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Inaugural Peace Café evening: Monday, September 12, 2011 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Café Aberdeen, 140 Botsford St. 
Theme: Introducing the concept of Community Centres for Teaching Peace and Peace Cafés in Greater Moncton Area. 
Please join us and forward this invitation to those interested. 
RSVP to Anne-Marie Collette  or call 312-3303

Robert Stewart, director of Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace (“CCTP”) has a vision to see the creation of Community Centres for Teaching Peace and Peace Cafés around the World to help raise Peace Consciousness and reconnect communities.  We are asking for your help to share in this vision through the creation of Greater Moncton Area/New Brunswick Centres for Teaching Peace and Peace Cafés (“GMCTP”). 

Our goals for GMCTP are people and community centred.  Our intent is to assist make the Greater Moncton Area among the best places for people to succeed and among the best places to raise a child, through raising Peace Consciousness and the Intelligences (Social, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Intelligences).

CCTP brings a Process to support this vision, including: Visioning, Networking, Strategizing/planning, Actioning, Monitoring, Educating, Safe space/venues, Communicating, Practical Experience, Resource raising.

We work in collaboration with existing organizations and offer: Information resources (physical and online library of books, videos, etc.); Inventory of organizations, human resources and regular activities for all ages; Peace Toolkits; Speakers; Life coaches; Healers and alternative modalities for Self help.

We are looking for people and organizations who see the need and wish to work together to make the Greater Moncton Area among the best places for people to live.  We are also looking for existing Cafés and other enterprises that wish to form part of the GMCTP Network.  For more information, please visit our web site at and contact Anne-Marie Collette and/or Robert Stewart at

Inaugural Peace Café evening: Monday, September 12 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Café Aberdeen, 140 Botsford St.  
Theme: Introducing the concept of Community Centres for Teaching Peace and Peace Cafés in Greater Moncton Area. 
Please join us and forward this invitation to those interested.
RSVP to Anne-Marie Collette  or call 312-3303

This will be part of an ongoing set of gatherings and information, to be posted at .  

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Région du Grand Moncton/Nouveau-Brunswick:
Centres de l'éducation à la paix et Cafés de la paix


Rencontre inaugurale du Café de la paix lundi 12 septembre  18h30-20h30 Café Aberdeen, 140 Rue Botsford
Thème: Introduire le concept d'un centre communautaire de l'éducation à la paix et Café de la paix au sein du Grand Moncton.
Réserver votre siège en communiquant avec Anne-Marie Collette  ou en composant 312-3303

Robert Stewart, le directeur des Centres canadiens de l'éducation à la paix a une vision de créer des Centres communautaires de l'éducation à la paix partout autour du monde afin d'aider à augmenter une conscience de paix et de créer des liens au sein des communautés.  Nous vous invitons à nous assister à réaliser cette vision en nous appuyant avec la création des centres de l’éducation à la paix du Grand Moncton ainsi que du Nouveau-Brunswick. (“CÉPGM”)

Nos buts s’allignent avec les besoins des gens et de la communauté.  Notre intention est d’appuyer ceux et celles qui se dévouent déjà à faire du Grand Moncton une des places les meilleures à vivre et à éléver nos enfants, en augmentant la conscience de paix et des intelligences (sociale, spirituelle, émotionelle et mentale).

CÉPGM apporte un processus qui appuie cette vision: visualiser, réseauter,  planifier, élaborer des stratégies, établir des plans d’actions, éduquer, offrir des espaces sécuritaires, communication saines, expériences pratiques, prélèvement de fonds.

Nous travaillons en collaboration avec des organismes locaux et nous offrons: des resources d’information (physique ou une bibliothèque de livres ,vidéos, etc en ligne); répertoire des organismes, des resources humaines et d’activités courantes pour tous les âges, des boîtes d’outils de l’éducation à la paix, des  conférenciers, des accompagnateurs de vie, des guérisseurs de médecine complémentaire et autres pratiquants de modalités alternatives.

Nous sommes à la recherche de gens et d’organismes qui voient le besoin d’augmenter une conscience de paix en région et qui ont le désir de travailler avec nous afin de créer dans le Grand Moncton un des meilleurs endroits à vivre.  Nous sommes également à la recherche d’un Café existant et autres enterprises qui voudraient se joindre au réseau du CÉPGM.

