-Warning- joining the military can be hazardous to your mental & physical health

Sgt. Abe the Honest Recruiter

Meet Sgt. Abe, the Honest Recruiter.

Sgt. Abe guides you through the enlistment agreement of the U.S. Armed Forces pointing out many snares along the way, which most recruiters don't talk about.

DOWNLOAD AND COPY THIS, AND PASS IT OUT; it's an important resource for anyone interested in military service, or anyone having second thoughts about the Delayed Enlistment Program. IT COULD SAVE A LIFE!


2005 by Quaker House in Fayetteville, NC. Some rights reserved.

Sgt. Abe the Honest Recruiter explains the Enlistment/Reenlistment Document
7 Key Points
More to think about
About DEP, Think HARD before you sign
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The above poster was provided by Quaker House at http://quakerhouse.org/documents/enlist.html .  While it is tailored for American citizens, it is relevant for citizens of all countries.  All wars could be stopped "tomorrow" if our leaders were so motivated, used non-violent means for resolving disputes, obeyed international law and order, and provided the United Nations with resources for policing.  The greatest cause of wars are unscrupulous leaders who, out of greed for power and riches, manipulate their followers to kill on their behalf through fear, intolerance, racism, ignorance, etc., etc.  The only people benefiting from war today are the military/industrial/congressional congress.  Soldiers die or are maimed so the rich and powerful can stay that way.  

In Canada and Australia, our Department of National Defence also uses the slogan "Aboriginal Pride" to suck our First Nations people (i.e. Indians and Eskimo) into the military (for some reason some must think Aboriginals need to join the military to have pride).  I cringe every time I see it because I have a lot of First Nations people that I work with, and I know that this type of propaganda plays on people's weaknesses.  The real irony is that both countries have had a bad record of injustice to the aboriginal peoples.  (Of course, the military in all countries goes after low income, disadvantaged peoples to serve in the military, people who have difficulty getting a decent education and job elsewhere.  In the United States it has historically been the Black people.  My mother called the uninformed enlisted men "cannon fodder" and said that no mother wanted her child to become cannon fodder.  I am sure this had an early impression on me.)

I have also talked to military personnel who were unaware of the health effects of depleted uranium (see http://www.peace.ca/depleteduranium.htm ).  Our Department of National Defence is sending Canadians into zones containing radiation poisoning, without adequate protection or warning.  Depleted uranium causes birth defects and premature death (akin to Gulf War Syndrome).  This begs the question, "What else is the military not telling its recruits?"

Other issues you should be aware of:

Before you enlist, do your own research.  Your life depends upon it.

Our goal is to significantly reduce the human cost of direct and indirect violence to Canadians and others, including illegitimate military violence.


"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."   Buddha