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GOVERNMENT OF THE NWT (Departments & Agencies):

Economic Development&Tourism

- Review of Nielsen Task Force Recommendations
- Study of Alternatives to Small Business Loans &  Contrib.
- Review of Agriborealis Ltd.
- Development of Professional Services Sector Policy
- Department computer strategy
- EDA Mid-term review
- Review of Simpson Air (1987) Ltd.
- Sachs Harbour Hotel feasibility

Government Services

- Managing For Results System
- Petroleum Products Crown Corporation Study
- Systems & Computer Services Function Review
- 3 day Management Seminar for Petroleum Products Division
- Petroleum Products Privatization

Audit Bureau

- Procedural review of DPW Baffin
- Operational audit of Culture and Communications Finance Division
- Criminal injuries awards audit
                - Review of Leonard & Associates

NWT Housing Corporation

- Kitikmeot Computer Training
- Financial Administration Manual
- Purchasing Manual
- Review Audit Bureau report on HAP
                - Recruitment: Senior Finance Officer

Social Services

- Organizational review of finance function
- Department Comprehensive Review
- Strategic Planning Workshop

Municipal Affairs

- Water & Sewer Admin Manual

Culture & Communication

- Managing For Results System


- Ministerial Task Force on Program Review

Energy, Mines & Resources

- NCPC Debt Audit and Proformas

Keewatin Region

- 3 day Management Seminar


- 3 day Management Seminar
                -Function Review
- Federal Funding Dispute Review

Arctic College/Econ. Dev.

- One-to-One Business Advisory Program

Arctic College

- Accounting Systems Review
- Budget Procedures Manual

NWT Power Corporation

- Common Tank Farm Study


- In Service Training


- Review of Personnel Policies re:Affirmative Action Policy

Legislative Assembly

- Organizational review
- Standing Committee on Finance Researcher (1991/92, 1992/93)

Workers Compensation Board

- Comprehensive Review


- Review of new payroll system
- GNWT Division Cost Study
               - Develop GNWT Information Technology Strategy

MacKenzie Regional Health Bd

- Financial Administration Manual

Inuvik Regional Health Board

- Long Term Care Review/Document.


- NWT Transportation Strategy

NWT Development Corporation

- Review of Nishi Khon Helicopters
                     - Review of Tuaro Dairy Corporation
                     - Review of Jessie Oonark Arts Centre
                     - Financial Administration Manual
                     - Review of NWT sawmills
                     - Bookkeeping set-up & training (2)
                     - Review Dogrib Region Business Plans
- Review Hi-way services proposal
                     - Review Banff retail store
                     - Review movie application
                     - Review Char Aquaculture proposal



Dene Nation - 1 Year OTJ Training in Fin/Admin
Kitikmeot Inuit Assoc. - 1 Year OTJ Training in Fin/Admin
Rae Edzo Dene Dev. Corp. - 6Month OTJ Training in Fin/Admin
Canada Employment Comm. - Rae Edzo Job Entry Program
Metis Association - Develop Managers' Handbook
Dene/Metis Negotiation Sec. - Organizational Review
Denendeh Development Corp. - Executive Search
Yellowknife Inn - Strategic Plan
MacKay & Partners Canada - Strategic Plan
YK Shopping Mall - Feasibility Study
Kamiti Corporation - Feasibility Study (general store)
Sa Cho Developments Ltd. - Feasibility Study (housing)
Sahtu Arcade - Feasibility Study (arcade)
Dogrib Rae Band - Comprehensive Band Review
YK Education District #1 - Building options analysis
Kitikmeot Boarding Home - Financial Administration Manual
         East Wind Arctic Tours - Business Recovery Plan
        Andron Ltd. - Feasibility Study (cable TV)
        Leonard & Associates - Accounting Manual/training
        The Trading Post - Accounting Manual/training
RTL-Robinson Enterprises - Accounting Manual/operational review
        Native Communications Society- TV Production Studio Business Plan
        Aboriginal Women's Corp. - Motel Complex Business Plan
         Island Valley Oil Ltd. - Accounting Manual/training
        Canada Post Corporation - Northern Postal Service Customer Council staff coordinator
        Sahtu Contractors Ltd. - Accounting Manual/training
        Deh Cho First Nations - Insurance Agency Market Study
Sport North Lottery Authority- Organizational Review
Town of Norman Wells -Home Business/Incubator Mall Review
Swift Current Health District -Acting Chief Finance Officer(3 mo.)/Re-engineer financial functions


