavior, or the behavior of a whole group of people, unacceptable to us, what we have to do to produce lasting change is to affect the model of the world that is creating their behavior.

·         …the central point of this dialogue.

·         …if you alter beliefs, you will impact behavior at its source.

·         ..What would be beneficial for human beings right now if they wish to live together in peace and harmony is a new spirituality, a new “model of the world” based on expanded and changed beliefs?

·         You will not come up with any new beliefs unless and until you decide that some of your old beliefs are not working.

·         …First you have to decide which of your old beliefs are not working.

·         Five Fallacies about God.  These are beliefs that not longer work for the human community.

·         If your present beliefs about God were accurate, conflict would have been eliminated on your planet long ago.  Instead, your beliefs about God actually create conflict.

·         The First Fallacy about Life is that human beings are separate from each other.  This idea emerges from the Third Fallacy about God, and so we see how the Fallacies about God have a spillover effect.

·         Your species’ fallacies about God are very powerful.  They impact every area of your collective experience, even for those who do not believe in God.

·         …root cause...

·         …what humans have done to “placate God” is inhuman.  You have persecuted others, causing them incredible suffering, and you have killed people by the millions, in order to please this God of yours.

·         This need to “make God happy” emerged from your errant thought that God is somehow not happy.  This is a crazy idea, because God is Happiness Itself.

·         Your idea that God id not happy - and that humans are the cause – is what has created the insane basis for insane religions to inspire people to act insanely.

·         It is also the epitome of arrogance for you to imagine that somehow something that human beings have done could make the Creator of the Universe give up Peace and Love – which is the Essence of Who and What the Creator Is.

·         Human beings knew - they intuitively understood; they had a cellular memory of the fact – that they were one with all of life.

·         …modern religion has chosen to stick with the teachings of pre-modern times, to retain the dogma of hundreds and thousands of years ago.  And so, modern religion has failed modern man.

·         …everything and everyone in Life is experienced as being One with You in the moment you accept that you are One with God.

·         I invite you to make this inquiry:  Who would you be making wrong if you changed some of your most basic beliefs?

·         You will not change your beliefs if you think that doing so will make you, or someone you love, wrong.  Yet as soon as you change the Right-Wrong axis to a What Works – What Doesn’t Work paradigm, the difficulty of critically analyzing – to say nothing of changing – basic beliefs is eased.

·         …this fallacy of separation.

·         ..Creates the illusion that there is “not enough” of what you need to be happy.

·         The Second Fallacy about Life.

·         The difficulty is that many religious organizations form a closed circle around their own members, thereby demonstrating the limitations of their understanding.  States and nations do the same.  As do cultural, ethnic, racial, and social groups of every kind.

·         Such quarantine living does nothing to promote an experience of humanity’s oneness, and indeed, produces a sense of the need for a protective shield, segregating people according to their most narrow views.

·         You have merely been segregating yourself from yourself.

·         …everyone else is just like you.

·         Not only everyone else, but everything else.

·         How did we become so separated from ourselves?

·         It occurred when you decided that you were not perfect.

·         …that you were less than the world and the life around you.

·         ..You imagined your own imperfection.  You were “less than” the gods.  In your frustration and your anger, our turned against yourself, judging yourself and condemning yourself for being “not enough.”

·         One look at the night sky was enough to convince you of the awesomeness of that which you thought of as Not You, and the puniness of than which you that you will find in all celestial bodies – and, indeed, in everything else that Is.

·         …nothing is composed of anything except differing combinations and concentrations of the Only Substance There Is?

·         YOU ARE ALL ONE

·         Our species is in its adolescence?

·         Yet it may never reach maturity the way things are going.  You are quarreling with each other like children unwilling to share your toys.’





·         To get the stuff of which there is not enough, human beings must compete with each other.

·         Third Fallacy about Life.

·         …you had not evolved to the point where you chose to see everybody win.

·         You developed competitions, where brute force was not the only factor in determining life’s winners and losers, the haves and the have-nots.

·         All of this would have been disadvantageous enough (enlightened beings do not compete with each other for the right to grab and hoard that which belongs to everyone), but you did not even construct the competitions fairly.  You choose to create competitions in which the winners were declared ahead of time.

·         ….because, in order to create competitions in which you declare the winners ahead of time; you had to revert back to the use of force to quiet the losers.  And so, brute force, primitive muscle, was the ultimate determiner.

·         “Rich” and “male” are the primary elevating categories.

·         Most of your religions are male-dominated, and were created by male-dominated societies.

·         …it’s really been soaked into every culture on this planet, this woman – is – inferior thing.

·         …the Fourth Fallacy about Life.

·         …some human beings are better than other human beings.

·         …discrimination of…

·         A big part of the New Spirituality will have to do with creating true equality for females, ending at last the disenfranchising and the outright abuse of one half the human races.

·         This is one of many reasons why you can expect the New Spirituality to be opposed by people in power.  Most of the people in power are now men.

·         “Nothing in a person’s race, gender, nationality, religious persuasion, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of individuality, shall disqualify that person from participating fully and equally in the human experience at the highest level.”

·         ..That would be a revolutionary idea.  “Revolution” means to “revolve” or to turn around, and such an idea would turn around much of your reality.  It would correct the Fourth Fallacy about Life.





·         The human idea of “better” is the most harmful concept ever devised by the mind of any sentient being anywhere.  It is what has allowed you to rationalize and justify all if you’re most primitive behaviors.

·         You have allowed your differences to weaken you rather than strengthen you.

·         Actually, the illusion of superiority is an easy one from which to step aside.  A simple look at your behaviors when you think you are superior will reveal you to be acting inferiorly.  The bigger you think you are, the smaller you become.  The better you think you are, the worse you act.

