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December 2002

Name:                 Dick Perrin
Email:                giresister@hotmail.com
URL:                  Box 192
City:                 Lebret
ProvinceorState:      Saskatchewan
Country:              Canada
Age:                  54
Comments:             Good to find your site. I have written a book "G.I. Resister" that I hope will somehow contribute to peace in the future as well has help the healing of those affected by the Vietnam War.

Name:                 Kate
Email:                kate@vidology.com
URL:                  http://www.letsmeetup.com
City:                 London
Age:                  22
Comments:     Peace is about finding love and making that love unconditional.  Never allow hate to find a space in your heart.

Name:                 derek collins
Email:                canadianwolf6969@yahoo.com
City:                 ottawa
ProvinceorState:      ont
Country:              canada
Age:                  46
Other:                born in placentia, nfld
Comments:             there be no peace until man realize he killing himself

Name:                 Project: Data Control
Email:                mrman2908@mindspring.com
URL:                  http://www.projectdatacontrol.com
ProvinceorState:      MI
Country:              USA
Comments:             Peace means voting the current warmongers out of office.

Name:                 Keith
Email:                vistaplatz@aol.com
City:                 Cambridge
ProvinceorState:      ny
Country:              USA
Age:                  69
Comments:             Your website was shown to me as I queried about non violent behavior. I felt an excellent response. I am attempting to acquire through practice this core feeling. The anger and pride exhibited by my fellow US citizens is appalling. Please join me in prayer for a peaceful settlement with Iraq. 

Name:                 T7g
Email:                t7g@theworldofruin.net
URL:                  http://www.theworldofruin.net
Comments:         To define the reality which we live in, everything must have an opposite. For example: How would you be able to perceive light if there was no darkness? Light would just always be there, there would be no name for it since it would be a constant, you wouldn't know it existed because there was never a time when you'd be without it.  The same goes for peace - World peace is nothing more than a mere fairy tale. It will never be achieved, and if it is. No one would appreciate it.  Lets setup a hypothetical situation here: We live in a perfect world, where there is no hate or suffering. How would anyone be able to comprehend or even begin to appreciate the fact that they live in a peaceful world? They wouldn't know what peace is, because they wouldn't know what hate is.  Even in our most basic science principles, everything has it's opposite. Acid/Base, Polar North and South, Protons, Electrons, Neutrons. All of these things have their opposites. Just as everything we perceive has it's opposite. For light we have darkness, for love we have hate, for stop we have go, for peace we have war. If ever any one element of these pairs ceased to exist, we'd quickly stop appreciating the other and take it for granted.  So really, in all honesty. No matter how much we wish for world peace. It won't happen simply because the basis of reality will not allow something to exist and be appreciated without it having an opposite. As long as the sun still shines and darkness falls you can be assured that there will never be absolute peace or absolute war.

Name:                 gabriel antonyraj.m
Email:                gabrie@ureach.com
City:                 tenkasi
ProvinceorState:      tamil nadu
Country:              india
Age:                  22
Comments:             peace be with you !

Name:                 Agnes
Email:                goatmedia@netscape.net
City:                 Edmonton
ProvinceorState:      Alberta
Country:              Canada
Comments:             I belive that this peace site is the best one on the net. Needs some layout work but the info here is exelent. I need to know from someone how to start working towards world peace? i want to dedicate my life to it and I just need a place to start! please e-mail with ideas, or just to swap information.

November 2002

Name:                 Priscilla ACHAKPA
Email:                pmachakpa@yahoo.com
City:                 Abuja
ProvinceorState:      ABUJA
Country:              NIGERIA
Age:                  38
Comments:             PEACE IS INEVITABLE. The involvement of women and the youths in peace building decisions /policy making is of paramount importance. The whole world need to review the process where women are only seen as beneficiaries/ sufferers of violent conflicts/wars.  But they should be viewed as triggers of violent conflicts as well as peacebuilders. It is therefore important that they are integrated into all aspect of peace initiatives.  priscilla

Name:                 anna-maria abaagu
Email:                torkwase@usa.com
URL:                  www.wepnigeria.org
City:                 abuja
Country:              nigeria
Age:                  17
Other:                i have just finished my senior secondary school and waiting to go to a university
Comments:             Dear friends, How can we the young people whom we are always used for violent conflicts be integrated into peace building initiatives.  In western countries we know that a lot is happening with the young people, but what about us in africa? Can we have exchange programs in and around the world to see how the young people in other countries work ? Who is youth? We have people who are over 40years yet claiming to be youths.  I shall appreciate if my questions are answered.
Thanks for providing the opportunity for me say something.  Remain blessed.  ANNA_MARIA ABAAGU

Name:                 Prince Ben
Email:                benkool2003@yahoo.com
URL:                  home
City:                 Lagos
Country:              Nigeria
Age:                  31
Comments:             Ever body should take note that God will ask a very wonderful question at the end, WHERE IS YOUR BROTHER? then how can we answer the question, when there is no peace?