Yellowknife Housing Authority
Deh Cho Regional Health & Social Services Board
Inuvik Regional Health & Social Services Board
Hamlet of Fort Liard
Sambaa K'e Dene Council
Liidlii Kue First Nation & Development Corporations

1986 - Current Private Consultant

- The Northwest Territories' first Certified Management Consultant
- Development of an Accounting Manual tailored to client needs on SIMPLY ACCOUNTING/BEDFORD (and other accounting software)
- Development of a set of training tools for small business (facilitator's guide and case study) covering the most popular problems faced by business
- Development of a Manager's Handbook tailored to the GNWT
- Development of a Managing For Results System, Focus Reports and training program tailored to the Government of the Northwest Territories (and adaptable to other organizations)
- Trainer in Situational Leadership & Change Management

1982 - 1986 Deputy Secretary to the Financial Management Board, Government of the Northwest Territories

- Development of a performance measurement pilot project
- Negotiations with the federal government on formula financing and various Treasury Board submissions
- Reorganization of the Secretariat and the budgeting process
- The computerization of the government budget process
- A study of Accountability and Control in Government
- A training program on financial management and budget control systems in government
- Documentation of a formalized financial reporting relationship of the N.W.T. Housing Corporation
- Development of a government wide Expenditure Restraint Program
- Host of the 1985 Interprovincial Budgetary Conference

1981 - 1982 Chief Financial Officer of Fisher Oil & Gas Corp.

- Adherence to Toronto Stock Exchange listing and reporting requirements
- Preparation of financial statements and tax returns
- Preparation of financing proposals to restructure long term debt payments and structure a bank operating line of credit
- Initiator of Trilogy Resource Corporation concept and prospectus (an oil and gas properties/share exchange) on behalf of Fisher including lobbying in Ottawa with respect to Federal Budget changes
- Preparation of and offer to purchase outstanding common shares of A.B.C. Energy Ltd. (A prospectus type document.)

1979 - 1981 Manager of Systems and Procedures, Bata Shoe Limited

- Documentation and development (current and long term) of existing management information systems (manual and EDP)
- Co-ordination of the preparation of complete systems and procedures manuals and training sessions
- Assist with the development of the year end consolidation which ranks as one of the more complex in Canada
- Undertakes management consulting assignments to member companies which have included Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, South Africa, France, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, England and Nigeria, reviewing the finance and administration functions
- Co-ordinate change over of Company Manager and reorganization of company affairs in Nigeria as a result of adverse business conditions
- Author of a 200-page Company Review Program which is was used as a training model and audit guide

1977 - 1978 Financial Consultant, Proctor & Redfern Group

- Development of Profit Plan Package
- Development of Management Information System Departmental Packages and Monthly Reporting Structure
- Computer based project scheduling and control, Afghanistan Proj ject
- Monitoring of Business Development
- Staff Performance and Utilization Report
- Data processing Standards Manual
- Responsibility Centre Reporting
- Field study of the financial and economic aspects of an engineering feasibility study of a Jamaican hydroelectric project for the World Bank
- Effectiveness study of the accounting department
- Financial analysis of specific engineering projects

1973 - 1976 Supervisor, Thorne Riddell & Co.

- Audit of the Proctor & Redfern Group and review of the comprehensive management information system, electronic data processing installation and systems of internal controls
- Audit of major contract construction companies in the following fields: heavy steel, contract construction, roads, government contracts, land development, buildings, underground utilities, as well as a major supplier of construction materials
- Five months in Nassau, Bahamas, performing an audit investigation and major management consulting engagement for a large government utilities corporation
- Purchase investigation of a Canadian manufacturing and processing corporation and foreign corporation involved in the supply and servicing of heavy earth moving equipment and engines



As can be seen in Mr. Stewart's resume, Robert Stewart Management Consultants has a breadth of experience in consulting in the Government of the Northwest Territories that is second to none.