·         Fifth Fallacy about Life: It is appropriate for human beings to resolve severe differences created by the first four fallacies by killing each other.

·         It is your organized religions that have made it clear through their most sacred scriptures that cruelty and killing is an acceptable response to human frailty and human differences.

·         This goes against every human instinct, but organized religion has reorganized human thoughts.

·         Perhaps now it is time – while we have time – for all of us to ask ourselves some very important questions.

·         Is it possible that the Word of God as put down by humans in their holy books has some errors in it? Is it possible that there is something we don’t know about God and about Life, the knowing of which could change everything?

·         …the book Friendship with God.  Fifteen words that could change the world.  A two-sentence gospel that would turn your planet on its ear.

·         …to utter this New Gospel would be to invalidate everything they have taught you, everything of which they have sought to convince you, everything on which they base their actions.

·         “We are All One.”

·         “Ours is not a better way, our is merely another way.”

·         Imagine the Pope saying. “God loves all God’s children, and we are all one.  There are many paths to God, and God denies no one who takes a path with humility and sincerity.  Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way.”
The foundations of all the world’s major religions – Separation and Betterness – would crumble!

·         Imagine the candidates in the next U.S presidential election saying: “This is a complex time, and there are many approaches to the challenges we face.  I have my thoughts and my opponent has hers.  My opponent is not a villain.  She is not a bad person.  She simply has ideas that are different from mine.  Listen to our ideas carefully, and then see which one of us it is with whom you agree.

·         But in the end, I want you all to know this:  These are the United States , and we are all one.  Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way.”

·         The political process would never be the same.

·         There are many humans who cannot abide the thought of living with such new ideas, and so they die instead, clinging to the Fifth Fallacy about Life as their truth.  They declare:

It is appropriate for human beings to resolve severe differences created by all their other fallacies by killing each other.





·         You’ve said “enough” a long time ago; you simply don’t know how to stop what you are doing even after you’ve all had enough.

·         You can stop the death and destruction if you will give up your false beliefs and the mental constructions that you have built up around them.

·         You have stitched together in your world a complex interweaving of spiritual, philosophical, political, and economic concepts that pretty much govern your collective experience.

·         Many of you consider the mental constructions that have produced these social conventions to be the most important and worthy in your entire human value system – when, actually, they can be among the most detrimental.

·         ..As soon as your beliefs change, so do the mental constructions that support your life.

·         “All great truth begins as blasphemy.” 

·         The “blasphemy is that God would speak to humans at all in this day and age.

·         The second blasphemy is that God demands nothing of humans.

·         The third blasphemy is that God and humans are one.

·         The fourth and greatest blasphemy – the statement that will be the hardest for humans to accept – is that many of the most sacred beliefs of human beings are fallacies.  They are simply false.

·         False beliefs create mental constructions that do not serve you.

·         I am saying that much of your way of life is not working.  If what you say you want is to live together in peace and harmony and happiness, it is not working.

·         …if humans say that what they seek and desire is to live in peace and harmony, they may notice that they often do things when they say they are acting their best that do not lead to peace and harmony.

·         People do things like this because they are making moral judgments.

·         Your “morals” are merely mental constructions- your current “ideas” about things.

·         Look at the world today.  The problems you’ve experienced in the past several years have not been created because of morals shifting, but because of morals not shifting – sometimes for thousands of years.

·         Human beings have ruthlessly discriminated against women, blacks, and other people who are minorities in their midst not because of God’s ideas, but because of the ideas of human beings.  Because of morals that have not been shifting.

·         There is a set of Basic Life Principles that lies behind All of Existence, and you know it, you remember it at a cellular level.

·         The false beliefs that you hold about God and Life are clouding them over.

·         In short, human beings are trying to live the truth through beliefs that are false.  In this, they have set themselves an impossible task.  And that is why so much of life on your planet is not working.

·         Those humans who understand deeply what is now going on see that the saddest part of all this is that so much could improve so quickly with a few simple changes in the things you choose to believe.

·         The Basic Principles of Life are:




       All of Life exhibits these principles.  All of life demonstrates them.

·         …here are three of your species’ most popular mental constructions.

·         Morality.

·         Justice

·         Ownership

·         The idea is not to live without them, but to elevate them, to lift them up to the next level of articulation and expression, to move from concept to principle in the living of your lives.

·         This is about raising consciousness, or becoming more fully aware of all that is involved in the process of life expressing.

·         There is, however, a fast track you may take, a way to do this more quickly.

·         The Five Steps to Peace.  This produces not just peace in the world, but peace in your inner world.

·         Be courageous enough to explore and examine this new understanding, and, if it aligns with your inner truth and knowing, to enlarge your belief system to include it.

·         The serious student never becomes impatient at the repetitions of the master.

·         Those who live fully never become impatient at the repetitions of life.





·         You can change your world, and the fastest way to do that will be to step away from your fallacies and embrace a new revelation and new spirituality.  This would be the most courageous thing that human beings have done for centuries.  It could change human history.

·         It is simply more functional.

·         Many of humanity’s ideas and behaviors are not functional.  They are dysfunctional.

·         Have you not noticed, for instance, that most human relationships are dysfunctional?

·         They do not work the way they were intended to work.  They break down.  They fall apart.  This is because humans have abandoned Basic Life Principles in favor of their own personal mental constructions and the social conventions that emerge from them.

·         See how…

·         False Beliefs create Social Conventions producing Societal Dysfunctions threatening Species Survival.

·         Species survival is what we have been talking about here, of course.