Name:                 Sojourner
Email:                Quietman@RespectNature.com
URL:                  http://www.rivers2c.com/index.html
Country:              Isle of  Éire
Comments:             One step back and then two steps forward.  "The Prophecy of There is a Place in Anyotherwhere"

Name:                 mert
Email:                mtoker33@hotmail.com
URL:                  http://www.easterncorner.com
City:                 boston
ProvinceorState:      ma
Country:              usa
Age:                  25
Comments:             Very good web page. Thanks...Give peace a chance!

Name:                 S.R. Clarke
URL:                  http://www.srclarke.com
Comments:             Hello

Name:                 Waris Ali Chaudhry
Email:                warisch@hotvoice.com
City:                 Lahore
ProvinceorState:      Punjab
Country:              Pakistan
Age:                  35
Comments:             I have never seen such site on Peace.  I congratulate to Mr. Robert Stewart for his efforts for Peace around the globe.  We all should try our best to create the Culture of Peace for safer and better tomorrow.

October 2002

Name:                 Richard Hayner
Email:                richard@texaspopfestival.com
URL:                  www.texaspopfestival.com
City:                 Denton
ProvinceorState:      TX
Country:              U.S.A.
Age:                  50
Comments:             Remember this: In EVERY war, more good people die than bad people.

Unfortunately, September  and many October messages were lost due to a computer problem.

August 2002

Name:                 Carl
Email:                carloz10@yahoo.com
URL:                  carloz10.narod.ru
City:                 LV
ProvinceorState:      Nevada
Country:              US
Age:                  29
Comments:             Very nice and useful site.

Name:                 Anthony
Email:                anthonybrach@catholicexchange.com
URL:                  http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/leavesofprayer/
City:                 Melrose
ProvinceorState:      MA
Country:              USA
Age:                  39
Comments:             We pray for a true and lasting peace and justice for all. May we take care of one another, and the earth and its resources.

Name:                 adsoft
Email:                a@a.com
Country:              France
Age:                  23
Comments:             Great site.

Name:                 X
Country:              Sweden
Age:                  16
Comments:             Is World Peace a tyranni Where People Live in Fear for their actions or a World Where people stand for their actions and Justice, is The Goal World Peace going to be won trough Fear or by Human Understanding, the human mind is a difficult device - it got love, understanding, hope and at the same time fear, Greed, power and control, why as the Human specie since it first looked over the hills always had the same thought: if i just get rid of him that will be mine or he will not give it to me so i will just take it.  But there is difference Need and greed, Those who have to fight to survive and those who just want more.

Name:                 Debra
URL:                  http://babykiller.com
ProvinceorState:      michigan
Country:              usa
Age:                  34
Comments:             we need more peace sites out on the net.
          stop the blood shed.

Name:                 Jane  Beech
Email:                jwriteslikewind@hotmail.com
City:                 Saskatoon
ProvinceorState:      Saskatchewan
Country:              Canada
Age:                  50Plus
Comments:                 Our women's group at Crocus Co-op's Mental Health Activity Centre looked over  some  of the comments  in the guestbook  yesterday,  and  we had as good  discussion  on some of  the comments we found.  We will check  the guestbook again. All of  us appreciated  being able to find out the helpful  viewpoints  contained here.  Thank  you all!

Name:                 Maarit Steinwedel
Email:                barriecse@hotmail.com
City:                 Barrie
ProvinceorState:      Ontario
Country:              Canada
Age:                  40
Other:                Safety organization
Comments:             Barrie Council for Safer Education has been in existence since 1999 and we attempt to tackle the issues that are common problems that are faced at all schools within Barrie.  We are currently tackling speeders and the implementation of Community Safety Zones. We have had little success  in convincing the municipality to enact the bylaw.  We are also tackling snow removal on side walks and cat walks.  We have lobbied provincial government to ensure that there is an intervention to the bullying situation and to have them provide the mandate to the Ontario School Board for the second part of the Safe Schools Initiative, which is the protection, resources and fair treatment of victims of bullying.  Our organization has representation from the Catholic and Public schools (mainly concerned parents and parent council chairs).  We look forward to any information that may help us in providing safety for our children during the course of their education.  We also believe and use as our slogan that, together, we can make a difference.  You may contact us through e-mail barriecse@hotmail.com and are in the process of creating a web site.  It was great visiting your page and look forward to your information sessions.