We can draw on direct experience in the Boardrooms of government Executive leaders and at the government negotiating table. We understand how the machinery of government works.

Expertise is available in the following areas: program transfer negotiations, program evaluation, capital and infrastructure planning and logistics, human resource management, productivity improvement, zero-based budgeting and government management training.

Customized Services

Each government consulting and training engagement is approached with a view to providing constructive services. Our service is designed to identify your needs, the issues and problems and devise practical, problem solving approaches. We balance a personalized approach to client service with the independence in professional attitude which is essential to our function. We adhere to the principles of confidential client-consultant relationship, and a code of professional ethics that ensures against a conflict of interest.

We realize that exposing and clearly defining government and public service needs is the first and most critical challenge in our approach. This lays the foundation for the remainder of an assignment, which is why we spend a major portion of our time on understanding the government environment, the organization, the northern environment and the people involved.

Exposing and clearly defining public service needs requires professional experience and communication skills ... asking the right questions, listening to the answers, focusing attention on probable causes and confirming public service needs are procedures which are carried out by our senior project team. An important outcome of this work is the development of an expanded dialogue between ourselves and our government clients.

Our goal is to remain at the leading edge of the professional services we provide to government. In so doing, we are committed to understanding your needs, being mindful of trends in the government environment in which we operate (both in the Northwest Territories and nation wide). As a result we are able to incorporate change and initiate actions that results in success for our public sector clients.

Our audit work and our work in various key capacities throughout the Northwest Territories places us in a unique perspective for identifying areas where government efficiencies can be obtained. Accordingly, we take a constructive approach to our work, and look beyond the technical approach to include the cultural, political, economic and environmental effects and limitations.

The proposed engagement team includes specialists in government and northern affairs with experience and dedication to the local community well placed to become valued advisors to government managers. We have made a strategic commitment to the government sector on the local and national levels. This commitment is reflected in the experience, training and dedication of our people towards providing constructive services to our clients to help them succeed.

Robert Stewart Management Consultants has traditionally provided services to government in the following areas:

-strategic planning
-Managing For Results Systems
-comprehensive auditing
-program evaluation
-financial and operational reviews
-funding applications/negotiations
-policy and procedure manuals
-management and leadership training
-control system reviews

Strategic Planning

The successful delivery of government programs is dependent on the departments' ability to deal effectively with change. We conduct seminars that can help you develop a strategic plan which will anticipate and accommodate change.

Government managers should periodically review existing services to ensure they are cost justified. Also the feasibility of providing new services demanded by the community should be considered from time to time. Our firm has experience with strategic planning studies (for example, development of the NWT Transportation Strategy) and can draw on our expertise in this area.

Managing For Results Systems

In November 1985 the Financial Management Board directed departments to implement a program performance measurement system (later known as a Managing For Results System, or "MFR"). The purpose is to achieve improved performance and accountability and better communication among departments, among managers and with the public. The expected results are better programs, better services and better productivity.

Our firm worked extensively with the Department of Government Services to tailor a practical system to meet their needs. In the process, we were able to accomplish the following:

-develop a Code of Conduct which embraces the principle of accountability and value for money;
-focus the goals and objectives of the department and each division;
-provide training to the senior managers of the department emphasizing goal-oriented and people-oriented management style and client-oriented service;
-identify critical success factors by success area for each division (performance indicators);
-adopt the use of a `One Page Management System' and a FOCUS REPORT on a monthly basis to provide an information screening system;
-identify significant program issues for corrective action.

One Page Management is a system that covers the department from the top to the grass roots. It allows change to take effect because it is rooted in managers' aspiration for excellence, and in good information. Because the system promotes fairness and communicates accurate information, managers' old habits give way to new ones that conform with this "management culture". One Page Management is both an agent of change and the system that saves managers from drowning in a sea of information.

Mr. Stewart has also assisted the Department of Safety and Public Services establish a Managing For Results System.

Comprehensive Auditing

Our firm has for some time been alert to the possibility that comprehensive auditing can help government organizations address the issues that face them. Increasingly, the cost-effectiveness and quality of government programs are being questioned.