·         We’ve got to get our act together here; we’ve got to come to some new levels of awareness, if our species is going to survive.

·         Because of how far you’ve advanced in your ability to get along with each other, yes.  That is what is creating the crisis.

·         Your beliefs that God needs something – namely, that you behave in a certain way – is the fallacy from which your “morality” has emerged.

·         The problem with “morals” is that they have to be based on some Supreme or Final Value.  Morals without moral authority, like currencies without a gold standard or any other thing of value behind them, are worthless.

·         And from where do you suppose they ultimately got those ideas?

·         From God?

·         ..What a difference it would have made had they decided that their Deity needed nothing.

·         Your conception of the needs and desires of some power greater than your own, with wisdom deeper than your own, and with an authority far surpassing your own, is what lies behind virtually every set of moral imperatives or behavioral standards that earthly society has devised.

·         Ever it has been so, for it is natural for humans to experience themselves as part of a larger whole, and to know deeply that that is a thing called God.  Atheism is a learned reaction; Deism is a natural response, an intuitive “knowing” a deep-seated awareness at the cellular level.

·         …when you have cultures and entire societies basing their laws on such scriptures, they, too, like God, are allowed to show no mercy, and to act in horrible ways with impunity.

·         Human societies create “morals” out of such “instructions from God.”

·         Are you willing to concede that many of the words of many of your holy books were never applicable in any civilized society?

·         You have based your moral authority on Sacred Laws that you apply on a take-it-or- leave-it basis, depending upon how you feel about them at a particular moment, in a particular culture, under particular circumstances.

·         In other words…

·         Your morality has no standard at all except what works and what doesn’t work.

·         That is the truth, and everything else is a fiction.

·         …the Word of God as recorded in your many Holy Scriptures is not to be followed to the letter because it is not infallible.

·         Then you are basing your morality on spiritual laws that, when taken as a whole, make no sense.

·         Many of your religious laws, by your own admission, should simply be ignored.

·         Therefore, by your own actions, you have proven that: “morals” = “functionality.”

·         The underlying Basic Life Principle is revealed.

·         Yes and your species have already determined this, by the way.  You have already decided on your planet that what is “right” is what works; depending upon what it is you are trying to be, doing, or have.  You simply are not willing to admit this.

·         To make matters more complicated, you have not been able to come to an agreement on what it is that you are trying to be, doing, and have as the collective called humanity.

·         And these are the impediments – the second chief among them – to peace and harmony on Earth.





·         “Morals” are a dangerous thing, precisely because they change from time to time across history, and from culture to culture across the planet.

·         The reason that they change is that they are based on beliefs that are fallacious, and what many people do when they discover that certain moral instructions don’t work in real life is change their morals without changing the beliefs from which they emerged.

·         People adamantly refuse to change their most basic beliefs, but they change their morals (that is, how they apply their beliefs) at the drop of a hat, to suit the situation.

·         For example, most people hold basis belief that God wants them to be honest.  They then cheat on their taxes – and say its okay.

·         “Everybody does it.  It’s expected.”

·         They’ve refused to change their basic belief, but they’ve changed their morals (that is, how they apply their belief) at the drop of a hat, to suit the situation.

·         Yet if they change their morals, they have changed their beliefs, for morals are simply beliefs expressed.

·         Therefore, they are hypocrites.  They do not have beliefs at all.  They simply want to believe that they have beliefs.

·         This makes them feel good, but it also makes the world crazy.

·         By your judgments about whether a person or nation has behaved morally, you justify your response.

·         But what if morals - which are moveable feasts in any event – were not part of the equation?  What if the only question was functionality – whether a particular action or reaction worked or did not work, based on what it is you were trying to be, do, or have?

·         …a society that practices violence in order to end violence has something a bit backward?

·         That is the problem with many “moral” justifications.  They can breed insane behaviors.  Your planet saw evidence of that on September 11, 2001 .

·         Trying to get to Seattle by driving south to San Jose is a lapse of functionality, not a lapse of morality.

·         In highly evolved societies, it is simply noticed whether choices and actions “work” or “do not work” in producing the result or outcome that is collectively desired.

·         (They never had moral authority anyway.  You have been making this all up.)

·         Much would depend on what it was you all agreed, as a world society, that you were trying to be, doing, or have.

·         If you are seeking to experience a world of peace and harmony and cooperation, then “what works” and “what does not work” would be measured against that.

·         Currently, you are not using this measurement, or you would never do the things you are doing in your world.

·         …you are not seeking to experience peace, harmony, and cooperation.  You are seeking to experience power and self-indulgence.  You are saying one thing and doing another.

·         Our dictionary defines justice as “the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the merited assignment of rewards or punishments.”

·         …justice was our distorted attempt to express the Basic Life Principles called Adaptability.

·         …and adaptability is just another word for adjustment.

·         Life always expresses the principle of Adaptability.  Life is, first of all, functional.  That is a basic quality of life. It functions.  And it functions in a particular way that allows it to keep on functioning.

·         When functionality is threatened in any way, life finds a way to adapt, or adjust, in order to keep on functioning.

·         This principle of adaptability is what is called, in evolutionary theory, selectivity.  Life selects, through the process of life itself, the aspects or functions of all living things that allow that living thing to continue living.

·         By this means, a species evolves.  And when it does, a third Basic Principle of Life is expressed:  Sustainability.

·         Life becomes sustainable by adapting its functionality.

·         All life everywhere expresses these three principles, and the principles are circular, allowing life itself to continue eternally.

·         The truth is, your “justice system” has so many flaws in it – not the least of which is its vulnerability to influence by the rich and powerful and its complete inaccessibility to the poor, the weak, and the down-trodden – that any resemblance between what occurs in your societies and what you dream of as “justice” is far too often purely coincidental.