July 2002

Name:                 Carl
Email:                carloz10@yahoo.com
URL:                  www.carloz10.narod.ru
City:                 LV
ProvinceorState:      Nevada
Country:              US
Age:                  29
Comments:             Very nice and useful site.

Name:                 QURESHI ABDUL KADER
Email:                galaxykader@hotmail.com
URL:                  UNV
City:                 MIRAROAD-THANE
ProvinceorState:      MAHRASHTRA
Country:              INDIA
Age:                  6/9/1966

Name:                 A. Mitchell
URL:                  http://www.geocities.com/aempeace/world.html
City:                 Honolulu
ProvinceorState:      Hawaii
Country:              USA
Comments:             Great site. Congratulations !!

Name:                 lednirc
City:                 queson city
Country:            Phillipines 
Age:                  17
Comments:             peace is love

June 2002

Name:                 hassan
Email:                hhassan25@hotmail.com
City:                 ottawa
ProvinceorState:      on
Country:              canada
Age:                  23
Comments:             very timely site.
peace to me must start within oneself and then we can spread to others. There will never be peace without justice and respect of others rights.

Name:                 Grace Nta Igwe
Email:                cysanthel@freemail.com.au
URL:                  www.peace.ca/africa.htm
City:                 Lagos
ProvinceorState:      Lagos
Country:              Nigeria
Age:                  32
Comments:             This is a very wonderful sight which shows that there are some few people in the world who fervently believe in the cause of peace. Peace is like a blood tonic from God so we should learn to leave in peace with one another. May God bless Ade and uncle Bob for this wonderful initiatives which are now putting the world in the right course.

April 2002

Name:                 Sajjad Anwar
Email:                sdp_pk2001@yahoo.com
URL:                  sdp.org.pk
City:                 kharian,District GUJRAT
ProvinceorState:      Punjab
Country:              Pakistan
Age:                  35
Other:                Executive Director.SDI
Comments:             What a nice site I found during searching for peace education for many days.  In Face I am working as executive Director of SOCIAL DEMOCRACY INSTITUTE, which is the sister organization of SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY, PAKSITAN.  My institute and party executive body has decided to work on peace education in our sectarian and extremists country, pakistan.That is why I was searching for many days.  we also decided to organize first two days project preparation and consultation workshop and we want to invite 4 international peace scholars.  In our such program we shall conduct 4 provincial level TOT's workshops for 40 participants in each for 3 days and that 98,district level 1,day TOT,at district level,and than 300,Sub/district level 1,day TOT,for community level, we are also needed international funding institution too for such programm,which pakistani community needed as like as food daily.In this peace education,we shall discuss social democracy too.The site CANDIAN CENTRE FOR TEACHING PEACE, is one and only site which give us more literature on peace and fulfil our need.We are request to STEWARTR for send us books by post on peace.  We welcome to all readers and willing partners who want to work with us in coallboration and partnership to contect me free and frankly for noble cause PEACE EDUCATION IN PAKISTAN. sAJJAD ANWAR, Executive Diretor.SOCIAL DEMOCRACY INSTITUTE 1ST,ELECTED CHANCELLOR SDP.PK # 3,1ST FLOOR.IRFAN MENSION.F-10.ISLAMABAD.PH.+92-51-2293826. Residence: MUJAHID COLONY,KHARIAN CITY.DISTRICT GUJRAT.PAKSITN. Ph.+92-5771-510689.FAX,+92-5771-510322.CELL.+92-320-4899475.

