My names are Marcel Niyungi Bin Yungi, I am 25 years old, a comic strip artist by profession and a peace activist based in Nairobi/Kenya, East Africa.

I am interested in the Canadian centres for teaching peace and would like to get involved by offering my talent as one of the media to teach peace.

Please find attached examples of the kind of creative works I am doing to promote peace in Africa and even in the world. I design attractive and educational comic strips to help evoke the spirit of peace.

Comic Strip is one of the wonderful media to teach peace because it is not only educational but also entertaining and appealing to all. If you may be interested in this offer, I will be ready to collaborate with you.

I thank you in advance for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Marcel Niyungi.

email mniyungi@yahoo.com


We, at Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace and African Centers for Peace Education and Training, would like to thank Marcel for his excellent work.  Click on the links below to see his Comic Strips:


Ban Landmines


Support for America