·         And, I ask you, where is the “justice” in that?

·         …seek to make “work” that which “does not work”?

·         “Justice” is really “a justment.”  It is the system called life adapting itself in order to go on in a way that works.

·         In highly evolved societies, all of this is understood perfectly.  The behavior adjustment is put in, and while consequences are part of that process (it is through the consequences that are experienced that behavior adaptation becomes desirable), punishment is not.

·         Clarity is the place to which you are going. You are moving to a state called Clear.

·         Once you are clear about these things, you can never live in confusion again.

·         It is from this state of confusion that you have wished to remove yourself.  That is the purpose of this dialogue, and of your having come here.

·         …the moment is at hand when the entire world calls upon all the people to look at all things in a new way.

·         ….how do we do that?

·         See the truth.  Admit the truth.  Do not be self-righteous.  Notice that what you are doing is evolving, adapting, and of course you are “changing the rules” as you go along.  Not to do so would be silly.  You can’t live today’s life by yesterday’s rules.

·         If what you choose is to live in peace and harmony, then what the world needs now is a new set of rules.

·         Functionality has all but disappeared from the human life experience.  Your species cannot go on as it has been going much longer.  You are going to have to express the Basic Life Principle of Adaptability very soon now if you want Life to sustain itself in its present form.

·         Life seeks always to sustain itself.  That is a Basic Life Principle.  You, as an expression of life, will seek to do the same thing.  You have built a mental construct around how to do this that plays itself out as a social convention that you call ownership.

·         You are all merely stewards, seeking to take good care of that over which you have been given stewards-ship – including your bodies, the bodies of your mates and children, the land on which you live, and all else that you have in your care.

·         These things are not your possessions, but simply articles that have been placed in your care.  They are yours temporarily, only for safekeeping.  You are asked by Life Itself to sustain them, to express the Life Principle of Sustainability, but not to declare that you “own” them and that they belong to you and no one else.  Such a thought is not in any lasting sense functional.

·         Ownership is a temporary fiction.

·         As with all of your social conventions, the idea of ownership arises from the fallacies that you hold as firm beliefs – in this case, the Second Fallacy about Life, which is that there is “not enough” of whatever it, is you think you need to be happy.

·         There is enough of everything you really need to be happy, but you do not believe it, and so you seek to “own” whatever it is that you most desire, imagining that if you own it – and that from this experience of ownership will come your security, your sustainability, and your happiness.

·         Nothing could be further from the truth, as anyone who “owns” many things can tell you.  Still, the idea persists.

·         This idea that you can own things has caused more harm to your psyche and more damage to your species than you could ever know.

·         This is because you think that “ownership” gives you ‘rights” that you do not intrinsically have.

·         Do not worry about Life Itself.  It will go on.

·         …if you want life to continue in its present form, if you want life to go on as it has been on the Earth, you are going to have to create the adaptation that life now needs to make, rather than simply stand by and watch it occur.

·         The world is more ready for this now than it has ever been.  The world is hungry; the world is starving, for a new spiritual truth – a truth that works in sustaining life, not a truth that brings an end to life.

·         Encourage people to become the spiritual leaders for which they hunger, to provide the leadership for which they are starving.

·         The challenge now is not to keep from losing your safety and security, but to get it back.

·         You can seek to accomplish this at the physical level by using bombs and tanks and soldiers and economic or political might, or you can choose to accomplish this at the spiritual level, by changing beliefs.

·         The first belief you can change is the belief that you can somehow not be safe and secure.

·         Loss of safety and security is an illusion, given who and what you are. If you are u- sing human standards, you have lost these things. If you are spiritual measures, you can never lose them.

·         Inner peace is not achieved by outward means.  Inner peace is achieved by understanding who you are.  When inner peace is attained, outer peace becomes possible at last.  In the absence of inner peace, outer peace is impossible.

·         Regular, ordinary, everyday people can be spiritual leaders.

·         This is the opportunity, this is the challenge, and this is the invitation.

·         And so, the idea now is not hide out, but to come out, so that others will find the courage to do the same, and the entire world may know that it is not alone.

·         The first thing they can do is take the Five Steps to Peace.  They can acknowledge that what they’ve been doing up until now no longer works – if it ever worked.

·         The bravest among them can do so publicly.  They can say, “Hey, wait a minute. Has anyone noticed that we’re doing here is not working?”

·         Then, we could put the building blocks in place for a New Spirituality. 

·         A spirituality that will not be a complete rejection of the old, but that will bring to people a new and larger understanding of ancient truths, and some new truths to go with them.  We could use the New Revelations found here as a starting point for explorations that lead to the deepest revelations within each human heart.

·         …empower humanity to reveal true humanity to humanity itself.

·         For when humanity is revealed, it will be found to be Godly.





·         All the grandest qualities of God – love, compassion, caring, acceptance, and understanding, the capacity to create and to inspire – are what true humanity is all about.

·         All human action and reaction originates in one of two places:  love or fear.  At its basis there is no other place from which life may emerge, no other source from which thought, word, and action may arise.  And of these two, fear is the predominant leader as the sponsor of human behavior.

·         …let go of your fears and the fallacies that produces them. Then your fears and the fallacies that produces them.  Then your social conventions.

·         …will change and more closely reflect the Basic Life Principles that they now seek, unsuccessfully, to express.

·         Today you live in an essentially secret society, where more is unsaid, than is said, more is concealed than is revealed, more is covered than discovered.

·         The strange thing is, you don’t really want to be less than totally transparent.  You don’t enjoy it.  It does not make you feel good.