Name:                 Ronald Harris
Email:                ronaldfrommars@webtv.net
City:                 London
ProvinceorState:      USA
Country:              Arkansas
Age:                  42
Comments:              What does peace mean to me? First, let me say that we are fortunate to live in an era that not only can we as humans look back on our own evolution, but we can take a journey back into time, over five billion years, and view our world when it was lifeless and revolving around a proto-star that, later on, became our Sun as we know it today.                    In this same aspect we can look back on mankind's evolution, which, in turn, has been chaotic. Lifeforms have evolved and died out on Earth four times, at least. And about five million years ago, man learned to walk upright. His journey towards becoming the most intelligent and dominant species on Earth had begun. As his intellect grew so did his awareness.    He has fought for his preservation for five million years. In the beginning it was natural for man to fight and kill, if necessary, for the preservation of his race--species. Though we are not living under such extreme environmental conditions today, man simply became a creature of habit The three worse habits he's held on to are killing his fellow man, the exploitation of the environment and resources around him, along with holding on to such negative characteristics such as racism, bigotry, greed, arrogance and etc.                   There use to be four different species of man living on various parts of the Earth long ago at the same time. Only one of these species survived. Homo-sapien. And like his three predecessors, mankind, today, has proven time and time again to be nothing more than a creature of wanton violence and destruction with no true regards to his environment. Even after developing the ability to travel in space he had managed to create a junkyard in orbit about the Earth. Sometimes I wonder what life form on Earth is the more superior, since nature only takes from nature what it needs in order to survive. Creatures of nature do not create weapons of mass destruction. Remove the existence of man from!    this equation and you would find Earth to have a fairly balanced ecosystem.                                  Unfortunately, even though we live in an era of time that we have the fortitude of knowing all we can, for the most part, all we can know and learn about the past and present, with insight to our future, man still has not learned from his mistakes of the past. He merely keeps repeating them. It is disheartening to know that our history books, alone, are filled with man's follies and atrocities. And I have not found one shred of text where mankind has not gone one century or less than that without waging war against his fellow man as well as being racially or religiously intolerant. It would seem that mankind needs a kick in his complacency if he is ever to take that next baby step out of his infancy.           I remember back during the Cuban missile crisis, back in the early 1960's, one man had delivered a most profound speech to the world. And in his address, he could not have been more concise. For without our practicing total tolerance and understanding of each races' culture, religious practices no matter how diversified they may be, and learning to live in harmony, then mankind will never grow out of his infancy, even if he manages to colonize space. What were these profound words this one man spoke nearly half a century ago? They are as follows.                                    "What kind of peace do we seek? I am talking about a genuine peace; a kind of peace that makes life on Earth worth living. Not merely peace in our time...Peace in all time.'                  "Our problems are man-made. Therefore, they can be solved by man. For in the final analysis, our most common basic link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And, we are all mortal." This is a quote from the late president John F. Kennedy, o the United States. I feel that these words, in all there meaning, says all there is ever needed to be said. If only mankind  would have taken these words to heart..  And if only mankind would read between the lines for all of its meaning as I have. If only...  Sign, Ronald  

Name:                 lisa anne gresens
URL:                  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/666403809
City:                 charlottesville
ProvinceorState:      va
Country:              us
Age:                  31
Comments:             i pray for peace and an end to world suffering. now, anyways and forever. sometimes when i look around the world i feel like i am the only sane person on the planet. check out my web site at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/666403809

Name:                 27 IDX 106  -  Odinn
URL:                  http://www.islandia.is/odinn
City:                 Akranes
Country:              ICELAND
Comments:             Very good webpage you have here, and best greetings to all your visitors.  And people You Are also -->   WELCOME   <--  To Visit My Webpage as well -->   Some good informations and much more.

March 2002

Name:                 Denise Hoselton
Email:                deniserhoselton@yahoo.com
City:                 Fremont
ProvinceorState:      CA
Country:              USA
Age:                  35
Comments:             Some good news... I am find MANY websites resisting war and offering news I don't hear on the TV.  There ARE a lot of people choosing peace!  If the Berlin War can be dismantled, so can the US War Machine!

Name:                 Mark Capper
Email:                stargazer4jd@optushome.com.au
URL:                  http://www.highergroundau.com/
City:                 Melbounre
ProvinceorState:      Vic
Country:              Australia
Age:                  42
Comments:             John Denver was one who worked hard for peace, in his music and his life he never stopped his call for one world.  In his memory we in Australia have joined our friends around the world to keep up his work and encourage everyone to live in peace.  Your site has been linked to ours and we hope our coomon goal is one day achieved, never give up hope!

