Our Managing Team

Anne-Marie Collette - Steward of School Peace Programs

Anne-Marie Collette has devoted her life to inspiring others.  She advocates and mentors for peace, spirituality and holistic awareness in education.  Her philosophy and vision aligns with ancient wisdom of our world’s greatest peacebuilders.  Called a soulful teacher, she is gifted with the ability to see and nourish the inner spark that she believes fuels the passion and wisdom in all of us. Through love and inspiration she encourages others to find and follow the path of their own inner-wisdom. An enlightened speaker, she touches the hearts of children and adults alike with insightful messages and stories.  As a personal and professional Life Coach, her clients reconnect with their own life force enabling them to co-create and reclaim their birthright gifts.  Trained as an Open Space Technology facilitator, Anne-Marie holds the space for common people regularly producing uncommon results.


As a public school teacher, facilitator and educational leader for over 25 years in NB and Manitoba, her innovative programs and teaching methods have attracted local, provincial and national recognition.  In 2004, Anne-Marie's exceptional holistic and heart-centered programs led her to be nominated for the Lieutenant Governor's Excellence in Education Award in Manitoba.   Currently an affiliate with Canadian Centers for Teaching Peace (CCTP), she is co-developing a practical researched-based Framework for their School Peace Education Program to be published in 2011.  In addition, she is in the process of co-authoring another book called The Power of Love in Holistic Education: Fruits of Our Practice.


She recently relocated to the Moncton area as CCTP was invited by the Moncton Community Peace Centre board to join their local partnerships in advancing peace.



In her spare time, she enjoys walking in nature, reading, dancing, traveling, cooking, meditating and learning Spanish.


Most recent presentations:

·       December 11, 2010: Crandall University class; Cultural Literacy in Teaching and Learning ED 6316.

·       December 8, 2010:  The Moncton Community Peace Center Board Meeting

·       October 2, 2010:  The 8th Annual Conference of the Peace and Justice Studies Association, Menno Simons College and the Global College, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


·       September 27-29, 2010:  3rd year University of Winnipeg Faculty of Education students  


Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBAKLHszcjY (1 minute 26 seconds)

Some of her past accomplishments: 

·       Classroom teacher, Salisbury, N.B. and Winnipeg, Manitoba

·       Student Services: Gifted Education, developed and implemented a school wide program, Winnipeg, Manitoba

·       Student Services:  Leader in the creation and implementation of an award-winning school wide Recess conflict mediation program, Winnipeg, Manitoba

·       Student Services:  Counselor, Winnipeg, Manitoba

·       Vice Principal: With a servant leadership attitude, co-created a school culture of peace, collaboration and excellence, Winnipeg, Manitoba

·       District 01 School Readiness Coordinator, Dieppe, N.B. : Researched and developed the early childhood program

In her spare time, she enjoys walking in nature, reading, dancing, traveling, cooking, meditating and learning Spanish.


Robert Stewart - Director of Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace

Robert (Bob) Stewart oversees the strategic planning for new Centres for Teaching Peace and Peace Cafés.

Bob is a Chartered Accountant and Certified Management Consultant by profession.  He has held many senior management positions in business and government over the past 36 years. His passion for peace was ignited by his involvement in the Rotary International convention that took place in Calgary in 1996.  The message that he heard was "peace is the most worthwhile cause, and you should do something".  Since that time, Bob has founded the Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace and leads the Canadian Culture of Peace Program.  His peace website at www.peace.ca  has been ranked number 1 by Google with over 50,000 visitors per month, and he has been referred to as "the foremost peace educator in Canada". In 2000, Bob was the recipient of the YMCA Peace Award at the annual presentation in Calgary.

Bob recognized, as do others, that the Culture of Peace Program is on the threshold of making a major impact pacifically, nationally and internationally, but is currently lacking direction and capacity. He has devoted himself to using his professional skills as a (general) manager and information manager to help advance this 'direction and capacity' by founding the Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace, the Canadian Culture of Peace Program, annual national and provincial peace education conferences, and Peace Cafés.

He has 3 children, a key influence on Bob's decision to 'make a difference with his life' during the International Decade for Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World.


Robert Porter - Peace Café Coordinator and Manager of the Hamilton Centre for Teaching Peace and Peace Café

Rob joined Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace in 2002, after attending the first Annual Conference on Peace Education in Canada when he started his second university undergraduate degree.

Originally from a farm near Walkerton, Ontario, Rob resides in Hamilton, Ontario where he attended McMaster University for music, theatre & film studies, and peace studies.

Rob has assisted with the Annual Conferences on Peace Education in Canada over the years, first as a volunteer student and later as the facilitator and coordinator.

He is now the director of the first community Peace Café, Hamilton Centre for Teaching Peace.

Rob also is a professional web programmer and designer, having designed and programmed dozens of sites since 1997. More recently he has been working with clients in the civil rights and social justice fields, with such organizations as School of the Americas Watch,  ONE DC, The Toronto-Niagara Bike Train Initiative, and the Ontario Public Interest Research Group. 

  Sada - Manager of the Yellowknife Centre for Teaching Peace and Peace Café  

Sada joined Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace in 2011.  He is a Reiki Master.  He is also one of only 70 living Tea Masters alive in the world.


Pictured is Elder Besha Blondin with our Yellowknife Peace Cafe Manager Sada. 

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