(Wilf Bean)


By the time we reached the canyons

The day turned into night

We dried our boots beside the campfire glow

And we talked about the river

Long into the night

Of men who died here searching for the gold




Nahanni – you’re the soul of God

That flows down through the land

Me, I’m just a blue-jean boy

Trying to understand

What is this thing called life

What does it mean to be a man  - Nahanni


Cold water morning wash

To wake you from the night

Misty Morning River flowing free

Canyons of a thousand years

A thousand campfire lights

Cathedrals full of silent memories




Klondike trails of  ‘98’

Gold mines that are lost

Headless men who died here in the cold

Making tea and talking

Or just fishing in the stream

Nahanni you’ve got so much more than gold




Copyright 1973 – Pet-Mac Publishing