[Comments] = Thanks for providing a forum for the "other side". It is  calming to know there are people interested and motivated towards options involving peace, rather than added violence to what is happening in the world today.
[Username] = dana brettelle
[UserEmail] = danabrettelle@powersurfr.com

Name:                 Fran Schmidt
Email:                info@peaceeducationintl.com
URL:                  http://www.peaceeducationintl.com
City:                 Miami
ProvinceorState:      FL
Country:              USA
Age:                  70+
Comments:             What a beautiful and important site!  I've been working towards the notion of world peace my entire life and I'm proud to dedicate the remainder of my life to this cause! Thank you, Fran Schmidt

Name:                 Kintuna Cleophace
Email:                cleo_kintuna@hotmail.com
City:                 lagos
Country:              Nigeria
Age:                  38 years
Other:                Member of the Justice development and peace commission Catholic diocese of Ijebu-ode Ogun state /Nigeria
Comments:             to me peace is all the freedom and right that everyone  human been must have in all his aspect of life.

I am emailing you from Honolulu.  9/11 was a real wakeup call for me and I have been praying about what to do.  I have had it on my heart -- ever since the 49th anniversary of Pearl Harbor -- that the U.S. should have a Peace Academy based at Pearl Harbor.  But, I don't think I even wrote a letter to the local paper.  I just sat on it.  But now is no time to sit!  I began this February to take steps to work on this dream.  I am doing a little volunteer project for the Matsunaga Institute for Peace, here at the University of Hawaii.  (I retired as a reference librarian at U.H. a few years ago.)  Imagine my JOY when I found your web sites.  I am working / reading my way through your Peace for Beginners site.  Then, this morning I find that you are a Rotarian.  My husband is a Rotarian and Rotary is a marvelous catalyst to work for peace.  (I am afraid that many people think of peace as vaguely unamerican.) My first thought was to write you and say THANK YOU FOR BEING AN INCREDIBLE INSPIRATION!  Aloha!
Margie Smith

Name:                 AKOGNON Moïse
Email:                akognon2001@yahoo.fr
URL:                  www.peace.ca/africa.htm
City:                 Lagos
ProvinceorState:      Lagos
Country:              NIGERIA
Age:                  42yrs6mths
Comments:             C'est très excitant de voir cette merveilleuse contibution de Bob et son équipe.  Après avoir parcouru ce site, je ne crois pas en avoir vu qui égale et ceci me fait croire fermement a ce qu'a dit Martin Luther King <Il n'y a pas de chemin qui conduit à la PAIX mais la PAIX est le seul chemin>.  Mon rêve, c'est de suivre cet exemple noble utile à notre société - un combattant pour la paix.

Computer translation: It is very exciting to see this marvellous contribution of Bob and his team. After having traversed this site, I do not believe to have seen some who equalize and this makes me believe firmly has what said Martin Luther King < It does not have there a path which leads to PEACE but PEACE is the only path >. My dream, it is to follow this noble example useful to our company - a combatant for peace.

Name:                 Wolfgang P. May
Email:                wolfgangpmay@lycos.com
URL:                  http://www.angelfire.com/yt/wmay/
City:                 Dallas
ProvinceorState:      Texas
Country:              U.S.A
Age:                  59
Comments:             We have now stumbled into the most dangerous phase of our human development.  A few years ago, only two superpowers were able to cause the sort of massive destruction which could effectively end our civilization.  Increasingly, relatively minor centers of economic and military power can initiate events which may escalate into a global catastrophy.  Last year, Congressman Dennis Kucinich proposed a department for peace for the United States government.  I sent him a note that he should further expand his vision, and strive for an international conspiracy for peace among the civilian centers of power in every society on this planet: A federation of school teachers, labor and religious leaders, scientists, charities and business leaders.  In short, every segment of international society, without whose cooperation governments could not retain their power and continue to function.  Let every man, woman, and child devote at least one or two minutes a day to consider what could be done to stop the depressing events in our world - the wars - the needless physical, emotional, and economic violence, which robs us of the potential for the creation of an improved society.  Let those with ideas share these thoughts, not only within their own nations, but internationally on a regular basis.  These exchanges can soon become a powerful, eventually an irresistible force. 