Our consulting staff is experienced in performing comprehensive audits and therefore are in a position to assist government to deal with the quality of service and value-for-money issues. We have assisted government organizations to achieve substantial improvements in their use of information for accountability and cost effectiveness. Recent experience includes the comprehensive review of the Workers' Compensation Board.

Program Evaluations

Program evaluations are undertaken to determine the continued need for programs, their effectiveness in meeting objectives, their results and impacts and alternative program design and delivery features. Evaluations should be undertaken for the benefit of senior management on a cyclical basis at three to five year intervals.

We base our program evaluations on information available on an on-going basis as well as periodic surveys, research studies and other sources of data and analysis. Where it is necessary to have specific expertise in technical areas, we will subcontract to ensure professional advice is available to the project team.

Our program evaluations are forward looking, tailored to the managers' needs, flexible, economical, objective, understandable and lead to corrective action.

Financial and Operational Reviews

Our management consulting staff are trained to look for opportunities to improve cash flow either through increasing revenues, recoveries or transfer payments or through improving cost efficiencies and, as the Defense Department says it - helping government get the `best bang for the buck'.

Our consulting staff is experienced in performing operations reviews and performance evaluation studies. These studies are designed to identify significant problem areas in government operations and to suggest creative solutions. Studies (and audits) relating to government funded agencies is an area where we have particular experience.

Funding Applications/Negotiations

Many departments are involved in funding negotiations from two perspectives - organizations that are funded by the territorial government and direct negotiations with the federal government for special needs funding. We are conversant with the many government grant and contribution programs and transfer payments and can assist with the preparation of funding applications.

We are also experienced in sitting at the negotiation table and providing financial advice to our clients. Specifically, Mr. Stewart played an integral part in the GNWT negotiations with the federal government of Formula Financing and for significant supplementary funding for the Department of Health.

Policy and Procedures Development and Manuals

Effective policy and procedures can provide an organization with tremendous benefits. But to be effective they must be carefully planned out, logically organized and clearly and concisely written. Preparation of such documents requires a rare blend of technical writing and government experience.

Robert Stewart Management Consultants has the experience to carry out the development of policies and procedures. Where it is necessary to have specific expertise in technical areas, we will subcontract to ensure professional advice is available to the project team. We have prepared a variety of manuals for a broad range of clients and recently completed a Financial Administration Manual for the NWT Housing Corporation, the Mackenzie Regional Health Service and the NWT Development Corporation.

Management, Human Resource and Leadership Training

RSMC has developed a management, human resource and leadership training seminar specific to government organizations that is state-of-the-art management technology. The program focuses on client satisfaction, staff satisfaction and clearly understood goals.

The catalyst for the program are 8 first class management and leadership videos featuring Tom Peters (co-author of In Search Of Excellence) and Ken Blanchard (co-author of Situational Leadership and The One Minute Manager).

The seminar goal is to result in an Action Plan for the participants to improve client service and staff satisfaction which will result in improved productivity and performance. We emphasize helping the participants to be successful. A typical seminar was delivered to the Department of Social Services in 1990.

Computer Consulting

RSMC has also done considerable training of clients on the use of computers and we can tailor training seminars to specific needs. We have access to trained staff on MS-DOS, ACCPAC, Simply Accounting (Bedford), Wordperfect, and LOTUS computer software. Recent experience includes the functional review of the placement of the Systems and Computer Services Division in the GNWT.

Control System Reviews

Government management information systems must produce reliable, accurate and timely information if the systems are to be effective. The system controls and their surrounding environment are integral to the quality of information produced. And from a risk point of view, effective controls are critical.

We can review government information systems and help ensure a cost-effective approach to obtaining vital operational information. We can provide computer produced flowcharts for internal systems documentation and review.


As a Chartered Accountant, we have over 20 years experience performing statutory and systems audits for a wide variety of clients, from large to small.

We use standardized Audit Programs approved by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and computerized lead sheet software ("Caseware"). During October, 1992 and 1996, our office participated in a regular practice review by the Alberta Institute of Chartered Accountants (on behalf of the NWT Institute).

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