·         I am inviting you here to adopt a new set of core beliefs from which you can create basic values that you do not have to abandon.  (They are functional.)

·         Core beliefs that can change as conditions and awareness and experience change. (They are acceptable.) 

·         Core beliefs that will always serve the human agenda because they serve the soul’s agenda.  (They are sustainable.)

·         The body’s agenda is to survive, to be fed, to be kept safe, and to feel pleasure.

·         The soul’s agenda is quite different.  The soul knows that survival is not an issue, nor is keeping safe or feeling pleasure.  The soul understands that the soul is Life itself, locally manifested.

·         Your soul is the individuation of the Divine Spirit, which is All There Is.

·         The soul uses the rest of itself – that is, it draws upon the Energy of Universal Life, of which it is a part – as one of three tools with which to fashion a particular experience.  The Energy of Universal Life is sometimes called the spirit.  The other tools are the body and the mind.

·         Your soul is who you are.  Your body and your mind are what you use to experience who you are in the Realm of the Relative.

·         Your soul is now living in the Realm of the Relative, and is on a journey home.

·         When it returns home, it joins once again with the Rest of Itself.

·         This fusing into one is called, in some Eastern mystical traditions, Samadhi.  It can be achieved even when the soul is the Realm of the Relative, with a body and a mind, although the experience is generally very brief.

·         Divine Spirit emerges from The All as individual projections of The All, in order to have a total experience of All That Is through an endless multitude of distinctive expressions, which you rightly call the break taking Miracle of Life.

·         EIGHTH NEW REVELATION:  You are not your body.  Who you are limitless and without end.





·         You are not your body.  Who you are limitless and without end.

·         This is the key.

·         This is the core.

·         All of the other New Revelations gather meaning and increase in force when this revelation is understood.

·         Your body is yours, but is not you.

·         This mechanism can be hurt or damaged or destroyed, but “you” cannot.

·         It is soul that houses the body.

·         Your body lives within the force field that you call your soul.

·         This force field, this radiating, pulsating energy package that surrounds your body, is sometimes thought of by you as the aura.  It is more than that, much more than what you imagine the aura to be…

·         Depending upon the frequency of its vibration, this energy may sometimes be seen.  It can also produce other effects, such as heat.

·         Some people call this glow the Light.

·         It is, in fact, the Prime Essence, the Base Substance, and the Core Material of all things.

·         This Light is Who You Are.

·         There is No place where your energy field stops and another energy field begins.

·         The force field that is your soul becomes thin and expanded the farther it extends from its localized source, but it never disappears completely, nor ceases to be.  Instead, it mixes and merges with other force fields, forming other localized concentrations and creating a complex, interweaving pattern extending infinitely.

·         We are talking here about a force field without borders.

·         We are describing a soul that never ends.

·         This is, in fact, what you are.

·         You are an energy that never ends, in time or space.

·         …there is no individual soul, and every soul is just One Soul, locally and individually expressed!

·         …that One Soul must be the Soul of God, manifesting itself as All That Is.

·         If organized religions taught this truth, they could never also teach that any one person is better than another, or that any one soul is more pleasing to God than another, or that any one path is the only path to Divinity.

·         They could never teach that some souls go to “heaven” while others are condemned to “hell.”

·         It is the teaching of their separatist philosophies and their exclusivist theologies that make some organized religions not merely inaccurate, but dangerous.

·         …the New Spirituality can change all that.

·         It can present a new point of view, one that is not exclusivist, not elitist or separatist.

·         …there is, in fact, only one force field.  That there is only one energy.  That this is the energy of Life Itself, and that it is this energy that some people call God.

·         This energy has what you would call, in your terms, intelligence.  It is at once the repository and the source of all knowledge, of all awareness, of all data and information and understanding and experience.

·         There is no one, no human being anywhere, of whom you are not a part - an intrinsic and intimate part.

·         What this means in practical terms is that what is good for another is good for you, and that what is not good for another is not good for you.  It means that what you do another, you do for you, and what you fail to do for another, your fail to do for you.

·         …you asked whether this spiritual exploration could have “practical implications for the world today,” and I tell you this:  Living this way would change the world.

·         The simple awareness that you are all One – One with God and One with each other – and the creation of behavioral codes and international agreements reflecting that awareness, would shift the political, economic, and spiritual reality on Earth in ways that the teachings of your present day exclusivist religions can never do.

·         …if you wish to change your world as you say that you do, you are invited to now create a New Spirituality, based on New Revelations.  For your old exclusivist religions and your elitist, separatist theologies no longer serve you.

·         …people who are robbed of self-esteem rob others of theirs.  People who do not love themselves cannot love others.  People who see themselves as unworthy see others as unworthy.

·         …what is needed is a second reformation within the Church, to move it away from its message of fear and guilt, retribution, and damnation, and toward a theology of self-esteem.

·         …ultimately “theologians must have their international, universal, Tran creedal, Tran cultural, Tran racial standard.”

·         “We are All One.  Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way.”

·         This can be the gospel of a New Spirituality.  It can be a kind of spirituality that gives people back to themselves.

·         I am inviting you to give people back to themselves.

·         People are returned to themselves when they are allowed to think their own highest thought about themselves, and to announce it.  You give people back to themselves when you announce it for them.

·         Give people the gift of self-esteem, and you will have given them a gift that many cannot find a way to give themselves.

·         To change people’s behavior, change people’s ideas about themselves.  To change people’s ideas about themselves, change their beliefs about Life and about God

·         ..If you believe that you are one with God that you walk in step with the divine, how then, will you behave?