Name:                 Ade. Adenekan
Email:                afripax@yahoo.com
URL:                  www.peace.ca/africa.htm
City:                 Lagos
ProvinceorState:      Lagos
Country:              Nigeria
Age:                  50
Other:                1118366@discompaging.com
Comments:       It was the UNESCO that once said: "every person has a role to play in creating peace, the question is how to find that role and join with others in its planning and implementation, linking the local to the national, regional and global"  This is just what Bob has consciously done through this wonderful website and it is quite amazing to us at PARC since he really brought the ignorance of the communication super highway in us to a commendable and exemplary height. This is an opportunity to which we have not been open since our inception almost two decades ago. Apart from the wealth of information, the aesthetic disposition and unparalleled sight to behold, the website has become to us a jewel of inestimable value in all aspects of our work both in theory and practice. If every conscientious peace builder particularly in the Northern Hemisphere (although very few in number) can emulate Bob Stewart in discovering 'green horn' activists from the developing nations, the entire world will be a veritable haven "where both lamb and lion will eat grass together." May I say without any equivocation and sense of responsibility too that the web site is the best thing to happen to us at Pan-African Reconciliation Council since inception in 1988. Thank you for giving us a place to stand, as Atlas would have said in his days, and we shall shake the world of peace and social justice particularly in our continent.

Name:                 Christianah Juwon Adenekan
City:                 Lagos
ProvinceorState:      Lagos
Country:              Nigeria
Age:                  15
Comments:     My name is Juwon Adenekan, I am a 15 year-old-girl and a secondary school finalist.  Having visited your site several times, I was inspired to start a peace  club in my school and presently we are about 120 in number. I must thank you 'Uncle Bob' for initiating this wonderful program for peace building across the world. Kudos to you for this beautiful and wonderful work and please keep it up. It is people like you that can change the world for the better. May God bless you abundantly in Jesus name. I shall be happy if you can create children and youth section in the site to help us - the future generation better. We believe this will go a long way for us the young ones to reach out to ourselves all over the world.

February 2002

Name:                 David Marsh.
Email:                m.fitch1@ntlworld.com
URL:                  www.abusedbythesystem.org.uk
City:                 Scunthorpe
ProvinceorState:      Messingham
Country:              Great Britain
Age:                  32
Other:                The causes of violence in Great Britain.
Comments:                As a lot websites concerned with violence on a world wide level are saying that Great Britain is the most violent country in the world,if people interested as to why then please read www.abusedbythesystem.org.uk and contact me through this site with your opinion.

Name:                 ELIAS HAYATA  DAUDI
Email:                JWANDERA@YAHOO.COM
City:                 Dar es salaam
Country:              tanzania
Age:                  30
Comments:             Peace to me is everything  the world without peace is like the world with out shadow.  No human being can live with out peace, so let us make sure there is peace in the world.