Pour plus de renseignements, visiter et rejoindre Anne-Marie Collette au et/ou Robert Stewart at


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My name is Bob Stewart.  I am a Chartered Accountant and Certified Management Consultant, new to Moncton.  I am also Director of Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace ( ) and initiator of Peace Cafés across the country ( ).  I am interested in doing a feasibility study on the creation of a Centre for Teaching Peace in Moncton, following our Peace Café model (but more encompassing).  For my partner Anne-Marie Collette, coming to Moncton is returning home. (More about us can be found at the link to 'Managing Team'.)

I see this as a Moncton Resource Centre (with informational and human resources, training, etc.) to help people with their Self development, empowerment, and to help with our community’s development.  It would provide the space for people to come together, explore what we can do individually and collectively to help in our evolution.  It would attract organizations and people involved in development, life skills coaching and the healing arts.  It would be a resource for the other communities of New Brunswick as well:

THE MONCTON CENTRE FOR TEACHING PEACE ("MCTP") manifests the strategy "Thinking globally, acting locally" for building a better community and world, by advancing peace consciousness and a Culture of Peace through education and service learning. This speaks to our approach of engaging the public (and any institutions interested), raising public awareness, increasing citizen involvement, building connections, catalyzing dialogue, personal growth – all topics of interest of MCTP. This is part of a Canada-wide initiative.  For more information, see  

We have temporary office space in Moncton at 236 St. George, Suite 10, while we are looking for more suitable space. 

I believe this is an amazing and very positive initiative, and would love to share thoughts on what is possible in Moncton.  It is our practice and intention to work in collaboration with other organizations, not duplicate services, and seek to delineate roles and responsibilities.  We wish to be seen to “walk the talk” and model the Culture of Peace of which we speak.

A number of years ago, I learned how much I had to learn to be more successful in life, relationships and career, and find peace, despite my formal education and training.  For many of us, it seems like our society, school systems and parents did not teach us some of the most important things to succeed in life (no fault of our parents – no one taught them).  It also seems like stress has become the major dis-ease today.  I have spent the last 15 years on the path of learning, informing and empowering people and organizations to be more successful (however they measure success for themselves).  And while I have lots of my own thoughts, I also believe that the wisdom exists within Moncton to evolve higher individually and collectively.  In fact, I believe each Member of the community has a unique piece of the puzzle to bring to the party, and is to be honoured for that.  So my hope is to create spaces where people can come together to share information, develop their visions, plan ways forward, inspire action and help “build people”.  People building people, following a self-help model with mentors.  We wish to collaborate with existing organizations and people (i.e. enhance and not duplicate), akin to a Barefoot University (eg. ).

In preparation for making Community Connections, I have started to develop an inventory of organizations and people in Moncton that I think would be supportive of this initiative, which I copy at the following link .  If you are interested to discuss this initiative or know of others that should be added to the list, please let me know.  I used the term “Peace” (while many may not self-identify as a “Peace” organization or person) because of my background and I believe it is a good description for me for the time being.  Personally, I believe the vast majority wish for peace in their lives, communities and world but may not know what they can do about it, and I see an important role to help as visionaries and guides on the path to Peace.  (In fact, at Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace, we use the Inukshuk as our symbol as guides to safe passage.)

I visualize my role is to act as a catalyst and facilitator to advance the idea of Centres for Teaching Peace and/or Teaching Peace in Moncton and beyond, providing process assistance based on past experience at Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace (for a summary, click on link), while honouring and empowering individual contribution and autonomy.  I can help create the spaces, help plant seeds, and what works best will grow.

Thank you for your consideration.
Bob Stewart
(403) 461-2469
Email stewartr[at]

Join us on the Moncton Centre for Teaching Peace and Peace Cafe "MCTP" email listserver for the next round of discussion and planning for upcoming meetings, conferences and activities.  We use Yahoo Groups as a tool for networking, communications, dialogue and information dissemination.  We need help and your participation - click on this link to visit the web page and join  or send a blank email to


"How will the Moncton Centre for Teaching Peace and Peace Café work structurally?”

“How would you differentiate the Moncton Centre for Teaching Peace as compared to the Community Peace Centre?”

“What is Bob Stewart’s role, inspirations and motivation in this?”

“What is the vision of the programming side of MCTP, and time line?”

What are the initial "House Rules" you envisage to hold the space safe, and the guidelines of the Culture of Peace Program you refer to?

What is our relationship with "GOD"?“ “To what extent, if any, is Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace and the Peace Cafés a religious or spiritual organization?”  

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NEWBUTTONPINK.GIF (519 bytes)"Who Wants Peace and Coffee in Moncton?" - 45 minute video explaining Peace Cafes (It is actually called "Who Wants Peace and Coffee in Calgary, Albert?" but you will get the idea of how this brilliant idea works in your Community.) 



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