·         I tell you this:  You are an angel.

·         You are the angel for whom someone is waiting today.

·         Now you have a choice between beliefs.  I say you are my angel.  You say you are but a lowly, groveling sinner.

·         Which belief do you think better serves you?  Which do you think better serves humankind?





·         ….at its basis, all of life is unified.

·         Very soon now, science will confirm a great many things that spirituality has been telling you all along.

·         …this is coming now not in a matter of decades, but years, and even months.

·         This will be the central question of the 21st Century.  To what extent are you to “interfere” in matters that you used to think were supposed to be “left up to God,” and to what extent is God calling upon you to use the tools you have been given by God with which to perform miracles?

·         You could hardly have any worse problems to face than the threat of your own self-extinction, which you face today.

·         In the future, should you get past this decision; the question will not be whether you want to live, but how?  And how long?

·         …your species is making a very early developmental decision: Does it wish itself to continue, or does it choose extinction?

·         …as you move form the childhood of your culture into its adolescence, you will begin to identify long-term goals that cannot be met with short-term thinking.  Instant gratification will have to be replaced by long-range satisfactions if you choose to prolong your existence and to experience it peacefully and joyfully.

·         It is this “my survival first and yours if I agree with it and can manage it”  mentality –  not exhibited by every human being, but exhibited by most  - that works against the collective good, and, in fact, creates a world in which the collective good is repeatedly threatened, and may soon be destroyed.

·         Violence is not an intrinsic part of human beings.

·         …human beings are not by nature violent.

·         A higher level of consciousness is not “better” than a lower level of consciousness, it is merely higher.

·         Being in the sixth grade is not “better” than being in the third.  It is simply being in the sixth grade.

·         Anger is a natural emotion.  It is very natural to be angry at times.  It is also very okay.  That is, it works, if what you wish is to live a life that is harmonious.

·         Expressed with love, anger is the discharge do disharmony, not the creator of it.

·         It is a pressure valve, releasing negative energy.

·         It is not the release of negative energy, but the failure to release it, that will get you into trouble.  It is not the expression of anger, but how it is expressed, that causes your concern.

·         There are many ways in which anger may be released that do involve no violence whatsoever, neither physical nor verbal.  Learning to release anger in these ways is the mark of maturity.

·         There are many ways in which you can do it, and many people who can assist you in teach about those ways…anger management classes…..meditate.

·         …violence has been deeply injected into your modern culture.

·         There are a hundred ways in which humans have allowed this to occur – each one of which humans vehemently deny.

·         …movies and television shows…comic books and video games…

·         …they do know how images affect human behavior.

·         …impossible to conclude that the violent images constantly placed before humans have nothing to do with their conceiving of violence as an acceptable means of resolving human conflict.

·         What you conceive, you receive.

·         First, notice that the idea that violence can be effectively used as a solution to human problems is being given widespread birth in your culture.

·         With this message receiving widespread dissemination, the people of your species, and particularly the young (who have no memory of a time when violence was not shown as the way to solve problems), form a personal point the view about the idea.

·         What has been con-Ceived is now per- Ceived, and the perception is that violence is effective, and, therefore, acceptable.

·         This idea then comes back to those who think it.  It returns in physically manifested form.  What is con-Ceived and per-Ceived is thus re-Ceived.

·         The results of this process are what you are receiving every day.

·         To reinforce the message, scriptures of nearly every major religion contain passages vividly describing an irate God’s further acts of anger and violence.

·         The illusion of disunity and unworthiness – the idea that all of life is separate, rather than intrinsically unified, and that humans are inherently evil – is the cause of dysfunctional and violent behaviors.

·         Humans act violently because they believe they are alone – that, ultimately, they are isolated – and that they must do whatever it takes to preserve, protect, and defend themselves in a world filled with evil.

·         And so, survival of the body becomes human beings’ prime motivator, and whenever they feel the safety, security, or survival of their bodies threatened, they attack others in defense of the selves they think they are – and call this Self-defense.

·         Your observation that your body can “die” (that is, cease its functionality) is correct, but your thought that you are your body is not.

·         This is where your confusion lies, this is where your fear originates, and this is the source of all the horror that you have collectively created and jointly experienced in your life on Earth.

·         Yet now it is time for your confusion to end.  Now it is time for you to stop creating hell on your Earth.  For either you will stop creating it, or you will create the ultimate horror, which will be the end of life on Earth.

·         Do not end your life, end your confusion.





·         You have placed yourselves in the direst circumstance.  The hearts of millions of humans have been filled with despair, with anger, with hatred, and with desperate intent. 

·         And now, thanks to the forward race of your modern technologies, you have placed in the hands of those angry humans the ability to vent their negativity with tools of destruction beyond anything of which you could have dreamed in your worst nightmares.

·         I am trying to wake you up.

·         There is enormous hope! There is extraordinary opportunity!

·         There is a breathtaking possibility!  But you must be willing now, right now, to seize the moment, to seize the day.

·         You must decide – here and now, in these days and times, not in some far-off, distant future – whether the world is to be fashioned with tools of devastation or tools of re-creation, with words of hate or words of hope, with acts of war or acts of peace, with thoughts of fear or thoughts of love.

·         You must decide whether you are going to be Destructive or Constructive.

·         …the root cause of humanity’s problems is what you believe.

·         Your current belief have produced unbelievable horror, unbelievable cruelty, unbelief sadness and suffering, unbelievable oppression and anger and hatred and conflict and warring and killing.

·         …for the first time in a very long time, the number of those people is dropping.

·         The number of people who see that their old beliefs no longer work is growing.

·         The number of people willing to say, “There must be another way” is increasing.