[Username] = Ms G>M>Spence
[UserEmail] = snapdragon69@hotmail.com
[MessageType] = Praise
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[SubjectOther] = peace starts with knowing, healthy self worth.
[Comments] = I am from a small community in the north west cornor of massachusetts. I have 3 sons and 2 step sons all between the ages of 8-26. I made it through the Boston school system in the 1960's. I have a perspective on this issue that usually is not addressed, so I have my can opener , here it is..  What is your stand on the not addressed, procedure of PROFILEING.  I have noticed that many schools quietly do sit by and incourage the kaos.. what do I mean?? Well when some extream far right type of ideology is the philosophy that these schools are implementing in the name of caring for our kids. It is imposed on them and then they expect these kids to blindly just fit into these catigorys.  Well rember #1 each person will allways be an individual . When school systems disregaurds the individual and force them to be flag waving robots, that just go through the system ,with out being influnced by the the tide of political corruption, you will never solve the problem.  See the problem with kids is not the home as much as what the media and the social norm is and how it influnces the kid.  Who controles this ?  the media, advertisers, market stratigies. if the amount of money spent on trying to get kids to bye a product was spent on changing the priorities of our socity maybe we could take controle of our familys, our education and in turn take controle of our futures.  I sugest that school systems stop trying to seperate the so called good eggs from the bad and look at the overall system.  where is this influance comming from?  when did it start?  1980 ?? 1970?  1960???  what did the kids do?  want to join a gang? why? because it was glorified by the media? or was it because the school system blinded by apple pie stuff, could not see that the govermental system beginning  to  rot. no one will admit that the goverment is the biggest problem that we have. they profile.. why?? because there is a surplus socity of what these eletist call the expendable masses.  they need human commodities. There are too many people, the dream is really a nightmare; unless you have money..most of us struggle every day to feed our familys never mind by $100. dollar sneakers.  So with this stress is enginered to keep social agencys with a steady flow of cases.  It is designed so that these expendable people keep our courts and lawyers making money from our miserys. Big busness you are talking about millions in grants and funding that keeps the eletist on top of the profit chain.Not to mention big tax breaks,  see no matter what you do you will not change the plan.. unless you begin with the basics of the problem. ..  The Idiology of social structure. and it starts at the top not the bottom, like they want you to belive . Well.. its not the students its not the familys its our goverment policys.  like when our president wants to kill those who look or worship diffrently . or that the kids only worth is to grow to become a brainwashed  millitary pawn so they can blindly fight for greedie resorce binging corporations hiding behind political p.a.c. money and scams.                   Individualism is thrented.  that is a personal attack. I am no good , i have no money, i cant go to club med, see all these things feed the need for want. I WANT but I can"t have.  why??? I cant get an education. why? I have no money.. I want, but I can"t have the $100. dollar sneakers.  Why??? Social-economic stress...  If I dont have enough money, I must be a loser... now i am insecure.. Stress..  teenagers get mad they cant have the sneakers that .... those that have a more social standing have.. [this is where the put downs start..and the wedge in respect for the families income . or and the busness it is in.]   You may come across the turm... Dont associate with that element of losers that have no money???
That is where you get crime.. wannabees..  but it is not thier fault they are just used by those in our socity that needs this element to keep busness going strong. here we go again human comoditys....now  how does this perpetuate violence in our schools???  when one element of socity ,because of class systems , world stress, unable to get the education that is needed to exist economicly, socially, and now moraliy.  of corse your going to have violence in schools these kids are not numb. they may not be able to verbalise these issues they only feel them.. and they do not feel good. when they go to school they are face to face with these Raw issues, insecure mom and or dad struggling in social economic inslavement. Kids faced with these issues  even if not readly realised influences them on every waking hour , the measure up.. big enough..strong enough.. rich enough.. see the rich need more and more.. those in the middle class were safe, not anymore... now they see that they are sliding closer and closer with the underclass and they are fearfull that they too will become the underclass of expendable people. Can you see where I am making this point from??? If socity is happy  and the politics are CLEAN our system has a healthy outlook they have a future.. when corruption is rampid you got to be really in denial to not notice how this all influinces our kids.  Those students who gunned down the school, you think that they feel as if they had a chance in our socity?? They were allready socially-economicly profiled. They felt the futility. Maybe.. if there was an address to this issue there would be less occurances of public shock treatments by students so fustrated by the situations that cause these social mini breakdowns of compulsive reactions to social stress.  LOVE is a big cure to these problems.  Insecurity is reinforced by teachers who do not understand the dinamics if the social tide implemented by the force of the conditioning media, or the indescrition of unsaviory political leaders , If you are willing to understand this issue that is when you may find a solution to this major eroision of our process. Remember This I do.. Terriorism breeds anachey .  if terriosm is used to force children to learn in school, and is used to keep the public in controle. it is experanced every day in our courts, by our police, by our social agencys , terrorise the masses so that they do not question the morality judgement calls of those who now have declaired soverncy and demand to be the ruling kings.. NO RESPECT for the constution , The Bill of Rights and absoulty no respect for the rights of humanity.. How the heck can you ever belive that we will ever heal as a nation how can our kids go to school saftly and learn. What??? how our socity is now a joke . governed by immoral selfish terrorising dictators and then in the same breath tell all of us you want ours sons to die for you?? for oil fields???  but do not be one of independant thought process.. if you do not comply.. go see a social worker ..get on some drug to numb your mind and the goverment now can go totaly in the meglomaniac mode of world  domination..    Its a very frightining thing so why/// do you think we and our loved ones are exposed to all this abuse ??? It is not the rock music...    Dr. Evil is going to run for a second turm.. and with all our help .. he may be able to totally wipe all our rights away..  hay maybe if the school is too busy policeing the kids no one will ever know we had some rights.. or rule by law.   Thank you for letting me input a seed of possible solution to our future.. I know that your in Canada  but you know it is real here in the usa we need help...

Name:                 Marina Remington
Email:                marinaremington@care4free.net
City:                 Southampton
ProvinceorState:      Hampshire
Country:              UK
Age:                  54
Comments:             A wonderful, inspiring venture, which WILL succeed because we WILL it to succeed. 
Precious sublime peace
May it rise in those in whom it has not risen
May it never fail where it has risen
May it go on increasing further and further
Peace starts right here.

