"Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of education."  Maria Montessori


Peace Education: Montessori sites

for a good overview:

Holistic Peace Education by Sonnie McFarland http://www.montessoriconnections.com/peaceeducation/holistic_peace_education/holistic_peace_ed01.html

Nurturing the Peace Flower: A Model for the Science of Peace by Sonnie McFarland


the following is courtesy of Regina Lulka, Montessori Professor, Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario; telephone 905 845 9430 x 3087; email r.lulka@sympatico.ca (feel free to contact Regina if you have questions):

http://www.mammolina.org/nobel/#Petition%20Cards  has postcards.  Go to the end to find, a  Montessori educator's vision for a peace curriculum written by Ursula Thrush

http://www.montessoriconnections.com/peaceeducation/peacedirectory.shtml  - Montessori Peace education directory.  This is a very rich source, it includes:

http://www.montessoriconnections.com/peaceeducation/classroom_curriculum.html in a simple and effective chart format and  Email links to individuals who are active in Peace Education.  As well as quite a few good descriptions of Maria Montessori’s vision, and various interpretations as to how to go about implementation.  (Some short and sweet, others quite lengthy and good)

http://www.montessori-ami.org/4people/4bmariola1937.htm   By Dr. Montessori’s son.

http://www.montessori-nw.org/montessori/montessorivision.html   explains Maria Montessori’s vision for world peace clearly and concisely.

http://www.parentchildpress.com/peace.html  site w/ information on a lovely book:
Peaceful Children, Peaceful World, among others.

http://www.unf.edu/~astomfay/sept02/sept02.htm  Newsletter from the Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association – has many links to other peace sites

http://www.amshq.org/positions/peace.html  The paper presented by the American Montessori Society, also related is this brief description http://www.amshq.org/pub/pr/united.html

http://www.peace101.com/html/home.html  includes links for children.  Another connection by the same group which in turn contains more links: http://www.peace101.com/html/links.html  

http://www.lecworld.org/SNV/EduResources.html list of sites and books

http://www.markshep.com/nonviolence/Montessori.html  excerpts adapted from the Maria Montessori book Education and Peace

http://ericae.net/ericdb/EJ508823.htm,  and http://construct.haifa.ac.il/~cerpe/papers/harris.htm    two articles by Ian Harris

http://www.muddlepuddle.co.uk/monte%20quotes.htm  has many Montessori quotes on Peace

http://www.montessori.org/index.htm  has news of a Montessori Peace Conference in Florida Nov 1-4 2002 .  They publish a good magazine for parents called Tomorrow’s Child

http://www.montessori.ac.uk/magazinebody20.html  another good magazine source


good general intro sites:




Montessori indexes which include text on Peace Education:









The following is courtesy of Dr. Shall Sinha http://www.ssinha.com :

Gandhi's visit with Dr. Maria Montessori and also about Gandhi's speech at the Montessori Training College, London  www.ssinha.com/articles/GandhiAtMontessoriCollege.doc  Gandhi was very much interested in the Montessori System of Education. He personally taught all the children in his Ashrams using a technique which was similar to the Montessori system.  Dr. Maria Montessori met Mahatma Gandhi in the beginning of October, 1931 in London, and on October 28, 1931 Gandhi spoke at the Montessori Training College, London where Dr. Montessori was also in attendance. His Speech was published in the weekly newspaper, Young India, on November 19, 1931.