·         Critical mass can be achieved with less than 5 percent of the whole moving in any one direction.

·         What is needed now is a small number of people, a tiny percentage, who are willing to become – in their villages and neighborhoods and churches and synagogues and temples and mosques and community halls and political party meetings, and even in their homes – The First Domino.

·         …taking the Five Steps to Peace.

·         …consider the New Revelations.

·         You must challenge yourself.

·         You must challenge your society.

·         You must challenge your world.

·         Might this other way bring us closer to what we say, as a species, that we really want?

·         The time for collective consciousness and collective action to change the collective reality is at hand.

·         Work, then, in a collective.

·         The world is now ready and able to take such action, for group communication is now possible as it was never possible before.  The whole world is now linked.

·         …your rapidly advancing technologies are threatening to destroy humanity.  They are also that which can save it.

·         …use them collectively. 

·         It is collective action that is destroying the world.  It is only collective action that can save it.

·         …what can be done to motivate people to step to the line…?

·         The excitement of new possibilities.  And the assurance that they do have the power to change the world.

·         If people really believe there is something they can do, they will do it.

·         You must convince people that there is something they can do.  Then, show them how…

·         …First create a state of being, and then allow what they do to flow naturally from what they are being.

·         Being something is the answer.

·         When what you are doing is a reflection of what you are being.

·         …you will know that you have produced lasting change in yourself.  This is what produces lasting change in the world.

·         “Be” peaceful.

·         Love.

·         “Be” unified.

·         Do not seek first to change the world, seek first to change the self.

·         …the begin to live those decisions.

·         Share with the people of the world, if you wish, but share with them not what you think their experience should be, but what you know your experience has been.  Teach others if they ask, but teach them not that you have their answers, but that they have their own.

·         And drop any expectation that any decision you are making, or any information you are sharing, about whom you are and what you choose to be will have any impact on anything or anyone else at all.

·         Do not require those results.

·         By being clear why you are engaged in whatever you are being and doing to begin with.

·         Which is?

·         Self-realization.  To realize the Self at the next highest level.  To know who you really are, and to experience that.

·         This is called evolution.

·         This is the work of the whole humanity.  And this is its joy.  For your joy is in becoming greater than you are, and in knowing yourself as that.  Entire species evolve in this way, and in no other.

·         Do not change your beliefs because you want other people to change theirs.  Change your beliefs because your new beliefs announce more accurately who you are.

·         Change is an act of freedom, not an act of compliance.

·         Seek to BE the change you wish to SEE in the world.    Gandhi.

·         First, he attained a state of being.  This is work that he did from within. 

·         Then, and only then, did his outward “doing” become the kind of “doing” that changed the world.

·         A decision to come from peace and love, rather than try to get to them, turns everything around.

·         It places the source of what you desire within you, rather than outside of you. 

·         That makes it accessible to you at all times and in all places.

·         This is genuine power. 

·         The kind of power that changes lives and changes the world.

·         This level of complete inner peace and total love for all humankind can be reached in a single moment.  It can also take a lifetime.

·         Every time depends on you.

·         Everything depends on how deeply you desire it.

·         You may achieve any inner state of being you wish by simply choosing it and calling it forth.

·         ..Suppose you decided ahead of time how you were going to be when you moved into that moment.  Suppose you decided that you were going to be peaceful, no matter how that moment showed up.

·         Do you think it would make any difference in the way that you experienced the moment itself?

·         Of course it would.

·         It is when you decide how you are going to show up before the moment shows up that you have begun to move to mastery. 

·         You have learned to master the moment, and that is the beginning of mastery in living.

·         When you decide ahead of time that your inner state of being is going to be peaceful and loving, understanding and compassionate, sharing and forgiving, no matter what any outer moment brings, then the outer world loses its power over you.

·         You can be peaceful no matter what the outer world is doing – and the wonderful irony of this is that what the outer world is doing will very often be affected by what you are being.

·         You insist on being who you are no matter what the rest of the world is being.

·         Slowly, the world you touch will change.

·         Now imagine what would happen if everyone did this.

·         Yet you cannot insist on being who you are if you do not know who you are.  Thus, this decision must be made ahead of time.

·         Remember this always:  What you are being is who you are.

·         You are not what you are doing.

·         You are a human, being.




·         Many spiritual teachers have shared with you the secret that deciding who you really are, and being it, is the fastest means of affecting and creating your inner self and your outer world.

·         This is not a new teaching.  Yet what may be new is your decision to try it.

·         Your world cannot sustain itself with fear as its guiding principle.

·         Love must become its guiding principle.

·         NINTH NEW REVELATION:  You cannot die, and you will never be condemned to eternal damnation.

·         There are people who teach only love, and people who heal by their very being ness.

·         …to you goes humanity’s thanks.  On you rest humanity’s hope.  In you resides humanity’s highest vision.

·         To those who dream the dreams of angels, I declare that I will help you create that dream, and turn it into reality.

·         It is the Life Principle of Sustainability, expressing itself. 

·         Self-interest is the highest interest.  And it should be.

·         When you see the Self as including all others, your definition of self-interest expands – and the world changes overnight.

·         ..The problem now facing the world is easy to solve.  The answer is obvious.  Simply enlarge your definition of “Self.”

·         The New Revelations that I have given you here can serve as a catalyst in enlarging your awareness, opening you to a consciousness that will allow you to expand your definition of self.

·         God wants nothing but good for you.

·         Those books are in error.

·         And one of the most important thoughts for you to release is the idea that I want you to kill others for my sake.

·         …change your beliefs.