Name:                 Mark
Email:                thoreaugreen@hipplanet.com
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City:                 Plainville
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Age:                  38
Comments:             This is a sad and depressing time to be on the side of peace and nonviolence in this country.  It seems that war with Iraq is pretty much inevitable at this point.  what is peace...it's a harder element to describe right now, especially in its absence.  It is not the soft, touchy-feely thing that militarists describe.  It is fraught with accountability for all those on either side of a conflict. I think of the Truth and Reconciliation  commissions in South Africa as something we might need on a wider scale...places where blame is not meted out but both sides hold themselves accountable for the ways that they contributed to the conflict.  It is hard medicine, necessary, but sadly one which US ego will not take for a long, long time.  Till then, we must "prick the conscience of the king".  Peace, Mark

Name:                 Rumaisa
City:                 london
ProvinceorState:      ontario
Country:              Canada
Age:                  !2
Comments:             Peace means to me is to stop wars and to stop racism and drugs and smoking and abuse and for  EVERYONE TO BE UNITED which to some people is impossible      

January 2002

Message to Assisi Jan. 24, 2002 Meeting. From John McConnell, Earth Day Founder.  WHAT WOULD ST. FRANCIS DO NOW? The global celebration of Earth Day on March 20, the first day of Spring, is a matter directly related to St. Francis and the amazing results of his vision and life.  Were he here today, he would undoubtedly focus all his prayer and effort on achieving Earth Day's original purpose. A little about Earth Day history will illustrate this.  Earth Day is on the March Equinox, which determines the annual date of Easter.  (Easter is the first Sunday after the equinox.)  Not only that, the equinox is also the New Year in Iran and other Islam countries, which makes possible attention for a common purpose - the sustainable care of Earth, with justice and peace for all. This will help us show real love for our world neighbors and the web of life that covers our globe. ST. FRANCIS AND THE BIRTH OF EARTH DAY.  The first Earth Day was inaugurated in San Francisco - The City of St. Francis.  I had long been familiar with the Prayer of St. Francis:  "Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.  Where there is hatred, let me sow love..." In 1969 we obtained backing of the Mayor, city officials, churches, schools, businesses - a really all out event with massive coverage in media.  While the event was backed by Franciscans and Catholic churches, participation included synagogues and many other denominations.  The Red Cross delivered plants to schools for children to take home. In succeeding Earth Days at the United Nations, we demonstrated that people of diverse creeds and cultures can leave room for their differences and come together  for "peace, justice and the care of Earth."  A factor in the choice of the date was my own history.  In 1957 I obtained global attention for an editorial in my weekly North Carolina "Toe Valley View" newspaper.  The first Sputnik Satellite had just been launched on October 4th.  None of the media seemed to note that this was the "Feast Day of St. Francis."  And launched by the then Godless USSR!  (The person who chose the date must have been a secret Christian.) My editorial called for a visible "Star of Hope" satellite.  It would be launched as a symbol of hope to further understanding and peace on our planet.  It obtained front page attention around the world.  My own study and prayer life led to the conviction that we needed a common purpose that would appeal to people of all creeds and cultures - and a way to get attention for it.  We needed something that would end  history's terrible record of war and injustice. These thoughts planted the seeds that led to Earth Day.  Another factor was my efforts in 1963 to get global participation in a daily  "Minute for Peace."  I was responsible for the Minute for Peace on radio world-wide, which followed the period of mourning for President Kennedy.  "Peace begins in the mind."  We asked for a one minute radio spot on all stations that would carry the sound of a bell and a thought or prayer for peace.  We invited all listeners to join in this special minute -  to deepen their commitment and increase their efforts for world peace. Minute for Peace became the centerpiece of Earth Day.  When we ring the UN Peace Bell we invite people world wide to join in two minutes of heartfelt prayer that we will overcome "doubt with faith" and strive to be a responsible Trustee of Earth. Please ask the participants at Assisi to pray that Earth Day on March 20 will bring a new sense of identity with the whole human family and a commitment to see peace through understanding and love -- the love that Jesus revealed.   And may we put feet to our prayers with action to help make it happen. John McConnell  718/366-6963   www.earthsite.org ; Email TRUSTEEONE@AOL.COM

Name:                Diane Borgeson
Email:                To2bornot@aol.com
City:                  Denver
ProvinceorState:      Colorado
Country:           United States
Age:                  39
Comments:       What is peace: Respect for every human being and unconditional love with that combination one can't go wrong