·         Because change them you must, if what you choose is what you say you choose, which is to live long, healthy, and happy lives, at peace and in harmony with each other; if what you choose is the continued survival of humanity.

·         Your species is choosing now, by its actions, every hour, every day, whether to survive its adolescence and to mature into adulthood, growing in understanding and eventually joining the other highly evolved species in the universe, or whether to render itself extinct.

·         In each moment you are making a life and death decision.  Do you choose more life, or do you choose a quicker death?

·         When you smoke that cigarette, are you choosing more life, or are you choosing a quicker death?

·         When you eat that big hunk of red meat at every meal, are you choosing more life, or are you choosing a quicker death?

·         When you go for days and weeks and months without even the slightest physical exercise, are you choosing more life, or are you choosing a quicker death?

·         When you work yourself to the bone, pounding away ten and twelve and fourteen hours a day, leaving no time for a bit of silliness, no time for an evening of leisure, no time for a moment of laughter – not even time for a hug and a squeeze and any real intimacy anymore whit those who long to be intimate with you – are you choosing more life, or are you choosing a quicker death?

·         When you fight and go to war with other nations over matters that could be resolved with just a little bit compromise and just little bit of trust - a willingness to forgive the past, and an awareness that the only way to create a viable future is to create it together – are you choosing more life, or are you choosing a quicker death?

·         When you insist on continuing to believe, as if they were true, doctrines and dogmas that are killing you are you choosing more life, or are you choosing a quicker death?

·         From the smallest day in and day out decisions to the largest decisions now facing the human race, are you choosing more life, or are you choosing a quicker death?

·         Always the choice is the same.  More life or quicker death.

·         Within the context of the human adventure, what shall the life experience be? Indeed, what shall humans be?  Or shall humans be at…

·         To be, or not to be?  That is the question.





·         Now takes this message to the world.  Carry it to all people whose lives you touch, through your own life, lived.

·         You can do so by sharing your love, your compassion, your wisdom, and your abundance.

·         Freely have you been given?  Now, freely give.

·         …big things need to be done.  Yet, the good news is that it takes but little things to do them.

·         A smile. A touch. A laugh.  A decision to forgive.  A willingness to share.

·         An ability to cry – and to hear the crying of others.

·         A love of life.  A trust in God.  An acceptance of each other.

·         A choice to live as one.

·         A determination to dare.

·         With these simple tools of life, you can change your life.

·         Your life, and your world, can be healed, one moment at a time.  By each of you.

·         In fact, that is the only way it will be.

·         Be, now, my messenger.

·         The New Revelations

  1. God has never stopped communicating directly with human beings.  God has been communicating with and through human beings from the beginning of time.  God does so today.

  2. Every human being is as special as every other human being who has ever lived, lives now, or ever will live. You are all messengers. Every one of you.  You are carrying a message of life about life every day.  Every hour. Every moment.

  3. No path to God is more direct than any other path.  No religion is the “one true religion” no people are “the chosen people” and no prophet is the “greatest prophet.”

  4. God needs nothing.  God requires nothing in order to be happy.  God is happiness itself.  Therefore, God requires nothing of anyone or anything in the universe.

  5. God is not a singular Super Being, living somewhere in the Universe or outside of it, having the same emotional needs and subject to the same emotional turmoil as humans. That Which Is God cannot be hurt or damaged in any way, and so, has no need to seek revenge or impose punishment.

  6. All things are One Thing.  There is only One Thing, and all things are part of the One Thing That Is.

  7. There is no such thing as Right and Wrong.  There is only What Works and What Does Not Work, depending upon what it is that you seek to be, doing, or have.

  8. You are not your body.  Who you are limitless and without end.

  9. You cannot die, and you will never be condemned to eternal damnation.


·         These statements are true.  These revelations are real.  They can be used, if you choose, as one basis for a New Spirituality.  Yet turn, first and foremost, to the truth and the wisdom and the love within your own being.

·         Test everything against that. Measure everything by it.

·         Human beings are capable of living together in peace and harmony.  Yet some people must decide to show the way. Some people must declare with their lives that they are the way.





·         …all those we have “put in charge” in the past.  We’ve got to join them and help them see the kind of world we really wish to create, because, so far, they have not produced the outcomes that we all say we desire.

·         We can no longer ignore the fact that what our leaders and our society’s institutions have been doing is not working.

·         So now it’s up to the regular folks, the untitled people, to become members of the team.  To lead the team.  We are going to have to get in there with the others, become leaders ourselves, as we rebuild our world one person, one family, one village, one town, one city, and one state, one nation – one idea and one moment – at a time.

·         We have to care enough to be our very best.

·         We have to dare enough to be that now.

·         We have to share enough to touch the whole world, each in our own way, with the shining light of our love, and the truth of whom we really are and who we choose to be.

·         The challenge we are going to face is that many people don’t want to change.  Some don’t believe that change is possible, while others don’t believe that humanity is facing any real peril at all.

·         Still others simply don’t seem to have the will to do what it takes to make a difference.

·         All things are created with three basic tools:  Understanding, Ability, and Will.  We have, at last, the Understanding and the Ability. Will is the final element in every choice making process.  It is the ultimate tool of creation.  Where there is a Will there is a way.  Without the Will, we can do nothing.

·         If  we don’t now help each other, support each other, challenge each other, lift each other to a new level of awareness, then, my friends, we’re all going down together.

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·         This commonality of purpose is the beginning of unity – and unity of intention can heal the world.

·         Life proceeds out of our intentions for it, and I know that if the world changes, it will be because of you, and others like you who choose to make a difference through their day to day lives.

·         May you experience God’s blessings in abundance, and may you share them with all those whose lives you touch.